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  1. i'm 54. Int the 80s I got into alternative,Goth,new wave,Punk. Anything not standard rock.
  2. The former home to the Buffalo Bills training camp, Fredonia NY needs your help. We are a top 5 finalist in the Small Business Revolution, a TV show on Hulu & Amazon. You can vote for Fredonia at votemyfredonia.com today before 11pm when the voting ends. Fredonia can win $500,000 for it’s small business community and be featured on the TV show. We are in the lead but it’s very close. We hope you’ll help us today! Thank you!!
  3. My fellow Rangers, do not use ethanol-based fuel in your small engines as it will create no-start issues and eventually destroy your small engines.Snowblowers and lawn mowers will start experiencing rising and falling engine speeds or a putt-putt-putt rough running symptom. Small engine carburetors get gummed up quick from the ethanol and ethanol is a magnet for condensation which once in your fuel system will create water bubbles which obviously creates a no-start condition.The typical fuel you buy at your local gas station contains 10% ethanol. The solution to this problem is simple.Just visit the website pure-gas.org ,this site allows you to select your state then city to find stations that stock non-ethanol fuel. Usually these stations have 1 or 2 selected pumps which are non-ethanol fuel.Another product available is called TruFuel Engineered fuel. The advantage of TruFuel is that it remains fresh for 2 years out of the can and remains 5 years fresh while unopened.It's non ethanol and excellent for storage of your equipment in the off season. Lawnmowers and Snowblowers use the 4 cycle version. I hope this helps.If your engine has been affected already by ethanol a small engine repair tech can re-build your carburetor and clean the fuel system to repair it.Be advised that no small engine manufacturer will cover repairs due to fuel related issues.
  4. Remember from 1981 to 1999 Fredonia was the home for the Buffalo Bills training camp. Please help my hometown win this contest. It only takes a second to vote. Thanks https://votemyfredonia.com/
  5. Your cats will love it! https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/01/9188108/gwyneth-paltrow-goop-candle-vagina
  6. Sometimes I make typos, others I would like to be more mild towards others than I was in the moment, and have found it seems like there is ONLY a tiny one hour window to edit posts. This was not the case on the real Range. Meat, would you please fix this? I have no problem with allowing it to be edited forever, but if you want to put a limit of a month on it to keep people from changing their predictions or something, I could be fine with that as well. With the hypercritical era we live in and general state of this board, I think my request would be welomed by many, if not all. Same with shouts(chatbox for any new folks reading). Currently, I am not aware of how they can be edited, and I am not even talking about mobile devices. Would someone please say how this is done? I really like the old board better, but I reckon Lit likely determined this current set up would somehow inflate the value before sale, similar to the fake bots I have campaigned against for a long time. I wouldn't mind a vote on what folks prefer, but I would prefer to keep things peaceful so I don't currently intend to bring it up in the main forum. So would you work with me to settle the issues with the current software?
  7. This guy has got to be the dumbest "royal" in recent history. After years of partying it up he finally decides to settle down with a mid-30s, divorced, actress thot who comes from a trash family that she can't even get along with. He puts that baby in her right away and now she's isolating him from his own family and responsibilities since the meat hooks are firmly lodged into his testicles. I normally don't give two shits about the "royal family" but Harry serves as a lesson to all men. First, this is not the kind of girl you marry but only have fun with for a short time. Everyone warned you, even her own family! Second, when you do decide to settle down make sure you go for a younger woman of a better pedigree that has little to no baggage and certainly not lewd videos and photos for everyone to see. Third, when the world of women are basically your oyster you have to know your worth as a man in comparison to what's out there. Finally, never let your spouse sabotage your family relations if those bonds were strong BEFORE you met her. Well at least she waited until they spent millions on a giant wedding and upgrades to their home and Harry? Well, at least he's not a degenerate like Prince Andrew. Prince Charles threatens to cut off funding to Prince Harry and Meghan Prince Charles has threatened to cut off Prince Harry’s cash flow if he and Meghan step away from the royal family completely, according to a new report. The Prince of Wales has made it clear to the couple that any agreement over money will depend on details of their future roles, the UK Times reported Friday. The father and son have reportedly been in negotiation chats since Christmas, the outlet said. In a surprise announcement Wednesday, Harry and Meghan said they were stepping down as “senior” members of the royal family and would work on becoming “financially independent.” Ninety-five percent of the Sussexes’ costs are bankrolled by income Charles earns from the Duchy of Cornwall estate, while the remaining 5 percent comes from the taxpayer-funded sovereign grant. Charles shelled out $11 million covering the duties of his sons Harry and William and their wives between 2018 and 2019, according to financial records.
