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Found 39 results

  1. When I was on the old forum, if I wasn’t active for a while, I got booted off and had to sign back on. Now, if I don’t physically log off, I’m signed on. Is it supposed to be that way?
  2. Another school shooting today. One victim just died. Two more are in critical condition. Six victims total. The 15-year-old gunman pulled the trigger on himself but he is still alive this time. I’m pretty shocked that this happened over an hour ago and nobody has posted anything about it
  3. The sissification of men is complete and I want off this fucking planet immediately
  4. maybe youve seen one or the other guy? this guy buys old army rations and eats them when possible, often he said he paid over $300 dollars for this one. just old candy
  5. the automatic half-line space appears convenient at first, but it messes up posting articles. portions of the article might be fine, but others are squashed together until you go through and manually enter a line-space - which then ends up a 1.5 line space and the spacing of the entire article is now skewed this also doesnt allow you to compose posts in an off-line editor - unless you want to put up with not knowing where paragraphs are. i often write my longer posts in Notepad, just in case theres a failure that makes me lose the whole thing the half-line space is way more of a hassle than its worth, imo
  6. ive just gone to bed, just starting to enter that hazy pre-sleep world, just about to begin my official slumber and ... CHA-KLUNK! the unmistakable sound of somebody posting in the sb this happens about four times a week now, whenever i inadvertently forget to shut the browser window with the range on it toggling the sound off appears to do nothing. pls make it work and make it stay that way permanently once its set thanks
  7. ... your hero and mine, StraightJ??? He must be silently lurking in the background, gathering all the forum knowledge he can so he doesn't have to keep asking "How Do I.....? OR he hasn't figured out that his old link to the Site comes up Not Found, now
  8. Since when do the alphabet people own the place? Now the Brits aren't even going to be able to enjoy a good Chicken Sandwich. Just days after Chick-fil-A’s first restaurant in the United Kingdom opened and amid protests by activists about the company’s opposition to same-sex marriage, the chain said on Saturday it will close the site in six months. The Oracle, the shopping mall where the restaurant leases space, told the BBC it would not allow Chick-fil-A to stay beyond its “initial six-month pilot period” and that it was the “right thing to do” after a call to boycott the chain by Reading Pride, a local lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender advocacy group. Chick-fil-A said it had planned to stay for a limited time anyway. “We have been very pleased with the lines since opening Oct. 10 and are grateful for customer response to our food and our approach to customer service,” the company said on Saturday. “We mutually agreed to a six-month lease with the Oracle Mall in Reading as part of a longer term strategy for us as we look to expand our international presence.” Reading Pride had been outspoken about Chick-fil-A’s presence in England. “We are staunchly opposed to Chick-fil-A setting up shop in the UK and certainly in Reading,” the group said in a statement on Twitter. “The chain’s ethos and moral stance goes completely against our values, and that of the UK as we are a progressive country” that has legalized same-sex marriage and “continues to strive toward equality.” The statement noted that Dan T. Cathy, the company’s chairman and chief executive, was quoted in 2012 saying that Chick-fil-A believed in the “biblical definition of the family unit.” Mr. Cathy’s comments came after news reports revealed that the company’s foundation had donated money to groups in the United States working to prevent the legalization of same-sex marriage. On Friday, Reading Pride announced that after talking with the Oracle, mall management “stated they will review their selection process and ensure a more thorough check is in place.” The mall did not respond to a request for comment on Saturday. Photos and video shared on Twitter of a protest on Saturday showed people holding a sign that read: “GET THE CHICK OUT. Say NO to bigotry and hatred on your High Street.” Asked if the chain had plans to set up elsewhere in England after its lease was up, a company spokeswoman said, “We are always looking and learning, and do so through pop-up locations, but nothing else to share right now.” When Chick-fil-A opened a three-story, 5,000 square-foot space in Midtown Manhattan in 2015, it was met by activists who stood outside the restaurant.
  9. worth the read! https://www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/43k7z3/nationwide-fake-host-scam-on-airbnb?__twitter_impression=true
  10. I lost a good friend yesterday. He was one of my best friend's in High School, a former Getzville Fire Chief who led a 4 man detail that responded to Ground Zero right after the 9/11 attacks. He was stricken by the bone marrow related cancer that a lot of first responders have come down with. I'm so sad that my friend, whom admittedly other than FB, I wasn't close with after we graduated, is gone. To me, he was murdered. I'm just blown away that, while I'm still very youthful, healthy and active. I have friends that have died. My heart goes out to his wife, who also was in our High School class.
