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  1. 30 years ago?? That was 2003 Doughy??? smh.....
  2. Nope, not wrong. Gay men are typical clean cut. Like you. Fact! I notice you aren't disputing the lack of a wife or kids, gay boy. Hey, Blowman, your first BJ, did you spit or swallow?
  3. That's not trashing the US. That's pointing out that there are dumbfucks, unlike people here that are incapable of accepting the truth and are instead pushing a fucked up agenda based on lies which is luckily resulting in them being over 90% of the people who are dying from Covid. Suicidal dipshits...
  4. You know ironically, everybody I've ever met that was gay was clean cut. I never met anybody that was gay that looks like I do in this picture. Not one time And then, let's factor in the I don't believe you've ever been married or that you've ever had children or that you have a family now so I think you're lying. I think you're the one that is faggy. You seem to hit all the check boxes.
  5. I'm hoping that Buffalo will start the game with the ball and just like this week March down the field and get the first score.
  6. Get that post count up Skippy
  7. @SackMan518 I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here, because if you're trying to say that NPR is slightly left of center, no shit! That really has nothing to do with the fact that they're reporting passes fact checks and the places where you get your news from fail fact checks on a regular basis. It also dispels your belief that anything that leans left is a lie but supports the fact that most of what leans write these days actually is a lie
  8. Are these more examples of that high-dollar journalism degree that you got?
  9. It's funny how polling didn't matter when it concerned Donald Trump's numbers, which by the way at this point in his presidency were worse than Joe Biden's. What exactly is it that he failed on? He passed infrastructure. He rolled out vaccines and continues to. You may not personally agree with it but rejoining the Paris Accord isn't achievement, not a fail. You guys applauded Donald Trump for all of the federal judges that he appointed, and Joe Biden is doing the same thing at just as rapid a pace. That submarine deal that pissed off the French is actually an achievement when it comes to showing Force against China in partnership with Australia. I know you guys don't like China so that should be a plus one for you. We can both agree that inflation is out of control but only one of us will admit that it's due to the pandemic, not you, and most other economic indicators show that we are in a stronger economy than may appear. Like I posted in the other thread, oil production is on its way back up again. Obviously, he has failed at some things also but then, so does every president. Tbh, the things that you side list as fails are only fails because they appeal to your hatred of the left. The border is a mess, but it's been a mess for fucking generations. Now I know that this is the point where you will jump in and proclaim to everybody that reads us how much I love Joe Biden but that's just because you refuse to accept the truth that when it comes to the way you vilify his presidency, it's mostly based on fucking lies.
  10. Yeah I agree, it is pretty funny how you rely on lies instead of facts. But when you live in an agenda driven life, I guess that's what you get
  11. Sorry, I meant Republicans... Here is a recent article pointing out that Republicans, not democrats tend to print money. And give examples of Trump literally printing new money at the start of the pandemic, that went specifically to Republican friendly corporations. Then six months later, in just the last three and half months before the election, Trump had $3 Trillion dollars printed, because he wanted to boost the economy as a selling point to his voters. His fed chair told him "The idea behind putting money into the economy was to drive down interest rates and hope that people and businesses borrow and spend more, and in the process revive the American economy." Later articles explain how they printed new money just to do things like buy hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Hydroxychloroquine, that was stockpiled and never used, but made the pharmaceutical company very rich regardless. It's been an historic week for the U.S. with president Donald Trump signing a record $2.2 trillion coronavirus-induced emergency stimulus package. The massive cross-party rescue deal is designed to help Americans and businesses cope with the economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. dollar has taken a beating, however, dropping almost 4% against a basket