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  1. Just to review, when I was in Ohio in February, the 3rd week I was there, I got sick. Coughing, fever, thought it was bronchitis and I still lean that way. I've had weird pressure in the area of my gallbladder and went to my Dr the last week of February. CV-19 was still pretty raw then. I had a CAT scan on my entire midsection which revealed bacterial infections in my lower abdomen and small intestine and black "dots" or pullups on my lungs. He said it didn't look like Cancer, and the radiologist thinks it's more infection. Of course, the word cancer has had me crapping myself ever since. He asked if I had been sick recently, and I told him about 2 weeks prior to the test while I was in Ohio. My Dr put me on an antibiotic and we did a follow-up CAT Scan last week on my lungs and at the follow-up today he said it's definitely not cancer but we're doing a PET scan just to be sure that I am indeed cancer-free. So I brought up my being sick again and that now we know more about it, how some people have had lasting issues with their lungs and did I perhaps have CV-19 but being generally healthy, I just got over it on my own and he says he and his wife were talking about that and which patients, based on symptoms they've had this year, and that they can't rule it out. So from here, we still don't know what the deal is near my Gallbladder and I have more tests coming up, but it's possible, I did have this and have the marks on my lungs from it
  2. I figured a thread of songs dedicated to the lockdown and everything related to the lockdown and situation in general might be a fun way to help deal with things, as especially as the weeks become months, as a story on even BuffaloRumblings said would likely be the case today. Anyhow, this song title inspired the idea:
  3. wow i'd like everyone to know that i sincerely appreciate having something named after me. i certainly didnt expect it but id like you to also know that when it comes to "Tech Support" i can barely find my ass from a hole in the wall. i can fix typos and sometimes help you out with simple stuff, but anything more than that and we will have to consult the real expert, Admin2 aka Lit and you know whats funny? I used to be the most technical guy in the room. software engineer, data engineer, network support, Unix and DOS technical support - basic all around techie. i couldnt get enough of it back then. then i just sort of hit a wall and didnt give a fuck anymore. so i left technology and became a salesman, an account manager, a management consultant, and a Software Quality Assurance director so now i have the technical expertise of a soccer mom i will do my best if i can help you, but im afraid i'm sure im not going to be able to live up to the honor of having a forum named after me. just so you know. but i do appreciate it
  4. i'm 54. Int the 80s I got into alternative,Goth,new wave,Punk. Anything not standard rock.
  5. What a coincidence, the dollar is falling at a massive rate, behind the scenes the fed is panicking and throwing trillions of dollars at it hoping something sticks and out of nowhere comes the corona virus to knock us off the trail. These people will stop at nothing to keep their power over us. Even destroying the lives of every day people and small business owners? They don't care I'm not a democrat, or a republican, so don't even go there. However, I do care. And It hurts to see the scared looks on the many faces of the people I come into contact with, whether in stores or while working. We need to stand up to them, and call their bluff. I know the general response I'm going to get, but I'm okay with it.
  6. this is a small thing but it sorta bugs me ive always felt there should be a delay between when you submit a post and when it will be flagged if you edited it. idk what it was in the last version, but it seemed to be at least 60 seconds. whatever it was, it seemed like the right amount posters should have an opportunity to correct typos or rewrite small sections to clarify their thoughts. sometimes you dont state things as well the first time through and its nice to be able to edit/correct them without an indicator that says youve edited it jmo
  7. since the topic buttons at the top of the page dont work anymore, it may be time to start considering just creating a separate politics forum you know that i personally prefer a single mixed topic board, but our five-plus year experiment at that failed. so i acquiesced to the demands to create a separate politics forum if we arent going to be able to fix the topic buttons here, we might as well just remove them and make a separate forum for politics, and anything else non-bills related. kinda go back to the old set-up im afraid that keeping all the politics in the main board will turn a lot of people off, like it did before, and they will silently just leave. most people prefer a bills-only forum and thats just the way it is. i think it would be a good idea to accommodate that preference as the season gets closer (if we even have one), the complaints about all the politics will start to grow and others wont say anything and just leave. if we cant get the topics button working, we should create the separate politics forum pretty soon after/if the football gets going again
  8. In the thread about my GF, I posted 12 times, SJ replied 10 and talked about me in 2 others. So J, you lied about not replying to almost all of my posts as far as that thread is concerned. More coming
  9. Let's start with the epic Art Imitates Life Imitates Art example
  10. Can we please create a rule concerning the extraordinarily long posts that are nothing more then copy/paste’s of online articles and limit them to a headline with a link and one or two paragraphs from the article and can we also do something about people who quote those extra long posts which is completely useless. Users can learn how to tag another user with an @ sign, If they want to refer to a specific member.