  11. With Veterans Day a week away, just curious how many members have served! For me, Proudly, US Army - 13C TACFIRE Artillery Specialist 8/82 - 4/90
  12. i'm 54. Int the 80s I got into alternative,Goth,new wave,Punk. Anything not standard rock.
  13. For crap sake... https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/john-legend-to-remix-baby-its-cold-outside-will-remov-1839439666 https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/28/entertainment/john-legend-kelly-clarkson-duet/index.html
  14. Don’t mean to disregard the many contributions of past members , but wouldn’t the main page be better served to have something different there? Unless admin is hoping they will come back? If they wont( which I wish they would) why is that there instead of something else? I do know this is a work in progress, so I know you’re still figuring it out.but I thought I’d bitch just to make you smile.
  15. ive looked all around and i cant find a setting so that i can increase the number of posts per new web page i prefer really loong pages with as many posts as i can get, versus having to hit next page every couple of minutes
  16. Don’t use the “embed” code. Just post the link to the tweet. The new software will do all the work and auto-embed the tweet or video.
  17. All-You-Can-Eat Buffets should be afraid... VERY afraid! Personally I think it should be retitled to "Thunder Thighs" but when has Hollywood ever listened to over 40 white males who have disposable income? Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are ready to save the world on the set of their superhero movie Thunder Force Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are ready to save the world in their latest movie. They star together in the upcoming Netflix film Thunder Force, which is currently in production. The duo was spotted Wednesday shooting scenes for the movie in the streets of Atlanta. They play two ordinary women who suddenly develop superpowers, ushering them to a higher calling. McCarthy and Spencer looked fully prepped to take on some villains as they rocked their superhero costumes. The ladies donned some black body armor, which featured their superhero emblems on the chest. They sported it over some textured blue tights, which accentuated their gorgeous curvy figures. And no superhero look is complete without a utility belt and some boots custom made for kicking bad guys' butts. McCarthy also looked fierce with some fiery red dyed hair, styled into chic tousled waves. The movie is written and directed by McCarthy's husband Ben Falcone, who is also attached as a producer along with McCarthy. It also stars Pom Klementieff, who's no stranger to the superhero gig, having also starred in Guardians of the Galaxy. Not much info has been released about the film, but given the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) bus in the background, it's likely set in the Windy City. McCarthy recently starred alongside Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss in the '70s-set mafia film The Kitchen. Meanwhile, Spencer gave a chilling performance earlier this year in the teen horror film Ma.
  18. Even though the messages I've received while on this software has only been two, apparently all the messages from the range carried over (though I dont know where they are or how to access them) because it shows my message storage to be 3090%. in the meantime, i cant send any new messages. i was going to ask you not to stick the thread topic filters because having all topic shown in the thread listing appears to be increasing participation in non-football issues, which was one of our objectives. so a poster has to click ONE button to see only football posts. boo hoo. i hope they dont get a blister from all that clicking also, once you expand my message storage, how can i find those old messages? i will delete a bunch of them, if i can find them, but i could find no place where they were listed
  19. Why do you stay on the site after non-activity? The old range would boot you, especially in high volume periods, if you weren’t active. Now you need to sign out if you don’t want to appear on the board. Or is this something to get sorted out?
  20. did we get all the decades old posts from the range, or was there a limit?. theres a lot of good stuff in there it would be a shame to lose and where is Sack's thread where I told him he needed to provide a link? I've given him enough time, if theres no link that post is getting deleted. i just cant find the post which reminds me: is there a 'find all threads started by' a poster? i cant find it if there is. and if there isnt there should be
  21. OK, Sack.... Something happened here recently. Maybe it's the software change and reformat of the forum. Maybe more-so it was the long discussion a bunch of us had in the shoutbox Saturday night, but something changed. Yesterday we had actual conversations, which was mind blowing, so I'm going to go back on something I said I'd never do. I'm going to apologize. I've been unusually harsh on both of you and while I may have had my reason, it's still uncalled for. We're never going to agree on politics and the other things that divide us, but it's hypocritical for me to harp on a President for his divisiveness if I'm being divisive in my own life, so I'm sorry. Truly. I actually feel kind've like a dick for seeing forum user names as faceless people instead of as human beings and lacking empathy while being a childish keyboard bully. Hopefully we can call a lasting truce on here. (And to StraightJ when you read this. Fuck you and I don't want to hear it)
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