of currencies this week—its biggest weekly loss since the height of the global financial crisis over 10 years ago. This week's losses come on the back of the dollar index's biggest weekly gain since the financial crisis, with the dollar surging as investors scrambled for the world’s most liquid currency amid crashing stock and debt markets. "In short-term, huge dollar demand because short-covering, but it won't last," Wall Street veteran and founder of Wyoming-based crypto bank Avanti, Caitlin Long, said via Twitter, adding she expects the U.S. Federal Reserve's balance sheet to top $10 trillion before the coronavirus crisis is over and predicting the dollar's eventual crash. On top the of the massive economic aid package, the Fed has been working hard to prop up plunging markets—with mixed results despite its shock-and-awe firepower. Potential risks of the combined cross-party rescue bill and Fed's biggest-ever bazooka include out-of-control inflation, the dollar's displacement as the world's funding currency, and the complete destabilization of the U.S. financial system. The Fed has also cut its benchmark interest rate to near zero and made sure commercial banks will continue lending to companies, cities and states—all told the extraordinary measures are expected to grow the Fed's balance sheet by $4.5 trillion this year. Throughout and in the aftermath of the global financial crisis the Fed grew its balance sheet by a paltry $3.7 trillion. "The beautiful thing about our country is $6.2 trillion—because it is 2.2 plus four [combining the Fed's action and the cross-party rescue bill]—it’s $6.2 trillion, and we can handle that easily because of who we are, what we are," Trump said, speaking after the bill's historic White House signing ceremony, and boasting the package was "twice as large" as any prior relief bill. The bill will see individuals and companies whose livelihoods and businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic receive direct payments, with every American earning less than $75,000 per year picking up a one off payment of $1,200, as well as $500 per child. "It’s our money; we are the ones, it’s our currency," Trump said. Critics of the historic stimulus measures have warned about the possibility of inflation, with many in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community urging people to explore scarce digital assets. "Fiat money is getting more plentiful. Bitcoin is getting more scarce," Anthony Pompliano, a well-known bitcoin advocate and partner at bitcoin and crypto-focused hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, said via Twitter, alluding to bitcoin's upcoming May halving event where the supply of new bitcoin being created will be cut by half overnight and putting bitcoin directly at odds with the Fed's money printing program. Meanwhile, Trump has said he expects the U.S. to be open for business again by April 12, Easter Sunday—a goal that's been widely derided as impossible. Regardless of when the country opens up again, it will against a wildly different economic landscape.
  12. Ironically, I had a customer last summer who escaped Ukraine when Russia invaded Crimea and we had a conversation about how American politics are starting to look more and more like the part of the world that she comes from
  13. Why watch highly credible NPR when you can just rely on your spoon-fed, lying anti-left media sites instead, right? NPR (National Public Radio) Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 10:34 am LEFT-CENTER BIAS These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias. They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes) to favor liberal causes. These sources are generally trustworthy for information but may require further investigation. See all Left-Center sources. Overall, we rate NPR (National Public Radio) Left-Center Biased based on story selection that leans slightly left and Very High for factual reporting due to thorough sourcing and very accurate news reporting. Failed Fact Checks None in the Last 5 years
  14. The ONLY people who think that are MAGA-fucktards like you, still butt hurt over your orange God getting his ass handed to him in, how many losses now? 2 Popular votes, an electoral college, have we gotten to 100 court cases/audits. recounts yet?? Killing our energy independence?? Let's just correct you on that, too U.S. Oil Production May Increase By 900,000 Bpd Next Year U.S. producers slashed their output dramatically during the pandemic, from a record-high 13 million bpd in early 2020, to 11 million bpd in December 2020. Currently, production is around 11.9 million bpd, according to the Energy Information Administration.