  11. What do you think the final financial toll of this will be and can it even be accurately measured? Cost of Bail-out bills? Cost of interest and late fee payments? Cost of lost business income? Cost of insurance payments? Cost of lost personal income? And whatever else I forgot to list
  12. Where's my badge? And add a tag for Site Related topics
  13. Meat, Lit, Victor(lol yeah right), can we please have the :rockon emoticon back? Even if you guys never used it, it seemed it was by far the most popular emoticon on the Range for at least the last few years. The Range losing it was almost as sad as Daryl quitting drinking very recently. I probably won't lobby against the latter, but Daryl was one of the biggest :rockon fans, and he could use you to rally around him and help with an item of comfort in this stage of transition for him. I could too. Help?
  14. i cant tell you how many times ive laid down to go to sleep then suddenly had to get up to close the window on my pc that has the range in it due to that super annoying "plunk ... plunk" sound that plays whenever someone replies or reacts to a post of mine i want my range SILENT is there any possible way you can make that happen?
  15. If you are looking for a documentary to watch check out Tiger King.
  16. Kazakh bodybuilder's 'marriage' to sex doll girlfriend on hold because of coronavirus Kazakh bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has revealed his planned nuptials with sex-doll fiancee Margo have fallen victim to the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, you read that right. Muscleman Tolochko recently sent social media into a spin when he announced his plans to wed plastic lover Margo, having first shared news of their relationship back in May of 2019. Silicone sex doll Margo has her own Instagram page run by Tolochko, where the details of their intense preparations for the big day have been shared. But the Kazakh hulk has now revealed that the wedding is on hold due to Covid-19 curbs. “Friends, the wedding has been postponed because of the quarantine,” Tolochko announced to his 36,000 Instagram followers. The couple apparently remain determined to tie the knot however. “As soon as they remove the quarantine, within a few days we’ll have the wedding,” Tolochko added. “In general, we are determined and our mood is good. “The quarantine has been announced until mid-April. “P.S. So that you are not sad, I offer a beautiful video, shot while riding a tuk-tuk on the island of Ko Samet [in Thailand]. Enjoy it!” Tolochko and his plastic partner have become social media stars and have also appeared on TV shows, including in Russia. The bodybuilder claims to have become inseparable from Margo since their first encounter, even saying he had learnt to cook khinkali – apparently his girlfriend’s favorite dish. Tolochko claims that after appearing on TV Margo was body-shamed by some on social media, causing her to develop a complex and undergo plastic surgery. Happier days await as the couple continue their plans to take the plunge, although it remains unclear exactly how their wedding vows would be officially registered.
  17. I'm just sorting stuff and thought this might amuse you for a moment
  18. In my ongoing effort to bring a unique body of work to the site(adding to things like the Wilder/Fury matches and the lone correct prediction of the 2nd one on here), I found the full documentary which I had promoted earlier. Some might consider the subject important, and/or the participants to be of interest. (I was almost tempted to list this under "Bills", because I figured it's important enough that many who normally avoid the petty and redundant partisan bickering would still be interested in seeing. I hope enough folks have "off-topic" unbanned, being that's where it seems to correctly fit. During it's one time streaming, it had technical difficulties which prevented many from seeing it, even leading Feldman and his support team to say hackers may have been behind that). I watched this last night, and as someone who hadn't followed it closely(I dont recall even hearing of "The Two Coreys" until after I read about this), I was surprised by a number of things. I'm not sure how much I trust Feldman or any number of those who speak in this(including Dr Oz, who oddly earlier in the day I had seen something questioning his credibility from years ago in relation to Dr Berg), but I am grateful that he allowed various sides to be shown...which is more than I can say for much of what we are shown in the media today. Critical thinking is required, unlike most of TV which tells you what to think. Ulterior motives or not, a serious problem that has been largely ignored is shown to the public here, and some of the results acheived are mentioned. On that note another seat of corruption, Albany, gets mentioned a few times along with Hollywood....for those who enjoy an upstate NY connection. I'm glad to see children are at least getting tossed a bone in the shadow of the #metoo juggernaut. If the video gets taken down from youtube, https://www.bitchute.com/ is often a good place to check for things censored by youtube. It's also currently available on torrent sites, and elsewhere on the web.
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