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  1. McD mentioned that one of the emphasis over the bye week was fixing the run game: I hope that doesn’t mean we start running a lot more. The Chargers are down several CB’s and teams have shed them through the air. I don’t care if we don’t run a single damn down tomorrow.
  2. For another exciting day of ‘Bills take big lead only to give up lead and be losing themselves and hope they make a comeback themselves’ football?! Can we once just fucking put a team down? Seriously. Is that too much to ask?
  3. I’m surprised the NFL has made it this far. Now things are starting to unravel and it’s only going to get worse as the second wave of Covid is taking over the nation. I don’t want to see the season getting canceled. Start the playoffs and get the season in the books.
  4. Column: When I covered UB football in the dog days of the 1990s, eight touchdowns was often a month's worth of offense. Seriously. Jaret Patterson took care of that in a little more than three hours Saturday. The scoreboard and stat sheet were pinball machines and the game flowing on the field in front of me seemed like it was directed by a PlayStation. It's heartbreaking to think no fans were allowed in UB Stadium for this one but as word spread on social media, I hope lots of you flipped on the national telecast. Hours later, it was still hard to process what we had witnessed. Patterson, UB's junior running dynamo, rushed for 409 yards and eight touchdowns in a 70-41 win over Kent State – a 3-0 team that entered the game allowing only 177 yards per game on the ground. He tied the NCAA single-game record for touchdowns and fell 18 yards of the rushing record. He smashed school and MAC records, and joined Ricky Williams (1996) as the only players in NCAA history with back-to-back 300-yard games. The last time the Bulls scored as many as 70 points in a game? It was an 81-0 win over Hobart in 1918. In the middle of the Spanish flu epidemic. Must be something about pandemic years. Patterson ran left and he ran right. He ran untouched and he broke tackles. The touchdowns, in order, went for 3, 31, 42, 49, 1, 7, 11 and 58 yards. His longest run, oddly enough, didn't go for a score and came on the first play from scrimmage. From the UB 35, Patterson burst left as monster left tackle Kayode Awosika cleared a hole big enough for a real bull to gallop through and Patterson rumbled 62 yards all the way to the Kent State 3. It was one of those called-on-Wednesday plays, with UB seeing a Flashes formation on tape and quickly attacking it. "As soon as you get the ball, take off because it's going to be open," Awosika said in recounting what he told Patterson. "We're going to seal it up and you go." Advice that worked perfectly. What did Patterson see? "Nothing but green grass," he cracked. "The offensive line makes massive holes. Probably my first 3-4 touchdowns were untouched. When you have that it's pretty easy, so hats off to those guys." The Bulls are 4-0 for the second time in three years and averaging an astonishing 50.8 points per game. They're 28-13 in their last 41 games. In 2016, Lance Leipold's first season, it took the Bulls into their fifth game before they totaled 70 points for the season. In Week 11 that year, they were cannon fodder for No. 14 Western Michigan, suffering a 38-0 drubbing on a day when ESPN's "College Gameday" was in Kalamazoo. If UB and Western take care of business the final two weeks, they're going to be battling in Detroit for the MAC title. "We still have unfinished business," Leipold said. "That's one thing I've tried to take pride in as a head coach and with the staff that we don't spend a lot of time looking at what's been accomplished and instead look to the next one. At our last stop (when he won six national titles in eight years at Wisconsin-Whitewater), that's why we were able to repeat at times. We stayed hungry and stayed focused." Leipold has to be enjoying this. There have long been plenty of doubters about football at UB, which only had flash-in-the-pan success in its first 19 years of Division I-A/FBS play. The 2008 MAC championship and 2013 Potato Bowl appearance were one-offs and the losing ways soon returned. But now we're able to talk about things that seemed unthinkable. The Bulls are 4-0 – and all four games have been on national television. Three straight bowl appearances are possible. There could be a whole lot of Top 25 votes come Sunday. And Patterson is entering the realm where legitimate numbers of Heisman Trophy votes could be in the offing. "We made a statement not just in the MAC but in the whole, whole country that the Buffalo Bulls can play football," Patterson said. "And it showed that it doesn't matter what conference you're in. It means a lot, it brings a lot of notoriety to the program. Not just to myself but guys that are coming up. It's big to have a buzz around the program." Leipold is clearly proud of what's gone on the last few months, when Patterson was among a group of MAC players to rally together to lobby the conference to return football to the field after first canceling the season. Imagine what we'd be missing now. Covid times are tough. The players have to quarantine after road trips. They can't have in-person meetings. Leipold said it bothered him to no end they had to be given boxed meals for Thanksgiving rather than celebrate the holiday as a group and with family members. "I'm hoping our alums and the community are taking stock of where this is starting to be," he said. "When I first talked to (former Athletics Director Danny White), we both talked about how we could build a consistent winner here. Not taking shortcuts. Doing it methodically. That's what we've been trying to do and these young men this year have been remarkable. There's been a lot of emotions and disappointments at times but they've had great focus through all this."
