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  1. Yeah, I heard this earlier this morning. Has not been a very good year for Brad. Never wanna see somebody take themselves out though
  2. I missed this earlier. I’m sorry, what have I been wrong about? Oh, nothing. Everything I’ve been saying for the last 3 1/2 years is playing out exactly the way I’ve been saying it.
  3. No matter which side you're on, anything you thought about this in August has been shredded in September. Trump's foot is so far down his own throat, half of it is sticking out his own ass. The big question is, do Biden's people have him ready to defend the onslaught of lies and rhetoric by calling it out or will he get caught in the Trump trap and go on the defensive? I know what I'd do and that's just let Trump know everytime he speaks that I know he's lying and be ready with facts to back it up. When he pulls the Economy card - use facts to show that the economy was slowing under Trump, before Covid. When he pulls up the Ukraine card, point out the Government's policy on corruption in Ukraine. And so on. Once the lies are exposed, Trump will reveal his ignorance.
  4. Stores could open in low income areas if they'd stop being pussys and spend a few dollars on proper security. If someone would get the ball rolling and people who live in these areas saw results, they'd start policing themselves. It's hard to have pride in anything when you're made to feel like you don't deserve it
  5. Same thing I said in the draft. Minus the looked like crap so far part. Wasted pick!
  6. If there's a far-fetched or debunked conspiracy theory, guaranteed Sackman will keep it going
  7. Umm more like Trump Supporter Everyone else
  8. His campaign is running out of money so I guess every $12 helps
  9. Dude, just read the story. I know it’s long but it details everything. They have most of his tax returns going back about 20 years
  10. The best part is the hypocrisy of seeing people who constantly accuse the media of being clowns using the same media to dispel the story. It’s just golden
  11. And what’s your point again? I always have to laugh watching you trump lovers try to deflect shit like this because all you do is make a complete asses out of yourselves. It’s juvenile just reading the crazy shit that has nothing to do with the actual topic at hand, all in a vain attempt to try to cover for the criminal that you put into office
  12. Which is why he would not release his tax returns
  13. I am not surprised that he’s too stupid to realize that the reason this thread exists is because the media is screaming it from the rooftops and if he bothered to read the article he would know that they have copies of all the documents, which is what they used to write the story,
  14. And they will be as soon as he’s out of office because, in case you forgot, one he has a Attorney General protecting him and to the DOJ things that you cannot indict or prosecute a sitting president. I love the story that Donald Trump only made the announcement that he was going to run for president, not because he wanted to BE president but because he was mad about the network paying Gwen Stefani more money than him. And he needed to prove to the network that he was more popular than she was. Unfortunately millions of stupid people took him seriously and he ended up winning the White House. Now that stunt is going to land him in prison. What a shame...
  15. Did you ever notice so anything that’s anti-Trump is fake news to anything that is pro Trump is not fake news? Well yeah, actually I know you noticed that because you have a brain. It’s just kind of funny that the Republicans never noticed that.
  16. At what point do you people swallow your pride and just admit that you were taken in by a ConMan? Remember when y’all said he would make a great president because he’s a great businessman? Well now we know that he is a terrible businessman who has no idea how to run a business and is running this country into the ground just like everything else he touches. it’s OK to admit you made a mistake. What’s not OK is knowing you made a mistake and keep making the same mistake. The only thing you’re going to do if you re-elect Donald Trump is delaying his eventual Incarceration by four years
  17. Unwilling? That was at 10 o’clock last night. Right when I was going to bed and I’ve been at work all day today but don’t worry I’m still going to do it when I get home tonight. Have a little patience. BTW, if you want to be a moderator and moderate the situation there’s a handy little tool called forced ignore. That’s where you said ignore for both parties so they can’t see each other‘s posts and can’t interact with each other. Then if one of them does try to circumvent it, you have grounds for disciplinary action. It’s a really good way to keep peace on the message board
  18. You live in denial. That’s not real wise
  19. Here is your summary. Donald Trump has evaded paying his taxes. He has lost more money then possibly any other American, which debunks the belief that he is a successful businessman. He has used very shady deductions to increase the size of tax returns and he has earned more money from foreign governments then he has from his on salary since becoming president. it also shows that he has used his presidency to shield himself from his responsibilities and that once he leaves office, things are going to be very bad for him. Which helps to explain his bewildering attacks on American institutions like voting and the Postal Service. What it really shows is that he is better at pretending he’s a business mogul than actually being one.
  20. I said last week, if it wasn't for politics, people would have a completely different take on me. I'll use the Shoutbox on Game Day as an example. Which makes this whole thread that much more ridiculous...
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