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  1. Sure looks that way to me and I'm not trying to be mean. Don't think this obvious one-termer is up to the task. That makes his VP choice even more important and it appears he's considering nothing but trash. And "trash" isn't a racial thing so don't go there. Anyone with those ideas I'd consider trash. Thoughts?
  2. Disgusting. More bowing to the mob. Someone somewhere needs to take a stand and say NO at some point. Never thought Snyder would cave. I was wrong. Doesn't happen very often, but I was wrong.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/media/tucker-carlson-democrats-july-fourth-mount-rushmore Everyone should be watching his show......just sayin'
  4. I didn't like when Pegula took Ralphs name off the stadium and I like it even less now. New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan... "After seeing everything we've dealt with with New Era, whenever we've had negotiations on the stadium, I don't believe we're going to give stadium naming rights to any Bills organization that can sell them, then have that organization treat our community as poorly as New Era did," Poloncarz said. "Their name should no longer be on the stadium if they're going to continue to lay off their employees and say, 'Sorry, the heck with it.' " "In 2019, after taking years of economic stimulus money from Erie County taxpayers, New Era Cap closed their profitable manufacturing plant in Derby, sending that work overseas and leaving 219 Western New York employees without a job. "Now in 2020, just after taking between $5 and $10 million of Federal Paycheck Protection Program funds designed to help small businesses retain employees, New Era plans on laying off another 117 Western New Yorkers, this time from their Buffalo Headquarters." https://www.wgrz.com/article/money/business/new-era-layoffs-draw-scorn-from-western-new-york-leaders/71-fae645e8-b2bd-4c03-9641-f2f5f212b166
  5. 10 year, $400+ million. Thank goodness McD passed on this bum. After 40 years in the league and no Super Bowls, Andy Reid was able to carry this bum Mahomes on his back to the Super Bowl.
  6. New rules: - Players must be at least six feet apart in the facility at all times, whether in the weight room, shower room, training room, etc. -Saunas and steam rooms will not be used during training camp. - All meetings will be virtual, unless impossible to do so. In that case, those meetings must be held outside, players must be 6 feet from each other, and everyone must be wearing masks.
  7. As Major League Baseball attempts to start a shortened season during the pandemic, almost a dozen players have opted not to play. Mike Leake, Ryan Zimmerman, David Price and Felix Hernandez are among those who won’t play this season. It has presented a question about whether some NFL players will do the same come time [more] View the full article
  8. https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/biden-blue-wave-batter-stock-market Something we can all get behind, right? LOL. Joe and the democrats never met a dollar that wasn't spent.
  9. Wide ranging interview with Chargers team Hall of Famer Gill Byrd, including a lot of Buffalo talk: Interview: http://moranalytics.com/tbp-233-gill-byrd-former-nfl-star/
  10. The "possibility" is rarely, if ever, mentioned by mainstream press outlets. Close contact demonstrations (many very large) in over 300 U.S. cities. I have a sneaking suspicion this just might have been a factor in these recent spikes. LOL. Thoughts?
  11. Might as well. It will end up being one big asterisk anyway full of pitfalls and despair. Don't see it being worthwhile. Election year politics have gutted it. Can someone talk me off this ledge?
