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  1. Some people find those words impossible to say. Why? Some of the folks who can't seem to utter the words are: Democrats, liberals, leftists, the mainstream press. I find it very easy to put those two words together. What's the problem?
  2. https://www.si.com/fantasy/2020/03/25/nfl-draft-top-10-rb-prospect-rankings 1. J.K. Dobbins, Ohio State-Prediction: Miami Dolphins (Round 1, Pick 26) 2. Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin-Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers (Round 2, Pick 17) 3. D'Andre Swift, Georgia-Prediction: Atlanta Falcons (Round 2, Pick 23) 4. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, LSU-Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Round 3, Pick 12) 5. Cam Akers, Florida State-Prediction: Las Vegas Raiders (Round 3, Pick 16) 6. Zack Moss, Utah 7. A.J. Dillon, Boston College 8. Darrynton Evans, Appalachian State 9. Eno Benjamin, Arizona 10. Anthony McFarland, Maryland
  3. Both have been pretty darn scarce of late. Where are those two? Thoughts? Jungle has yet to really comment on the fate of his boy Bernie.
  4. The #Bills are doing their due diligence on #SIU's Jeremy Chinn, one of the 2020 NFL Draft's top safety prospects https://newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2020/03/2020-nfl-draft-buffalo-bills-hold-facetime-meeting-with-siu-s-jeremy-chinn.html…#BillsMafia Buffalo Bills held a FaceTime meeting with SIU S Jeremy Chinn 6'3" 225lbs (in lieu of a Pre-Draft Visit) Chinn stole the show at the 2020 NFL Combine when he ran a 4.45 40-yard dash, displayed a 41 inch vertical leap and put up 20 reps of 225 pounds. Per Lance Zierlein: Safety prospect with compelling size, speed and athletic ability. He has man cover skills. Very willing and able as a tackler, but despite his diverse skill set, his effectiveness can wane when asked to multitask. Chinn is at his best when he's actively engaged and not sitting in space dissecting what comes next. His ball skills and athleticism are strengths that help define his value and teams will need to find ways to put him in position to utilize both without exposing his inconsistent field awareness. He might find a future role as a big nickel or a cover linebacker who can drag tight ends around the field in sub-packages. ** This confirms that the Bills are in fact looking at Safeties in the draft, although Chinn can play like a nickel linebacker.
  5. It might offend the Chicoms and lead to the beatings of thousands of Asian people. This post is for the ignorant out there roaming the streets looking for "virus payback". Think this is stupid? It is. So is worrying about what this fucking thing is called when there are a few other things going on out there. Thought I'd heard everything. Partisan politics knows no bounds. Bring on the lib bashing. Looking forward to it.
  6. 2 more teams will now make the playoffs. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/31/nfl-expands-playoffs-to-14-teams/
  7. There is a guy, known to all of us, that is not doing well. Meathead. Hal. Please wish him well. He’s really hurting. He would be mad that I’m doing this, but I don’t care. He cares about people more than you would know. Thanks.
  8. The Bills signed a new Right Tackle, Daryl Williams and re-signed CB EJ Gaines. Now that the Bills have signed a RT, two new CBs (Josh Norman and EJ Gaines), several DLine and LBers, plus traded for a #1 WR in Diggs, the only need not addressed, so far is Running Back. In addition to RB, the Bills mock drafts keep showing either Safety Kyle Duggar or Jeremy Chinn as possible picks. So, as of today, are we going Running back or a safety?!! LOL
  9. I just posted it at the bottom of the 2nd page(though by the time some see this, it wont be at the bottom of the 2nd page anymore) of the serious(NON-tds/political bickering) virus thread("COVID-USA", the one with the long title. Youtube video, 2 minutes and 35 seconds in length). It's in the politics section. I figured folks in the Bills section(actually any American) would want to know the truth. I make no claims on it, but you will easily be able to see for yourself in multiple ways! Vast majority of the feedback was in agreement, and one national network apparently aired something about it.
  10. We went into Free Agency with a boat load of Cap Space. IMO while we didn't say Big Name targets like Yannick Ngaboue, Beane has done a very nice job of spreading that available Cap around and filling a lot of spots: CB Josh Norman CB EJ Gaines LB Mario Addison LB AJ Klein DL Quinton Jefferson DT Vernon Butler OT Daryl Williams RB Taiwan Jones Re-signings FS Jordan Poyer OG Quinton Spain WR Isaiah McKenzie SS Dean Marlowe OC Spencer Long TE Tyler Kroft TE Jason Croom With only about $25 million of Cap Space left, I think we are done except for a few low priced roster fillers, draft picks and possibly a veteran RB.
