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  1. Wow. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/22/amid-battery-investigation-antonio-brown-has-locked-himself-in-his-house/
  2. https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/article_16e90c06-387e-11ea-ba52-c35714f1e4cc.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitternoladotcom&utm_campaign=snd
  3. Mahomes still on pace for 400 yards. Weird. I thought drops meant a QB can’t do well.
  4. I can’t beleive the downward spiral this guy has been on in 8 months. Went from a top 3 NFL WR with a massive contract, to maybe never playing in the NFL again. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/21/report-antonio-brown-is-a-suspect-in-the-battery-of-the-driver-of-a-moving-truck/
  5. Is Jungle losing his mind? lmao. Scenario: Texans just called a fake punt, and I respond with...
  6. And 6-10 the year before that. Yet, they’re in the NFC Championship game this year. Why do teams like the Bills need 4 years of “building”, yet other teams can go from 4-12 to the NFC Championship game the very next season?
  7. Texans had the ball at around the 20 yard line, and they lined up to go for 4th and 1. Texans called timeout and then kicked the field goal. In the 4 minutes since then, they’ve been outscored 21-0 Lesson: Conservative coaches lose
  8. 15 of the last 20 Super Bowls had regimes/coaches in the first 4 years with that team. Crazy to think about. Obviously the Patriots winning so many add to it, but most of the other teams were also in the first four years when they went.
  9. The Titans can go to the championship game in year 2. But we are heading into Year 4 and “we’re still a year or two away”.
  10. I mean, like TRULY awful. Rams will be regretting that contract they gave him for a long, long, time. Im not sure that he’s even backup quality at this point.
  11. Interesting... "There have been increasing NFL rumors that perhaps Belichick is not as wedded to Foxborough as many of us, certainly me, thought. Is Belichick setting up a final test on whether he has complete control of the football operations? I think Belichick would be OK with Brady being back, but not at the expense of the rest of the team. There are four openings out there and they won’t last forever. If Belichick is contemplating a move, it would have to come soon. There’s no solid intel, but some rumblings I hadn’t heard before. So I don’t rule anything out. For the record, my money is still on Bill and Tom being back together again for Year 21." https://www.bostonsportsjournal.com/2020/01/05/bsj-game-report-titans-20-patriots-13-new-england-goes-whimper-upstart-tennessee/
  12. Tom Brady, 42, Signs Two-Year Contract Extension Tom Brady, 42, Signs Two-Year Contract Extension The New England Patriots have committed to paying the quarterback $85 million through the 2021 season, when he will be 44. Tom Brady is already the oldest nonkicker in the N.F.L. He is likely to keep that status for a few more years. Brady, who turned 42 on Saturday, signed a two-year contract extension that, barring an unexpected retirement, will keep him on the field through the 2021 season. The extension is worth $70 million, according to multiple news reports. Brady, who led the Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl championship in February, will receive $23 million this season, $30 million next season and $32 million in 2021 for a total of $85 million, according to a person familiar with the contract discussions. Brady’s $23 million salary this season is an $8 million increase over the $15 million he was scheduled to be paid. Even so, his salary this season will free up an additional $5.5 million for the Patriots to spend on other players, ESPN reported. Brady, who has played his entire career for New England, can also become a free agent at the end of this season, though he is unlikely to move teams. Brady told reporters on Monday that the clause is just an acknowledgment that the careers of N.F.L. players tend to be decided year to year. “It’s really the reality for most guys in the N.F.L., I don’t want to think I’m any different than anyone else,” Brady said. “Football is a tough business. It’s a production business. I’m ready to go this year, and that’s really what matters, and that’s where my focus is. It’s a unique situation I’m in — 20th year with the same team and 42 years old. Pretty much uncharted territory for everybody, and I’m going to go out there and be the best I can this year and see what happens.” A Patriots spokesman said he had no information about Brady’s contract. Brady’s agent declined to comment. Though he was born during the Jimmy Carter Administration, Brady is not the oldest player in the N.F.L. That distinction goes to Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts, who is 46. Matt Bryant, who last played for Atlanta and has gray in his beard, also is older than Brady. But Vinatieri and Bryant are both kickers who see far less action, and absorb far fewer hits, than quarterbacks like Brady.