  8. Why the hell are all the political threads locked?
  9. I am stunned, devastated and saddened beyond expression. I didn't even know..... Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67 from brain cancer: 'Rest in peace brother' Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist for Canadian progressive-rock titans Rush, has died. He was 67. Rush announced on Twitter Friday that Peart died from brain cancer on Jan. 7 following a "incredibly brave three and a half year battle" with Glioblastoma, the same disease that killed senators John McCain and Edward Kennedy, and Beau Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden. “It is with broken hearts and the deepest sadness that we must share the terrible news that on Tuesday our friend, soul brother and band mate of over 45 years, Neil, has lost his… battle with brain cancer (Glioblastoma)," tweeted the official account for Rush, which was composed of Peart, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. The rock band added, "Rest in peace brother."
  10. Meat, Lit, Victor(lol yeah right), can we please have the :rockon emoticon back? Even if you guys never used it, it seemed it was by far the most popular emoticon on the Range for at least the last few years. The Range losing it was almost as sad as Daryl quitting drinking very recently. I probably won't lobby against the latter, but Daryl was one of the biggest :rockon fans, and he could use you to rally around him and help with an item of comfort in this stage of transition for him. I could too. Help?
  11. Is it really necessary to pin all your negative Allen/Bills/McD threads or do you like showing off how much of a douchebag you are? I was gonna send this in a sticky note, but I thought I'd let the rest of the class chime in
  12. This is something that has been discussed by numerous people, so it isn't something that's just imporant to me. I've heard the legends of the "3 dots on the right side", but have not seen them. Apparently most people haven't. I've tried to interrogate those who have seen them at times and not at others what might be different....browser, operating system, etc....but to no avail. Does anyone thing they understand? Lit, now that you're out of the closet(as the owner/webmaster), I am guessing this is something you would know or at least have access to and be able to look up? Trying to add practical knowledge for folks here. Any help is appreciated.
  13. 💕💕Hey guys! My name is bobo.💕 💕💕I have a hot body and a very pretty face with a friendly disposition.💕 💕💕I am well character and very open-minded.💕 💕💕Respectful and upscale gentlemen are welcome to call me💕 💕💕I look forward to meeting you soon! New Jersey asian escorts
  14. For @Very Wide Right because you asked and this is long, so grab a sandwich In 2010, while still an angry Atheist, I had had enough. Everything that had collapsed around me and the chaos emanating from my kids' mother was completely out of control. I was a nervous wreck, on the edge of a nervous breakdown. She was drinking as much as ever but getting more and more erratic, unreasonable and violent. I woke up once with her over top of me with a knife against my throat. I was done, so I got an order of protection and threw her out and watched my kids go with her, thanks to court that is very favorable to the mothers in these situations. That's when the real depression took over. Every night, I would lay on the couch in the dark sobbing. I had lost everything. I didn't feel like I could ever go home again. I hated my life. I had a friend who kept urging me to go to church and I kept telling him to stop, it wasn't for me. I was the guy that God had forgotten. God didn't hear me because there is no God. The whole idea was a joke that made no logical sense. The nights sobbing on the couch continued, but something changed. I began to talk to this God person. Only not praying for salvation. I would say out loud, "I don't believe in you. It's all bullshit. So prove me wrong. Kill me! Take my life! My kids are babies, they'll be fine. My mother doesn't even know who she is and my brother doesn't give a damn about me so fucking kill me!! Because I don't have the balls to do it myself!" And every morning, I would wake up, crushed that I was still alive. Kevin kept up the insistence that I go to church with him so I said, OK, fine, 1 time, then stop asking, he agreed, so we set up a Sunday that he and his wife would pick me up and drive to their church