  5. hahahahaha. That was freaking hilarious. Ive never seen a player so OBVIOUSLY fake an injury in my entire life.
  6. -- just to give Biden 132 more votes President-elect Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump in Wisconsin extended on Friday as Milwaukee finished their recount. The Trump campaign had to pay $3 million for the recount in Wisconsin. “Milwaukee County concludes its recount of the presidential election — one of two counties where Trump sought a recount in Wisconsin. The results: Biden’s lead, currently at about 20,000 statewide, grew by 132 votes,” Rosalind Helderman of The Washington Post reported Friday. Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic did a quick, back-of-the-envelop economic analysis. “With the $3 million the Trump campaign spent on recounts split between two counties, this would amount to the Trump campaign spending $11,363 per vote added to Biden,” Dovere wrote.
  7. So everyone of our December games is on primetime. We've asked for this for years and lately we have disappointed. Let's see if this team can turn it around. If we going to make noise in the playoffs we got to win these primetime games.
  8. The Goober Bowl? I dunno what that means but the Ringer says it's the Goober Bowl so I guess it is. Either way, national writers are saying shit like this now, so there's that. Los Angeles Chargers (3-7) @ Buffalo Bills (7-3) Time: 1 p.m. ET Channel: CBS Opening point spread: Buffalo -6 Over/under: 51.5 This is the goober bowl. Coming into their respective drafts, Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert were both top-tier physical prospects who many thought would suck in the NFL. Instead, they’ve proved themselves to be franchise quarterbacks this season. Herbert had three ridiculous passes last week—two fastball touchdowns to Keenan Allen and tight end Hunter Henry, plus a deep pass to Tyron Johnson that went almost 60 yards in the air. Sunday’s game pits two of the most exciting players in the sport against each other. And while the Chargers are not in the playoff race, a Bills win would keep Buffalo in position for their first AFC East title in 25 years.
  9. They have literally 0 quarterbacks. I wonder what they’re going to do. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/28/all-broncos-quarterbacks-ruled-out-because-of-covid-19-exposure/
  10. This will be horse crap if the Ravens have to forfeit yet we were forced to play the Titans. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/27/a-ravens-forfeit-would-open-a-financial-can-of-worms/
  11. There's something about the fourth quarter that brings the best out of Josh Allen. That was true in his last game, against the Arizona Cardinals, where he left the field having seemingly put the Buffalo Bills in position for their eighth victory of the season after a brilliant 21-yard scoring throw to Stefon Diggs with 34 seconds left. Instead, the Bills left State Farm Stadium with their third loss. Still, Allen's fourth-quarter production entering Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Chargers has been impressive. He ranks seventh in the NFL with a fourth-quarter passer rating of 115.4. Allen has completed 63 of 87 passes (for a completion percentage of 72.4) for 827 yards and six touchdowns with two interceptions. Allen said the primary reason for the success is his trust in the play-calling of offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. "It's an accumulation of Daboll trusting me and me trusting Daboll, and then, in turn, we trust in our guys around us," Allen told reporters Wednesday on a video call. "You just try and go out there and execute the best you can. I don't know what it is about the fourth quarter, but guys just tend to move faster and I understand that in the fourth quarter, that's where games are won. So, you've got to be your best when it's that time. "It's something that we practice quite often, whether it be the two-minute drill or trying to go with some up-tempo stuff. And it throws defenses off a little bit just when you do pick up the pace so it is an advantage for us, but we've got to find better ways to be better in the third quarter, second quarter as well and start off faster." The Bills rank fourth in the NFL in fourth-quarter scoring with an average of 9.3 points per game. The Kansas City Chiefs are first at 10.2, followed by the Las Vegas Raiders at 9.7 and the Minnesota Vikings at 9.5. The Chicago Bears rank fifth in fourth-quarter scoring with an average of 9.2 points per game. "I don't really attribute it to one thing in particular," Allen said. "I mean, if you look at it, it's just gone with the flow of the game. You're not going to score on every drive and we understand that. It's our goal to score on every drive, but the chances of that happening are fairly slim. But if you play situational football and complementary football, like Coach (Sean) McDermott preaches to us, it typically puts you in a good position in the fourth quarter. "And that's when you need to be at your best."
