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Who is the 6th wr?  

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  1. 1. Who is the 6th wr?

    • Duke Williams
    • Ray-Ray McCloud
    • Isaiah McKenzie
    • We won't keep a 6th wr

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I love Isaiah but want Duke. Cut somebody else. Lol. The worst players are still on the ol.


You, my friend, are one of the voices of reason on here. I wish we had more like you, and that you'd post more. Don't be scared off by the bullies.


In a perfect world, we could have them both and after time see who proved more valuable after real action. Even in the world we have, we still might get this chance, because it seems a bit too early to make a call on the career of each of these men on such a relatively small sample size of non-real action. Hopefully Beane and his buddy knew these things were coming with the Sea of Mediocrity method being used on numerous positions, and can masterfully craft a method of allowing them to prove themselves on a real tour of duty like Foster got to do on take 2 last season. Foster had Daboll as his ace in the hole though(coming from the Tide), so it's really still anyone's guess as to what Beaner and McDermott will pull this time around.

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Europa: The last Battle is the new best documentary in existence: https://search.bitchute.com/renderer?use=bitchute-json&name=Search&login=bcadmin&key=7ea2d72b62aa4f762cc5a348ef6642b8&query=Europa+The+Last+Battle




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