  15. Enter the Disneyland, and you hop from one side to another with eyes sparkling like a child. Website Designing Company In Delhi That is the exact effect your website should have on the user visiting it (well, maybe not exact because after-all nothing can match Disneyland!). While surfing from one page to another of your website, the users’ eyes should stay glued to the screen with the thought of revisiting the site doing its round in their head. This wonder can be achieved by designing the aesthetically pleasing website. Of course, another major contributing factor is having meaningful content because all that glitters is not gold. A well-designed website, website designer in delhi providing useful information about your business, can help boost it and prove your online investment to be more than fruitful. Establishes digital identity In today’s digital world, everyone is striving to create a character in the web world. It acquaints site visitors with your business. Website Designing Company In Delhi While the web is overflowing with competitors trying to promote their business, and a skillfully mapped website will distinguish your business from others. Showcases all the products/services A proficient website will provide information about all your products and services collectively. Initially, businesses used to lose customers owing to not knowing what all products and services are being offered. Thanks to the internet, Website Designing Company In Delhi, your website, can now tell customers everything that’s in your kitty. Turns users into customers Your website visitors are your potential clients. Call-to-action components play a significant role in this case. Relevant call-to-action lets your audience become your customers. Placing these call-to-action components correctly helps you reap the right clientele and expand your business. Informs about your experience It tells about the clients that you have worked for in the past. This helps impart credibility to your brand name and develops trust amongst potential clients. Opens up a global market A professionally apt website helps place you in the worldwide market. Thanks to the internet, distance is not a significant problem now to reach people living across the seas. seo company in delhi A structured website with clean user interface includes ease of navigation, adequate use of visuals and quality content. Such a site will drive more traffic which in turn will help in the growth of your business.
  16. the topic buttons are not filtering posts properly anymore when i click them i get random threads from all topics. at least i think they are random, it doesnt seem like all threads are in there, but i havent done a thread by thread analysis. point is, they arent working as intended like they used to bottom line is i cant filter out, say, the politics from the bills anymore
  17. . https://nypost.com/2019/12/30/transgender-man-gives-birth-to-baby-using-sperm-from-trans-donor/ discuss.
  18. 5% of people think, 10% think they think, and the remaining 85% are scared out of their wits if they have to think
  19. I see they're back but how do I edit mine?
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  21. Wow, I can't believe how bad Disney fucked up this franchise to the point where no one even cares anymore. Star Wars premieres used to be a huge event between fans and celebrities alike and now not even the paid shills are buoying this crap of a product. It's so bad that George Lucas wasn't even invited to the premiere the other night but A list celebrities like Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks), Zooey Deschanel, Spike Lee, and Elisabeth Shue were? Insane! Spoilers be damned, what we have is the Rey character becoming a Space Jesus and defeating the Emperor (who's back) after being resurrected and killing him with his own lighting by reflecting it back with 2 lightsabers. Damn, why didn't any other Jedi ever think of that? And she did all of this with like 1 week of Jedi training! Also we learned that Palpatine has a new fleet of Star Destroyers with Death Star lasers on them and he let himself be thrown down the Death Star shaft in Return of the Jedi and had his fleet annihilated as a sacrifice because "he saw it coming." Oh, and that wasn't him anyway, it was just a clone. There's a lesbian kiss in the movie and some other "progressive" nonsense. Yes, the sci-fi trilogy most of us loved as children has been infiltrated by "woke politics" and now it blows ass. Whatever happened to character development and just telling a good story? JJ Abrams has now sunken to the level of M. Night Shymalayan in his buffoonery and lack of vision as a film maker but he did babysit Steven Spielberg's kids once upon a time so I guess somehow talent was transfused to him? But the shills aren't saying it's JJ's fault... it's those toxic fans again! They never learn. I didn't see The Last Jedi in theaters and I won't see Rise of Skywalker either but I am enjoying the hell out of The Mandolorian. Sorry about this pop culture rant but, hey, it's better than another Trump post right? 