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Bills, Giants, Browns 3 way trade scenario

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I know the draft value chart is inflated based on demand but I’m going to use the chart values from walterfootball so we can get a visual of what a potential trade might look like.


Bills have picks:

1st round-

12(1,200 points)


2nd round-



3rd round-



4th round-


5th round-




I think the Bills will target number 2 overall through the three way trade. The Giants then slide down to 4 and the Browns go down to 12.


The Giants moving from 2(2,600) to 4(1,800) is a point differential of 800. For the move, the Bills would compensate them with pick 22(780) and 158(28.2). The Browns move from 4(1,800) to 12(1,200) is a differential of 600 points. In addition to the 12th overall pick, the Bills would give them 53(370) and 65(265).


The Bills would have their QB at 2 overall. They would still have a 2nd round pick(56), 3rd round pick(96), 4th round pick(121), and 5th round pick(166). We could still sweeten the pot with any of these picks while holding on to all of our 2019 draft picks.


The Giants would still get the guy they had targeted at 2, at 4. They would receive an additional 1st rounder and a 5th rounder.


The Browns would still get their prized possession at 1 and have 12 to add another big name rookie. In addition, they would have our 2nd round pick and their 3rd round pick back from the Tyrod trade. To me, this seems like a win for all parties involved. Especially if it means snatching Rosen out of the clammy grasp of the Jets.

My 2012 Adopt a Bill is Aaron Williams


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Your logic is sound, but the values just arent there. Sweeten the pot and it would work. The Browns arent going from 4 to 12 for a 2nd and a 3rd, its going to cost a first next year.


But the order and the reasoning is there. this is one of the only scenarios I could see shaking out, but I just think you would need to pay alot more than you noted. ALOT more.

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I just don't see the Browns trading either of their picks. They have a shot at whoever the fuck they feel is the best QB and Barkley 3 picks later. You don't pass up an opportunity like that.

Bills fan for life!! ................

I love beer, rum, scotch and women !! :rockon:

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