  11. Jaylon Johnson, a business major, maintained a 3.6 grade-point average to earn his academic honors. "...He's a physical press corner with off-man ability whose anticipation and ball skills should continue to help him make plays as a CB1 and first-round pick. Johnson is built for press, with the size, length and athleticism to force receivers to work harder getting into their routes...." Jabari Zuniga "...Long-limbed, athletic frame with chiseled upper body Looks the part of an NFL "dude." Played at a variety of spots up and down the line Rangy, fast and long to close and corral in pursuit..."
  12. Which Team Spent their Money Most Efficiently? Not all positions in football are equal. Nearly every fan, player, coach, and executive would tell you that you can’t win without a good quarterback, but you’d be hard pressed to get them all to agree that you also need a good guard to win. So, how important is every position? Andrew Hughes, Cory Koedel, and Joshua A. Price of University of Missouri and Southern Utah University attempted to empirically answer this through Positional WAR (pWAR). pWAR measures how many additional games a team would lose by a starter at a certain position missing starts due to injury or suspension. Effectively, the results of their research demonstrated how valuable each position is. Hughes, Koedel, and Price looked to answer at how many starts players at each position missed for several seasons and see how many games the teams lost during those missed starts. Their model did not account for multiple injuries at different positions, or for players who were benched. Even still, it lets us see what the relative value of different positions in football are: This graph shows how many more games a team would lose, on average, if they lost a starter at a given position missed exactly 4 games. For example, if a team had a starting quarterback miss 4 games they would, on average, lose 1.3 more games than they would otherwise over those 4 games. Several positions were combined so that they would have statistical power. That means that splitting defensive linemen between edge defenders and defensive tackles made it too likely that a difference in those players missing starts wouldn’t be noticed. This graph can be alarming. There are two main groups of positions: the higher pWAR group of WRs, TE/FBs, and OTs and the lower pWAR group of all defenders, RBs, and IOLs. The reason behind their pWAR gap is that the lower group can have adjustments in scheme to compensate for their loss. For example, if a defense loses a cornerback, then the coverage assignments of safeties and linebackers can be adjusted in order to alleviate what is required on the replacement. An extremely important point is that this is not the be all end all for individual player value. There are still many examples of individual players at a low pWAR position being more valuable than players at high pWAR positions. This says that when two starters of equal relative quality, then the player at the higher pWAR position is more valuable, but a player of higher quality at a lower pWAR can be more valuable than a player of worse quality at a higher pWAR. In other words, Julio Jones is more valuable than Aaron Donald, but Aaron Donald is still more valuable than Andre Smith. From here we can create a framework of how to value free agents with a core assumption: between any two players of equal quality, the player at the higher pWAR position should be paid more. Additionally, it is a small logical leap to say players of an All-Pro quality should be paid more than those of a Pro Bowl quality, which should be paid more than starters, which should be paid more than backups. From here we can make a tier system of paying players: Players in the same tier should be paid the same, so backup cornerbacks and starting running backs should be paid the same amount according to this. This is not perfect, as there are many arguments based on pWAR that the gaps between position groups should be more pronounced in several places. However, this should work as a good enough approximation on how teams should allocate resources according to pWAR. We can apply this to each team’s every signing this offseason to see how well each team followed it. I gave a grade of backup, starter, Pro Bowl, or All Pro to every free agent signing, resigning, and trade with details released as of March 28th. A player got a backup or starter grade depending on what they are projected to be next season. This is determined depending on other additions and losses on the team, playing time from last season, and other similar factors. For practical purposes, there will not be any distinction between 2nd and 3rd string backups. A player got a Pro Bowl or All-Pro grade if they were named to either in the past two years. If they were named to both in the past two years, they were considered an All-Pro. This doesn’t count for Xavier Rhodes, he received a backup grade since he performed so poorly last season. After every player was given a grade, they were then associated with the tier of their grade. The players were then ranked according to how they should have been paid according to their tiers. The players were then re-ranked according to how they were actually paid. The difference between the two rankings were then taken and called Spending Efficiency (SE) for each player and averaged for each team. A positive difference indicated that the player was signed for less than their tier indicated, and a negative difference indicated the opposite. This statistic will be called Average Spending Efficiency (ASE). 1. Buffalo Bills (ASE = 1.57) The Buffalo Bills have thus far the most efficient offseason in the NFL. Only 5 of the contracts they have awarded at time of writing were considered inefficient, with only 3 of them being particularly inefficient. Those being the ones given to starting S Jodan Poyer (SE = -5), backup DL Vernon Butler (SE = -4), and starting CB Josh Norman (SE = -4). If Josh Norman is given a backup role then his SE will go down and the Bills will only lengthen their lead over the competition. They, like many other teams, abused the market for backup TEs and WRs by signing Jason Croom and Robert Foster to cheap deals, but their real efficiencies lie in their defensive signings. Starting LB AJ Klein (SE = 4), backup LB Tyler Matakevich (SE = 6), and starting DL Star Lotulelei (SE = 2) were all signed to efficient deals. The biggest move of the Bills offseason was trading for starting WR Stefon Diggs from the Vikings for 4 draft picks. What did the ASE model think of this? Even with all of the capital invested into Diggs, the model deemed that he should have the most capital invested into him of all the Bills moves so the ASE model agreed with the move giving him a SE of 0.