  15. The problem isn't Biden, it's that all these groups want what they want and they don't care what anyone else thinks or if it's actually something that is doable at the moment. They act like they are the only ones who's issues are important or for that matter even have issues. And they refuse to even consider the fact that there are others with other opinions and ideas who also have a voice and the right to use it. They don't look at the big picture, only what they want and the fact that they aren't getting it. It's time to grow up and stop stomping their feet like toddlers and actually try and work the way the system is supposed to work instead of believing they can just demand and receive. They were given a chance to be in control of the big three... and they're blowing it. They need to concentrate on keeping control of congress so they'll have more time to get their agenda put in place. It's time to be politicians and not activists. Because if they don't learn to do the former they won't get the chance to be the latter. Biden's problem, and the problem for basically ALL "coalition" politicians, is that coalitions tend to be built of a whole bunch of single issue voters. Unless you deliver on each and every demand for each and every issue, those members are bound to be disappointed. The closest thing to a single, unifying theme for his platform was that he would bring a return to sanity to governance. And he HAS done that, and honestly, the vast majority of people that voted for him voted for that specific reason. That's why I voted for him. But setting your bar at "I'm sane" isn't going to garner much support for the future. He has honestly done quite a bit, but the problems he has faced are ongoing, so his solutions to them have turned out to be bandaids instead of solutions, and while bandaids are necessary they are not very memorable or inspiring.
  16. It was the most fun Buffalo Bills fans have had in their entire life -- certainly for Bills fans my age in their 20's or 30's, who missed out on the Super Bowl teams of the early '90s. The Bills absolutely destroyed the New England Patriots at Highmark Stadium, by a score of 47-17. The score wasn't even as close as that. The man of the night was Bills quarterback, Josh Allen. Allen's had some amazing games in the last two seasons, but he had his best performance in the NFL on Sunday. Josh went 21/25 for over 300 yards and 5 touchdown passes. He also added in 66 yards rushing. Allen and the Bills were so good on offense, they did something that no team in NFL history has ever done. Taking away the kneel-downs at the end of the game, the Bills scored a touchdown on all seven possessions against the Patriots. They also didn't once have a 4th down and didn't punt or attempt a field goal. The Bills literally played the first perfect game on offense, ever in the NFL. The Bills took out 20 years of aggression on Saturday night. That's what it felt like to me and any other Bills fan who grew up during the drought. It was clear that New England wasn't event remotely in the same ballpark for talent, and the Bills might have saved some of their playbook for the postseason. There's also zero reason to believe Josh Allen is not a top 3-4 quarterback in the NFL and he's one of the best players, period. The Patriots had zero answer for Allen in this game. The Bills now wait to see who they play next weekend in the divisional round. If the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, the Bills will travel to Arrowhead Stadium. If the Steelers win (which would be an upset), the Bills will host the Cincinnati Bengals.
  17. I agree with that and part of the reason why I gave him the edge over Kelly
  18. Good point, I did forget that. The SB teams had a great line once Howard Ballard was straightened out
  19. In Shakespeare's “Othello,” the character Iago famously declared that "men in rage strike those that wish them best." It was a warning that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) now understands all too well. Both Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) have refused to be bullied into changing the filibuster rule — a rule that forces the parties into dialogue and compromise. Sinema supports the voting rights legislation but sees this move as endangering any chance of national healing and resolution. She stated on the Senate floor that "we have but one democracy. We can only survive, we can only keep her, if we do so together.” That deeply felt speech was met with vile, threatening attacks. It appears that, in a nation addicted to rage, even those seeking an intervention can become the casualties of our political distemper. Sinema offered the same arguments long used to support the filibuster — indeed, the same arguments made by President Biden until this week. Biden once called earlier efforts to change the filibuster “disastrous” for democracy and proclaimed: “God save us from that fate … [it] would change this fundamental understanding and unbroken practice of what the Senate is all about.” Others joined him then in demanding that Senate Republicans preserve the rule in the name of democracy itself, including colleagues like then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who insisted that abandoning the rule would be “doomsday for Democracy” and reduce the United States to a “banana Republic.” All of those