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[quote name='StraightJ'][B]LIT[/B], where the **** are you to set these losers straight? The OP homo wants you to **** him while he is running. What is up with this kinky homosexual request? Ban these homo ****ers and reply about Tyrod![/QUOTE] Straight “j” it’s only gay if you push back.

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[quote name='Buffalo_B_Rad']Fuck you running,sitting,laying, dead or alive. Fucktard[/QUOTE] I'll tie a frying pan to my ass so you hurt your penis, you ****ing homo! STFU and GTFO! I'm against banning(and generally try to help underdog newbs who come out of nowhere, but you're bizarre, and that's coming from me! lol), or I'd say ban your homo ass! THIS IS NOT GRINDR!!!! Even [B]Lit [/B]of all people is against this homo culture being put on by the media! When I came out of about an hour STUPOR and got excited from the caffeine/etc, and said "come at me", I didnt mean in a homosexual way, in case you read me wrong man. No harm no foul, but my ass is exit only, do not enter! BTW, my name is nothing to do with being a normal sexuality. here, starts at 18 seconds, but whole video is well worth it! funny stuff, man! :) straight G, nothing to do about using the right hole, lol. But yeah, straight G's dont rely on twinks and chubs or whatever you folks are! lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG2S1C8MBaw

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