  12. After that horrible ending a couple of weeks ago we are back on the field. In come the Chargers and their noob QB who has looked pretty darn good. What do you guys think? I'm gonna go with a Bills W. Not a walk in the park, but not a close one either. With the bye I think they got time to forget about that BS Cards game and they'll be more than hungry and prepared to face the Bolts. Allen has a good day. Throws for 2 scores. We got a couple more on the ground and 2 kicks from newly minted awesome Tyler Bass. Defense shows signs of improvement and they pick Herbert a couple of times. Allens ...... 34 Herberts .... 23
  13. Bills Mailbag: Before we get to another Bills Mailbag, an apology … A couple of weeks ago, I was asked where I think Josh Allen ranks among Bills quarterbacks in franchise history. After talking it over with Mark Gaughan and Vic Carucci, both of whom have decades of experience covering the team, I felt comfortable putting Allen in the top three with Jim Kelly and Jack Kemp. I also mentioned Tyrod Taylor, Doug Flutie and Ryan Fitzpatrick as candidates for being in the top five. I didn’t include Joe Ferguson … and a lot of you were quick to point that out. Ferguson played well before my time, but that’s not an excuse. He played in a different era, which explains why he threw more interceptions (190) than touchdowns (181). So did Kemp. Ferguson belongs in the top five, and leaving him out is an oversight on my part. On to this week’s mailbag … Joe asks: I'm a lifelong Bills fan, been going to games for over 50 years, and am a season-ticket holder for over 20 years. Please explain to me what "Bills Mafia" means. I hate that term, and I'm not even 1% Italian. It just makes no sense as a term to describe Bills fans. I have no idea what it means in that context – that we fans stick together and will eliminate any opposition? That we demand absolute loyalty? That Terry Pegula is the Godfather? Jay: Here’s the shortened version: Ten years ago this month, Stevie Johnson infamously dropped what would have been a game-winning touchdown catch against the Pittsburgh Steelers. After the game, he tweeted at God (yes, God) and appeared to blame the creator for the drop. Not surprisingly, that tweet became a big deal. The next day, as the commotion started to die down, ESPN’s Adam Schefter retweeted Johnson’s original tweet, reigniting the firestorm. A bunch of Bills fans then jumped on Schefter, who blocked most of them on Twitter. A few weeks later, Del Reid, one of the ‘Mafia’s’ co-founders, tweeted out some people to follow using the hashtag #BillsMafia. Fast forward to training camp in 2011, and the Bills were in the running to sign linebacker Nick Barnett as a free agent. Barnett took notice of the #BillsMafia hashtag on Twitter and responded saying he liked it. From there, the phrase took off. Reid is one of the co-founders, along with Leslie Wille (@leslieanne94 on Twitter) and Breyon Harris (@FreeBre_88). A more complete explanation of the origins of “Bills Mafia” can be found on the group’s website, buffalofambase.com, under the “about us” section. One line in particular stands out: “What it comes down to is, this entire endeavor is about unifying Bills fans across Twitter, Facebook, and the world.” Long embraced by fans and current and former players, the team itself finally got on board this season, filing for a trademark of the phrase after years of seemingly distancing itself from it. “Bills Mafia is part of our family. It’s who we are,” Ron Raccuia, executive vice president of Pegula Sports and Entertainment, told The Buffalo News last month. Some fans worried that the Bills trademarking the term might suck the fun out of what has been an organic, fan-friendly endeavor. Nothing is worse than when a corporation tries to force something on people (cough, One Buffalo, cough, cough). Reid indicated on Twitter, however, that he did not share those concerns. "The Buffalo Bills understand that #BillsMafia is a community of fans, not just a clever brand," he wrote. "Really looking forward to seeing what the future has in store." Hopefully, the Bills Mafia will continue to be what it has been since the start – a rallying cry of sorts for fans who love their team, and more importantly, their community.