  12. “We’re the underdogs, man,” Dawkins said in an interview last month on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Nothing has ever been given to us. We’ve never been the favorites, so why start now? We’re going to still play and live with that fire that we’re not the favorites and that nobody is really on our side but us. We’re going to keep our heads down and we’re going to work and keep grinding, play physical and beat the heck out of people physically.” Maintaining that kind of attitude would be a good sign for the Bills’ offensive line. The Bills need Dawkins to stay on the upward trajectory he showed last season. Dawkins started all 16 games. He was responsible for just one full sack and partially responsible for three other sacks in the regular season, according to Buffalo News charts. That was a huge improvement. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/dion-dawkins-enters-critical-fourth-bills-season-with-eyes-on-the-prize/article_4ef2d2da-b7e5-11ea-bf10-7b78dc2b18af.html if dawkins can consistently establish himself as top half of the league or better that will be a huge benefit to the oline as a whole they could mostly leave him 1on1 against most edge rushers, except maybe 3-4 of the elite ones, which leaves another blocker in the middle to cut down on the high amount of pressures up the gut that allen had to deal with now that it looks like its cody fords job to start full time, youd expect him to make an improvement from last year. he better, as he was barely average as a pass blocker, and thats not good for a RT. if he doesnt improve or even regresses, they might have to give up some assets to find somebody better. but if he does improve, coupled with dawkins continued improvement on the left, that would be three oline positions with better than average or better performance. the guards are manned by solid veterans and with five guys returning you would expect their cohesiveness to improve as a unit from one season to another a ton depends on dawkins and ford. the line will go the way those two guys go, barring injuries
  13. www.foxnews.com/us/nyc-occupy-city-hall-protesters-seen-taunting-nypd-black-judas Speak up everyone. Make yourself heard. Time to take back our streets from lowlife freaks like this cretin. This has gone way too far. mh edit: descriptive titles, please
  14. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Will Go Down in NFL History as a Disgrace Rob Parker: “DO NOT EMBRACE THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ANYMORE. You keep saying it’s ‘no big deal’ and ‘everybody was doing it’ because you don’t want Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the franchise with six championships in nine tries tainted. We want to hold the Patriots on a pedestal and rave about what they were able to accomplish, but this second offense – when it comes videotaping another team’s signals on the sidelines – is proof positive that Tom Brady cannot EVER be considered the GOAT, and Bill Belichick can NEVER be considered the greatest coach of all time… Those guys are CHEATERS, that’s just what they are. Those aren’t suspicions or rumors, they’ve been CONVICTED. How much checkered past and muddy water must we go through in order to take a look at the Patriots and understand who they are?? They are NOT the greatest franchise in NFL history. They’ve done their fair share of winning but they have done even more CHEATING… They have smudged the game of football and they are not worthy of praise. They tarnished what could have been a great legacy. If I had a Hall of Fame vote, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick would NOT get my vote. They have done more damage than they have accomplished.” Listen to the full 13:13 audio clip here.
  15. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/07/no-fans-will-be-allowed-to-attend-buffalo-bills-games-during-covid.html
  16. Putin has apparently started a bounty that pays out to anyone that kills American soldiers in Afghanistan. And according to reports, he's paid on it and Trump knew this in March and did NOTHING about it. NOT.ONE.THING Russia reportedly paid Taliban-linked militants bounty money to kill American troops US intelligence officials assessed that Russia's military intelligence agency paid bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill NATO troops in Afghanistan — which include American forces, according to a New York Times report on Friday. US officials discovered information about the bounties earlier this year. Some of the bounty money was collected by either Islamist militants or those associated with them, The Times reported. In 2019, 17 US troops were killed in combat in Afghanistan, according to the Defense Department. Interrogations of Afghan militants and criminals yielded the information indicating that Taliban-linked militants were offered bounties from Russian forces, The Times reported. The intelligence officials believe the bounties involve Unit 29155, a branch of Russia's GRU military intelligence agency. Unit 29155, which is believed to be made up of former Russian special-forces troops, has been blamed for a series of assassination attempts throughout Europe, including the poisoning of Russian defector Sergei Skripal in 2018. One theory floated by some of the officials is that Moscow may have been retaliating after an embarrassing defeat during a battle in Syria in 2018. Between 200 and 300 mercenaries from a Russia-linked security firm were killed during a four-hour battle at a military base that housed US-led coalition forces. It is unclear whether the Kremlin sanctioned the bounties. Russian officials said they were not aware of the allegations, according to The Times. President Donald Trump was briefed of the intelligence assessment, but the White House has yet to respond to it, The Times' sources said. The National Security Council had developed plans to address the report as early as March — plans that included making diplomatic complaints or sanctions, according to The Times. What's the most unforgivable is that you fucking Trump lovers will invent reasons to dispute this
  17. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/01/report-nfl-may-require-fans-to-sign-a-covid-19-waiver/
  18. LOL. Good for these no talent has-beens. You can't make this stuff up. Virtue signalling and nonsense at it's finest. I've never purchased a song by these broads, and now I know I never will. Fuck them.
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