  13. History of 2nd round picks won't tell us who we might select this year, yet it gives some perspective: Some good picks, some not so good. DBs turned out well, WRs not so much. OL decent results. All these picks were higher than our current pick 54, except 1. 2019 - 38 - Cody Ford (traded up to get him) 2018 - none 2017 - 37 - Zay Jones (traded up to get him) _ _____ 60 - Dion Dawkins (traded up to get him) 2016 - 41 - Reggie Ragland (traded up to get him) 2015 - 50 - Ronald Darby (no 1st round pick) 2014 - 44 - Cyrus Kouandjio 2013 - 41 - Robert Woods ______46 - Kiko Alonso 2012 - 41 - Cordy Glenn 2011 - 34 - Aaron Williams 2010 - 41 - Torell Troup 2009 - 42 - Jairus Byrd _______51 - Andy Levitre (traded up to get him) 2008 - 41 - James Hardy
  14. Stephon Gilmore unsurprised by Brady leaving, unfazed by Stidham starting Tom Brady left the Patriots for the Buccaneers. Many were surprised. Patriots cornerback Stephen Gilmore was not among them. “Not surprised,” Gilmore told Mike Reiss of ESPN.com. “A player like him, playing somewhere that long, you never can see it, but it shows you that in the National Football League it can be anyone going somewhere. It’s a business, and that’s how you have to look at it.” The business now goes on, with Jarrett Stidham in line to become the starter. So what did Gilmore see from the fourth-round pick last season? “He came in and worked hard and got better and better as the year went on,” Gilmore said of Stidham. “He has a strong arm. He makes some tough throws. Definitely made it hard on me in practice each and every week, going against whoever I was covering, making some great throws. It allowed me to get better in practice to prepare for the games.” This echoes remarks made by defensive captain Devin McCourty in the aftermath of Brady’s departure. But what a guy does in practice and what he does in games, obviously, is different. Still, we’re starting to hear why the Patriots organization believes in Stidham. It could be one of the reasons why coach Bill Belichick didn’t do more to keep Brady around for a 21st season.
  15. 54 - JK Dobbins, RB, Ohio State 86 - Bradlee Anae, Edge, Utah Anae's tape tends to grow on you the more you watch with his revved-up motor and salty disposition showing up in every game. He's fairly skilled and instinctive as an upfield rusher with a threatening upfield burst and a relatively diverse approach to climbing past tackles. 128 - Ben Bartch, OT, St John Ben Bartch is a high end developmental OT prospect who, with some additional time in an NFL strength and conditioning program, should become a quality starter at the NFL level. 167 - Justin Strnad, LB, Wake Forest He's an ascending playmaker whose athleticism, third-down talent and special-teams ability could make him a middle-round selection as a 4-3 WILL or 3-4 ILB 188 - Josiah Scott, CB, Michigan State Affectionately nicknamed "The Gnat" by teammates for his pesky, persistent coverage talent and playing style. He has no issues checking athletic boxes with quick feet, smooth hips and explosive speed. 207 - Raequan Lewis, DL, Michigan State Raequan Williams projects as a viable depth defender along the defensive front. 239 - Lawrence Cager, WR, Georgia Projects as a potential X-receiver at the NFL level — he possesses attractive size, length, hands and ball skills to win as a possession receiver in the pros. Worth a flyer.
  16. Our boy is now a Detroit Lion. He did get a ring in KC, but they obviously didn't think it that important to keep him. Thoughts?
  17. Some Bills fans don't like Barkley as the Backup. "He sucks" "Bum" etc. Okay, then who do you have that is a realistic signing for the Bills to bring in as their backup QB? Mike Glennon? David Fales? Matt Moore? Drew Stanton? Joe Webb? Geno Smith? Who? F/U question.....What will he cost and will he come to Buffalo?
  18. Diggs annnnd? Who else? If the Bills go heavy on defense...AGAIN...in the draft, then the Bills are one Stefon Diggs injury away from being the same garbage offense they were last year. They need OL, RB, and WR still. With 90% of their FA signings being on defense I would ASSUME these spots will addressed in the draft....but BuT buT bUt BEst PlAyer AvAilaBle crowd will surly say otherwise.
  19. The GOAT quarterback is gone, but the GOAT coach is still there. They can keep winning with the GOAT coach ... so how much longer do you think he has left in the league?
  20. Despite being worth 25x less, Brees is donating 5x more than the Pegula’s. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/03/26/drew-brees-donates-5-million-to-louisiana-coronavirus-relief/
  21. Not sure if anyone posted this on here yet, but I hadn't seen it and thought some may appreciate it:
  22. https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/03/20/arthur-blank-donation-foundation-coronavirus-relief-efforts
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