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  1. Has it failed? Really?? F8tal makes a good point in that you don't see people pushing for reform in countries that are based on a more Socialist system.
  2. Well, I shouldn’t come across as if I know, but I know some things, some just make sense
  3. Babies born Hermaphrodite are a different story than what I'm talking about, and VWR brought up
  4. Do you believe children are born to hate or born racist? If not, why would you think they'd be born with a predisposition to be the other gender when they don't even know which one they are yet?
  5. I dunno what you're talking about. To me, that's pretty profound and he wrote it before the internet became a cesspool for pedophiles and before 155,000 kids a year disappear off the face of the Earth, mostly to human trafficking and before every female I know, just about has been a victim of some kind of abuse
  6. I bet the very first telephones weren't streaming Netflix, either, but they got them out there and over time, improved on them. Pretty sure Windmills won't take 100 years to do the ssame thing
  7. It most definitely needs to be treated, but not coddled. You can't treat a drunk by giving him Vodka
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