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  1. To me, and I've said this for years, this song is the soundtrack of the 60's. Every great movie based in that decade has this song in it. Forrest Gump. Watchmen (Best Superhero move ever). A Bronx Tale. Probably a few more I can't think of off-hand
  2. Idiot, the point is that EVERY SINGLE THREAD, except ONE, you had the last post on. EVERY.SINGLE.THREAD
  3. I'm gonna change my user named to ADMIN to see if he starts to love me with all of heart and soul
  4. Because Trump lovers have no reason to be violent, they have the winning hand right now and have chosen to be snug about the fact that they are knowing defending a lying, corrupt piece of shit and the Trump haters are tired of having it rubbed in their faces so they're pissed off. They want to burn the entire thing down
  5. Of course the Senate will Acquit the President. Every single one of them kisses his picture before they go to bed at night. Everything the Trumpkins spout on here is nonsense. They way they ignore facts and make things up to try and defend someone that every single person knows is guilty. It's pathetic the way these people are so deep in denial when it comes to Trump. Absolutely disgusting. Every single one of them should be ashamed of themselves. Although must Trump people seem far too gutless to acknowledge their own conscious. If he has nothing to hide then why not let there be witnesses to testify? Or better question is why am I even saying this because they know the truth. They know he’s guilty. Everybody does. They just choose to defend a guilty man on an Internet message board. Sackman, et al here and the other 40% of voters that are comprised of racists, rednecks, white nationalists, selfish or naïve people who think their 401(k) is more important than anything else in the world and hard-core Republicans that refuse to ever go against anybody with an R next to their name
  6. I answered that already in the other thread. All I’m saying is that Trumpism is a disease. It’s a contagious disease that is infected about 40% of the electorate and apparently it can affect just about anybody because even people that are intelligent have been infected.
  7. The name Sucked In Again refers to being gullible, correct?
  8. Exactly! While the House Democrats are providing hour of testimony and evidence, the stupid Republicans are doing the only thing have - attacking the process. They don't have one fucking thing that can acquit President Puti... I mean Trump. Not one thing. Just attack the Democrats with rhetorical bullshit and attack the process while tossing a few Hillary's and Obama's in. Right wing idiots. They THINK they're fooling someone, but t hey're not. Nobody. 60% of American voters disapprove of Trump - a number that hasn't moved in 3 years. 51% of ALL voters want him removed 69% of ALL voters want the Senate to allow witnesses to testify. But the lambs on the right don't care about the voice of the people anymore.
  9. Says almost every news outlet in the world, FFS, and not one, not ONE person has tried to debunk it
  10. Man did you hit that on the head. It's like the World According Garp StraightJ around here.
  11. Of course not, he's never done anything to apologize for in his life. He's never even had a need to ask God for forgiveness. He's the, the, the ... ...Perfect Being!!! More like perfect asshole
  12. Yeah, this is a horrible move. Magneto can only be one type of person and a black dude that walks like he's jukin' ain't it
  13. I just watched it this weekend. Good movie, I dig the premise, but the ending was as limp as Blowfuck's dick.
  14. Bernie is the Democrat Trump. He runs his mouth, then apologizes when it get's too heavy. He WAS the front runner in Iowa. Not anymore
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