  13. https://www.latimes.com/obituaries/story/2020-01-02/sam-wyche-innovative-coach-bengals-super-bowl-dies-74 Sam Wyche, who pushed the boundaries as an offensive innovator with the Cincinnati Bengals and challenged the NFL’s protocols along the way, has died. He was 74. Wyche, who had a history of blood clots in his lungs and had a heart transplant in 2016 in Charlotte, N.C., entered hospice on Monday and died Thursday of melanoma, officials with the Bengals confirmed. One of the Bengals’ original quarterbacks, Wyche was known for his offensive innovations as a coach. He led the Bengals to their second Super Bowl during the 1988 season by using a no-huddle offense that forced the league to change its substitution rules. And that wasn’t the only way he made waves throughout the NFL. A nonconformist in a button-down league, Wyche refused to comply with the NFL’s locker room policy for media, ran up the score to settle a personal grudge, and belittled the city of rival Cleveland during his eight seasons in Cincinnati. He later coached Tampa Bay for four seasons. Wyche was signed by the Bengals for their inaugural season. He got No. 14 — later worn by Ken Anderson and Andy Dalton — and played three seasons with Cincinnati, throwing for 12 touchdowns with eight interceptions. He later spent two years in Washington as a backup and a year each in Detroit and St. Louis. It’s as a coach that he made his mark on offense. The Bengals hired him as head coach in 1984, and he soon showed a knack for going against the grain. During a game against San Francisco in 1987, he chose to try to run out the clock on fourth down rather than punt or take a safety — the safe choices. When the play failed, Joe Montana got a chance to throw a winning touchdown pass to Jerry Rice, an ending that’s still remembered among the league’s most improbable finishes.
  14. Jaguars deny ESPN report former Syracuse, Bills coach Doug Marrone will be fired after Sunday’s game The Jaguars denied an ESPN report published Saturday citing sources that Coach Doug Marrone will be dismissed after Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s spokesman Jim Woodcock issued a statement: “Reports that Doug Marrone will be dismissed after Sunday’s game are 100 percent incorrect.” ESPN’s Dianna Russini tweeted Saturday that Jaguars head Coach Doug Marrone has been informed that he will be dismissed following Sunday’s game against the Colts. Marrone was in his third full season as head coach of Jacksonville, compiling a 20-27 record (not including Sunday’s game against Indianapolis). In addition to serving as an NFL Insider for ESPN, Russini’s father and uncles grew up in the same neighborhood as Marrone. Per Jaguars PR, Marrone and the Jags will already be without cornerback A.J. Bouye (wrist) and Leonard Fournette (illness) against the Colts. Fournette was downgraded to “Doubtful” Saturday morning and subsequently posted the following tweet. Fournette had appeared in all 15 games this season, the most of his career. In a corresponding move, the Jaguars promoted running back Jeremy McNichols from their practice squad. Wide receiver/returner Michael Walker (hamstring) has also been placed on Injured Reserve. The Jaguars (5-10) face the Colts (7-8) at 4:25 p.m. at TIAA Bank Field Sunday.
  15. Praying for this in 2020. Jameis to the Raiders. This has to be a no brainer. Match made in heaven. Rivers to TB. Arians is having wet dreams resurrecting Phil like he did Carson Palmer. Brady to the Chargers. Brady to Hollywood is almost too good to be true. Eli to the Patriots. For pure comedic value. Hoodie meets Slackjaw, both retire after finishing 4-12.
  16. I like Rivera but man, working for Snyder? I don't know how anyone can succeed with that organization in place. Ron Rivera agrees to become next Washington coach Any hurdles they may have had negotiating a deal clearly weren’t hard to clear. According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Ron Rivera has agreed to a deal to become Washington’s next head coach. Rivera lends a bit of gravity to a franchise that desperately needs it. The two-time NFL coach of the year is known for building bonds and developing a strong culture, both of which Dan Snyder’s team is in serious need of. They’ll still need to work on their front office after finally getting rid of Bruce Allen, but hiring Rivera is a strong positive step. The fact that he was available a month ago after being fired by the Panthers also allowed them to move quickly, before other teams could.
