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  1. Yeah, seen that before but it's not a true representation of the political philosophies in this country. Socialism is when the state owns 100% of the market, capitalism is when people create the market and it's demands. The problem of capitalism right now is that it needs to reform, since affordability won't go down unless the production rate does. The trend in global and especially your economy right now is that more work equals less pay and the higher up earns more and more. US graphs show that "Trickle Down" has turned into "Trickle Up" and this is an entirely impossible model that simply can't work in the way you wish. We need a reform.
  2. Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of two out of five charges. Third degree rape and criminal sexual assault. I hope he enjoys his time in prison
  3. I think you've spent a little too much time in a pressurized cabin...
  4. No, I put this in the Donald Trump made up bullshit folder, right next to Mexican Caravans and The Wall
  5. And BTW, fuck YOU for coming in here and hijacking my thread, asshole
  6. Jesus fucking Christ, dippy, in typical Trump lover fashion, I said that BEFORE you told me about the Turkey farm and still, Turkeys aren't where the damn Tariffs are so Turkey farmers aren't the one's suffering from them. And again, ignoring what I said in typical Trump-like fashion, I never said I represented anyone, ya dumb fuck. Now what the FUCK does selling Jets have to do with anything?
  7. Now, like I said before, get the fuck out of here until you have something viable to say. Until then, you're just embarrassing yourself. Well, not to Blowmann, but that's because he's a bigger moron than you are. Although you're giving him a real run for the money, here
  8. We?? Mother fucker, you just said you have shit all to do with farming you fucking idiot, You're as bad as TWD, Arguing just to argue. I never said I represent farmers, either fucktard. I said I talk about this shit with farmers every day. Real farmers that are getting fucked right now while you argue about this shit, dummy. Not some "Derrr, duhh, I grew up on a turkey farm in the 70's... dohhhh" As if that has a fuck-all on what's happening today. BTWE, dumb-dumb, here'sd a chart of the stock market, all time and look, it always goes up! It's like magic! Even when it dips, it eventually comes back. How a bout that, skippy?
  9. Dude, shut the fuck up! You argue just to argue and it getting tedious. You need a fucking girlfriend or something
  10. I don't believe you. Seriously, I think you're lying
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