speeches were celebrated back then in the media and by Democrats as powerful and poignant. Yet that is the liberating quality of rage: It is pure and absolute without the burden of reason or recognition. Liberal commentators this week went after Sinema with sputtering, blind fury, many mocking that she became emotional as she described the anger and divisions in the country. MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell wrote: "Sinema delivers the Senate’s stupidest speech by a Democrat in an edge-of-tears voice to give childish words a melodramatic effect." One-time MSNBC host Keith Olbermann tweeted that Sinema “needs to resign or be removed from office immediately ... [she] has become a menace to the continuation of American democracy." MSNBC's Malcolm Nance went further and said Sinema's staff should "resign at the shame of being handmaidens to the death of Democracy.” Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who previously called for burning down the Republican Party, tweeted: "Sinema is effectively asking the authors of Jim Crow and vote-rigging to give their permission for her to stop it. This is worse than incoherent or cowardice. It's a moral disgrace. Ask the segregationists for permission to vote for Civil Rights Act?" So, senators voicing the same position recently held by Democrats like Biden, Obama and Schumer are now “segregationists?" https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/589888-kyrsten-sinemas-courage-washington-hypocrisy-and-the-politics-of-rage The "Jim Crow on steroids" reference to the Georgia election law was voiced by President Biden, who has now yielded entirely to rage politics. He recently pledged to do "whatever it takes" to pass the legislation, and his solution was to go full-blind-rage in Atlanta by accusing anyone voting for the filibuster as siding with segregationists and seeking the destruction of democracy. The next day, Biden unleashed a tirade denouncing half of the Senate of seeking to establish autocracy through voter suppression. The president, who once insisted he would be the nation’s unifier, has discovered the license of rage politics — the same license shown by those who chased Sinema into a bathroom last year. Likewise, after Sinema’s floor speech, ACLU staffer Sarah Michelsen was thrilled to see Sinema close to tears and encouraged activists to “keep going” with the attacks because they are “breaking her.” It is the same license to hate and harass that was shown by ACLU lawyer Samuel Crankshaw, who opposed high schooler Nicholas Sandmann being accepted into college even after he was shown to have been falsely accused of harassing a Native American activist in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It is the license that recently led a Los Angeles Times columnist to defend mocking the deaths of unvaccinated people. Some Democrats were quick to promise that Sinema had just ended her career; CNN's Joe Lockhart wrote: "Probably more accurate to refer to her as former Senator Sinema." Her speech was, in that sense, reminiscent of another courageous senator, Edmund Ross of Kansas, one of seven Republicans who voted to acquit President Andrew Johnson in 1868. He described his fateful vote as “literally [looking] down into my open grave.” Ross is celebrated as a "profile of courage" for taking such a stand despite the anger of his own party. So, too, was Sen. Mitch Romney (R-Utah) when he voted to convict President Trump in his second impeachment trial; liberal commentators showered him with praise. In 2020, Stephen Colbert heralded Romney as "a ray of hope" who spoke the truth and was "willing to put up with whatever the blowback for this decision is." Lawrence O'Donnell tweeted that "each day for the rest of his life [Lindsey Graham] will live in enraged jealousy of [Romney's] courage." While Romney also got emotional on the floor, O'Donnell did not mock him for his “edge-of-tears voice to give childish words a melodramatic effect.” Chuck Schumer went public to “salute” Romney: “The pressure on every Republican was enormous ... The fact that this is bipartisan holds up a beacon to what was right and what was wrong.” Yet, according to the Liberal pundits, Sinema is no Mitt Romney. She had the audacity to stand on principle rather than politics. It is widely believed that other Democratic senators share her discomfort with changing the filibuster but, thus far, they have not summoned the same courage to face such withering criticism. As I wrote last year, such integrity is rarely rewarded by one's own party: "Ross, like Romney, jumped — to the applause of opposing party. In the Senate, self-sacrifice remains an act best admired from a distance.” Sinema’s speech was denounced by those who insist that bipartisanship is a “myth” in the age of rage. She is, according to MSNBC's Nina Turner, a "soulless coward" for seeking common ground and compromise. She is hated precisely because she did not hate enough. She did not hate Republicans so blindly as to declare them modern Bull Connors like President Biden, or to call the filibuster "a relic of Jim Crow." In the age of rage, civility is repulsive and intolerable. Sinema made herself a reference point that exposed how unhinged many of her fellow Democrats have become. Remove that reference point, and only rage remains.
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