  17. Checking out current passing records, Brady only appears on here 6 times. Only 4 for Brees. Marino?? 29 times!!!! What Makes Brady the GOAT? http://www.nfl.com/history/randf/records/indiv/passing
  18. I say to give Belichick the Pete Rose treatment, nothing else will do and no one on that team can claim ignorance. Patriots could face fine, loss or reduction of draft pick as NFL mulls penalties in video case The NFL is likely to penalize the New England Patriots for their admitted violation of league video policy last weekend and is contemplating disciplinary measures in line with those imposed on teams in recent seasons for infractions of game-day rules, according to people familiar with the deliberations. That could mean a fine in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and potentially the loss or reduction in value of a draft choice, typically a lower-level pick. Among the precedents cited by one person with knowledge of recent discussions, the lowest fine was the $150,000 sanction imposed on the New York Giants in 2016 for Coach Ben McAdoo’s improper use of a walkie-talkie on the sideline during a game. Most other fines for game-day violations by teams fell between that and the $350,000 penalty given to the Atlanta Falcons in 2015 for pumping artificial crowd noise into their stadium during games. The one outlier, in terms of severity, was the $1 million fine given to the Patriots in 2015 in the Deflategate case. The Patriots also were stripped of first- and fourth-round draft choices and quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for four games for his role, the NFL concluded, in improperly under-inflating footballs. Other cases with more modest penalties involved the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots’ Deflategate penalty is the exception in the cases cited as precedents being studied by the league, and the NFL still does not seem to regard the evidence in this case as being as severe or as voluminous as that in the Spygate case with the Patriots in 2007. The league has been “consistent on game-day violations” and that is likely to continue in this case, said one of the people familiar with the deliberations. The NFL’s investigation is not complete and the penalties are not yet firmly set, however. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and other league leaders left this week’s owners’ meetings in Dallas and, rather than returning to New York, participated in labor negotiations with representatives of the NFL Players Association late in the week. The deliberations on the Patriots case are expected to resume Sunday and could intensify early in the workweek. It’s not clear exactly when the NFL will make its decision and announce penalties, but the league is hopeful of a resolution soon. The Patriots acknowledged that they violated league video policy last Sunday in Cleveland when a video crew working for them shot footage of the field and the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline during the Bengals’ game against the Browns. The Patriots said the video crew unknowingly violated the rule while shooting an online feature on a scout for the team. Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots have said their football operations department did not benefit from the footage and was not involved in the incident. The Patriots face the Bengals on Sunday in Cincinnati. Precedents: YEAR TEAM FINE DRAFT PICK SUSPENSION 2015 Falcons $350,000 Lost 5th-rounder Pres. Rich McKay (3 months from comp. committee) 2015 Browns $250,000 none GM Ray Farmer (4 games) 2015 Patriots $1 million Lost 1st, 4th-rounders QB Tom Brady (4 games) 2016 Giants $150,000 4th-rounder dropped lower none (Coach Ben McAdoo fined $50,000) 2018 Ravens $200,000 none none The NFL fined Belichick and the Patriots a total of $750,000 and stripped the team of a first-round draft choice in 2007 in the Spygate case, in which the team improperly videotaped opposing coaching signals. It does not appear that the NFL is targeting Belichick or any members of the Patriots’ football staff for punishment in this case. One person familiar with the deliberations said the Patriots “acknowledged the violation” but suggested that no individual members of the organization are being viewed as repeat offenders under the sport’s competitive rules in this case. Three of the cases cited as precedents came in 2015. The Falcons, in addition to their $350,000 fine in the crowd-noise case, were stripped of a fifth-round pick in the 2016 draft and their team president, Rich McKay, was suspended from the league’s competition committee for three months. The Browns were fined $250,000 that year for General Manager Ray Farmer using a cellphone to send in-game text messages to the team’s coaches during the 2014 season. Farmer was suspended four games. Brady and the NFLPA contested his four-game suspension in the Deflategate case in federal court but the league eventually prevailed and Brady served the suspension. McAdoo was fined $50,000, in addition to the Giants’ $150,000 fine, in 2016 for his use of a walkie-talkie on the sideline to replace a malfunctioning communications system during a victory over the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants’ fourth-round draft pick in 2017 was dropped to the end of that round. The Ravens were fined $200,000 in 2018 for having multiple players simultaneously on the field during the preseason with coach-to-player radio headsets in their helmets. Goodell said at a news conference Wednesday at the conclusion of the owners’ meeting in Irving, Tex., that the Patriots’ videotaping history was a factor in this investigation. But the main factor, he said, is the evidence in this case. “We’re going to be thorough,” Goodell said Wednesday. “We’re going to get all the facts and we’ll go from there.”
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