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  1. I didn't say it didn't matter. Although the shut up Milano title is a bit of a stretch IMO. These guys are supposed to made available to a certain amount of media and have to answer questions. Milano, outside the one sentence, went out of his way to make sure it was known that Jackson's escapability had to be respected. Of course I expect Harbaugh will cherry pick. My point was aimed at the writer of the article. He's supposed to be a western New Yorker who is happy to have been newly re-assigned to cover the Bills. He should be the last person to cherry pick that quote and put it out there. Hence my statement, that it would be better if the numbnut didn't put out articles with those type of cherry picked quotes. I mean, of all people you would think the numbnut writing that would include the rest of it.
  2. So lemme get this straight, a Trump supporter, incited by a Trump speech, broke into the building in order to leave a threatening note for the vice president, and also meant to kidnap and assassinate him. The detention memo, written by Justice Department lawyers in Arizona, goes into greater detail about the FBI’s investigation into Chansley, revealing that he left a note for Pence warning that “it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”
  3. It would help if the writer of the article didn't just cherry pick one sentence from the whole interview. “We’re pretty confident in being able to contain him,” said Bills linebacker Matt Milano on Thursday. “You gotta be ready to rock, you know? He can make anything happen at any time. Being aware of him at all times is gonna be key for us,” Milano said. “We just gotta be sound tacklers. A lot of other quarterbacks could just run it up and they’re gonna slide or be one cut. With Lamar, he’s a very shifty guy. ... You just gotta make a play. That’s what it really comes down to.” Milano said it’s a fine line when trying to prepare for Jackson. If you overthink it that could lead to disaster because of his playmaking ability. “Once you try and put a pin in exactly what it is to defend it, that’s when you really lose,” Milano said. “You just got to go out there and make it happen and not think too much. Play fast, play free and everybody’s gotta be running to the ball at all times because you never know when he’s gonna slip.”
  4. Gee what insight. Rap must have a crystal ball - or some really great inside info. Just think, a team who will be required to decide on whether or not to exercise a 5th year option (which will guarantee a player well over $20 million for 2022 ) between now and early may, is going to approach said player's agent about an extension, sometime right after they find out the exact amount of the 2021 salary cap. And said extension, who's starting point is well over $20 mil guaranteed in 2022, will be huge. Thanks Ian Rapoport for breaking the news on this potential deal. I never would have seen it coming.
  5. When you get an isolation order from the county health department it comes with the following statement at the end. I admit I was curious as to just where they would put somebody. I guess I still am curious. WARNING FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS ORDER MAY SUBJECT YOU TO FURTHER ACTION BY THE PUBLIC HEALTH COMMISSIONER, INCLUDING INVOLUNTARY DETENTION IN AN APPROPRIATE FACILITY OTHER THAN THE ONE SPECIFIED ABOVE, OR SUCH OTHER ACTION AS THE COMMISSIONER MAY DEEM NECESSARY TO PROTECT THE HEALTH OF OTHERS.
  6. Not too many road miles. Hell we only cross the Mississippi once.
  7. You think maybe that has anything to do with the CBA rule that doesn't allow rookie contracts to be renegotiated until after the 3rd season?
  8. A lot depends on the cap next year, unless he wants to give a discount we can't refuse. Otherwise, if Allen is smart he doesn't sign anything until the deadline for placing the 5th year option on him passes, knowing we'd be foolish not to place it on him. That large, basically guaranteed salary for 2022 then becomes the starting point for any extension numbers. That could work in our favor if the cap is really going to go way down next year. But if it doesn't go down (as many are surmising/hoping), we will have more room to work a deal this off season. Fortunately the '21 cap number will be known at least a month in advance of the 5th year option deadline.
  9. It's on channel 7 in Buffalo even though it's not listed in the guide. https://www.wkbw.com/sports/buffalo-bills/how-to-watch-the-buffalo-bills-play-the-denver-broncos-saturday EDIT: Actually it is listed now,.
  10. Yeah I don't really know his value either, and next year might just be the worst year ever to be a free agent with the cap and all. But still, I have to believe he's going to get some kind of longer term deal in the off season with probably more guaranteed money (on top of the $2.05 mil of course) than he would get just signing on with someone for the remainder of this year.
  11. Yeah you're right (although I maintain it's a one-time option so not entirely automatic, but yeah). He still might not want to sign for a million. He's an unrestricted free agent who will want to sign a long term deal. He may not be too likely to sign anywhere for $1 mil for this season and risk an injury that could cost him that long term deal, even if he has to wait until the offseason, especially considering he gets the $2.05 mil without risking himself.
  12. Well, it's not automatic like a salary guaranteed in a contract would be. It's a one time option a player can choose to exercise by requesting the pay after the last game of the season. However, I can't say for sure that signing a new contract with a new team would void that option, although that would seem to make sense. So I could be wrong . . . . maybe.
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