😂 ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ Is Reviewing Worse Than Almost Every Other ‘Star Wars’ Movie I have a bad feeling about this. And believe me, I wish I didn’t. Star Wars Episode IX: Rise Of Skywalker is currently boasting a dismal 56% on Rotten Tomatoes, just three points ahead of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and well behind the 65% Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. That’s liable to change over time as more and more reviews trickle in, but this is a score based on 119 reviews (as of this writing) which is quite a few—but not even close to the 455 of The Last Jedi. I expect the score to change over the next few days and weeks but I’m not sure in which direction. Only one other movie in the Star Wars franchise has fared worse with critics, and that was the 2008 animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars with just 18%. This means that currently Rise of Skywalker is the third-worst reviewed Star Wars movie ever, trailing behind two of the prequel movies. Ouch. It’s not even in low-fresh territory. It’s firmly in the upper rotten tier, and that’s worrisome for fans like me who remain incredibly excited to see the movie, but frightened that it’s going to be a huge letdown. Then again, I often disagree with my peers in the review business. But usually when a movie reviews this poorly, it’s going to have some serious flaws. Then again, the wildly controversial Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi rocks a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it still has fans divided. Indeed, some of the problems critics are identifying in Rise of Skywalker seem to stem from what some are describing as a “retcon” of Rian Johnson’s film—something many fans will likely be happy about, even if it is one of the more peculiar moments in fan service we’ve ever witnessed. Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Credit: Disney / LucasFilm The Beat’s Hannah Lodge notes that “RoS wasn’t a total bust, for me, and I enjoyed large parts of the ride. If you hated The Last Jedi, you might even love it. But it’s hard for me to see it as a successful third installment because it spends too much time dwelling on its past and not enough on its future. Kylo Ren said it best: You’re still holding on! Let go!” Forbes’ own Scott Mendelson loathed the film, writing “The Rise of Skywalker is a bad movie and a miserable finale that serves no purpose other than to reassure adult fans of the original Star Wars that they are still the “chosen ones” of the pop culture galaxy.” Peter Gray of This Is Film quips that the movie “Panders so much to the fans that anything that should feel remotely heartfelt comes off as inauthentic service.” It’s an interesting line of critique, and without having personally seen the film—and without wanting to read anything spoilery—it’s hard for me to know what to think. Will most moviegoers care? Will most Star Wars fans think to themselves “That was way too much fan service!” or will they just enjoy the ride? It all depends, I suppose, on how it’s done. Does J.J. Abrams really just toss everything Rian Johnson set up in The Last Jedi or are we seeing a critical overreaction here? So many questions, none of which we can answer until this weekend. 'Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker' Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm Meanwhile, even the most positive reviews tend to reflect critics’ misgivings about the picture. “The movie snaps together like a jigsaw puzzle,” writes The Guardian’s Jordan Hoffman, “a series of concluding beats that seem inevitable and perfect, and designed to please all parties, so long as you don't dwell on the logic too much.” I get the feeling that I will like this film more than the average critic, but still find plenty of faults in it—much like the past two in this new trilogy. I’ve enjoyed the third Star Wars trilogy much more than the prequels, but never as much as the originals. Both Force Awakens and The Last Jedi had a lot that they got right, but plenty they got wrong as well. If Rise of Skywalker continues in that vein, I’ll be happy enough. Still, a 56% Rotten Tomatoes score is not a great sign, and I’m headed into this weekend with a little more trepidation than I had hoped to feel. Of course, I had very low expectations for Solo as well, and ended up enjoying that movie quite a lot more than I thought I would, so you never know. Maybe low expectations are a blessing in disguise. Star Wars Episode IX: Rise Of Skywalker, the final movie in the nine-film Skywalker arc, opens in theaters this Friday, December 20th.
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