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  1. Let me explain "this obsession" to you, because it's not about pointing out the things Trump does wrong. It's the mounting frustration over his supporters NEVER acknowledging the things he does wrong and their commutative attitudes that he has never done anything wrong, or minimizing it to "He's brash." It's his followers never admitting to his lies, or bragging about his trade deal that did almost nothing. Or his tariffs that are bleeding farmers dry. Or the promises he's never kept. Or a fucking blowhard moron like Bowman with his 1st grade, 3 word posts - and then admitting he doesn't even watch or read anything posted that shines a light on the point being made. Add in being shown facts that refute their false claims and completely ignoring them. If it was just noting Trump's fuck ups, he'd be only slightly more talked about that GW Bush
  2. They seem to keep overlooking the fact that he submitted phone and text records to back his claims up
  3. If he tells one a day, he's a fucking liar, but he tells more than 1 day. He tells approx 1 per waking hour, in my best estimate
  4. Fact: We have for over one hundred years pumped massive amounts of toxins into the ground, water and air. Fact: Only a retard would think that has no effect on anything.
  5. I disagree. When a non-stop, long running poll shows consistent numbers over an extended period of time, I'm going to be more inclined to believe those numbers over a random poll taken at random times, only using a small slice of respondents.
  6. Just to expand on that, I'm quite sure there will be plenty of sources listed in the book since the Authors are the White House Bureau Chief and 3 time Pulitzer Prize winning reporter
  7. It probably hasn't sold any copies yet, since it's not being released until the 21st
  8. Seriously?? As well publicized as his fits of anger are? You don't see any sources debunking it either
  9. Yeah, just ask all those countries that have had Socialized Health Care how bad they want to get rid of it!! {{{Crickets}}}
  10. That's because Obama thought he needed to suck up to the people in that Socialist Democrats video. People who want everything to be fair and equal without realizing that not everyone gets to drive the car, only 1 person does.
  11. How many times has Sack posted polls on here? Trump is hardly diverse
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