  14. Bills left guard Cody Ford missed the team’s last game with an ankle injury and head coach Sean McDermott announced on Friday that Ford won’t be back this season. McDermott said during an appearance on WGR 550 that Ford will miss the rest of the season after getting hurt in practice this week. Ford was [more] View the full article
  15. https://www.milehighreport.com/2020/11/24/21694430/bills-broncos-moved-to-saturday
  16. A full menu of Thanksgiving Day football memories These are the Bills games, Click the link for all the games listed 1976 – Lions 27, Bills 14: As it turns out, the final score is a mere footnote to the best day of O.J. Simpson's career. He smashed the NFL record with 273 yards rushing on 29 carries – a 9.4 average. The record held up for just under a year before Chicago's Walter Payton collected 275 in 1977, but they stood 1-2 until the 2000s and now rate 5-6 on the all-time single-game list. 1975 – Bills 32, Cardinals 14: O.J. was kind of a decoy in this one with 23 carries for 85 yards, but the Bills were full marks for their rout of one of the NFC's most potent teams in Busch Stadium. This was fullback Jim Braxton's finest hour and O.J.'s key blocker piled up a career-high 160 yards on 34 rushes and scored three touchdowns. Love the classic red windbreaker coach Lou Saban is sporting in the NFL Films footage. 2019 – Bills 26, Cowboys 15: This one won't register much on the radar outside Western New York and maybe there's some recency bias at work, even around here. But this game and the Sunday night win 17 days later in Pittsburgh were the ones that put Josh Allen and this franchise as a whole back on the national map more than any time since the Home Run Throwback nightmare in Nashville in 2000. Served the same purpose as the 37-14 Monday night thrashing of the Jets in the Meadowlands in 1988 that was the coming-out party for the group that eventually went to four straight Super Bowls.
  17. Bills fifth in total votes Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs and return specialist Andre Roberts lead their respective positions in the AFC in early fan voting for the Pro Bowl. As a team, the Bills are fifth in total votes received behind Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Seattle and Green Bay. Diggs, who has never made a Pro Bowl in his career, has 109,537 votes thus far. Diggs is second in the NFL with 101 targets and 73 receptions and second in total yards with 906. Roberts ranks fourth in the NFL in kickoff return average, 29.1 yards per return. He stands fourth in punt return average, at 11.9 per return. The kickoff return average is third best in his 11-year career and up from a 28.5-yard average for the Bills last season. The punt return figure also is third best in his career and up from 8.0 yards last season. Voting continues through Dec. 17 and the rosters will be announced in late December, though no game is scheduled this season. Rosters are determined by a vote of fans, players and coaches. Here is the current leaderboard:
  18. I'm calling it now! Jets will get their first win of the year against this media darling and overrated Dolphins team! Tua's confidence and feelings have been shattered by coach Flores . Jets DC Gregg Williams will work extra hard to motivate his defense and play hard and dirty. No one here is bold enough or stupid enough to call this prediction but me. J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! !!
  19. I think it is fair to say Cody Ford struggled last year, and has continued to have some bad games this year. His PFF rating is 52. The lowest of all the Bills OLinemen. Yet, will McDermott plug him in as a starter after the bye when Cody should be fully healthy? Ike Boettger - 313lbs Brian Winters - 320lbs Mitch Morse - 305lbs Jon Feliciano - 325lbs Ryan Bates - 302lbs Cody Ford - 329lbs Which 3 did you start coming out of the Bye? At which positions?
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