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  1. I never said others weren’t. But Trump is pathological and yes, people of died. How many people died in his border detention centers?
  2. I'll hang them in hard to reach places to use for practice shooting. Should help improve my aim and accuracy
  3. No, it was a bullshit tax program that cut away all my itemized deductions and didn't net any more in my paycheck.
  4. How much skill and aptitude do you think it takes to be the liaison to the sports community? Maybe an advanced degree is required?
  5. I guess energy companies pay better than the White House does
  6. Fuck that, he took money from me, lied to me and the rest of the country, created division in my family and friends so fuck him. He needs his ass kicked
  7. Yes, yes it does, but 538 combines ALL of the most relevant polling data and even with Rassmussen's skewed numbers, Trump still is at the same place he's been for almost 3 years - stuck at about 40%. And if you recall, I did the fact check for you on 538 - very low bias, very high accuracy and yeah, my bad on the Fiona/Anita mistake. Funny, all these people are TRUMP people, appointed to their current positions BY Trump and all of a sudden they're coached? lol,.. Sondland donated a million bucks to Trump so I'm going to say he's a Trump fan. She penned that piece during the old Ukraine administration which was the administration that was well known to be very corrupt
  8. Which parts don't you understand? Let me see if I can jostle your memory, since you obviously forgot what he really said. Question: Was there a Quid Pro Quo? Sondland: "Like I testified, with regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting, the answer is yes." “Everyone,” Sondland testified, “was in the loop.” Question:Is the only logical conclusion to you that — given all of these factors — that the aid was also a part of this quid pro quo? Sondland: "Yep" You know Sondland did some damage, because suddenly, as usual, Trump is saying he barely knew him... lmao
  9. No dude, I actually reference things people actually said and did, not opinions that some hard line right winger wrote for some hard-right web site
  10. You need to stop looking for any little thing you could find to try to defend him. The evidence is overwhelming. And today it was corroborated. Spend some time with your family. Go play with your dog or whatever you do in your free time because you’re probably ignoring them while you frantically search for every little obscure, right wing piece of evidence that you can possibly come up with.
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