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  1. Come on dude, you know how it is. Protect the unborn so you can shit on them after.
  2. Actually, this all started when I asked Lit if he was going to tell me which religion to follow. Try and keep up
  3. Nice twist, Right-winger. That's cool how you just put words in his mouth to try and make your point. Typical...
  4. Awww, come on. Wit h the lack of sports ,we can place bets on how many stupid Trump supporters start taking insulin for no reason
  5. YouTube Search - police kills unarmed Most of these are black people getting killed by police officers. George Floyd was calm and in cuffs minutes before he was murdered by a white police officer. The mayor of Minneapolis, btw, said it best; Why isn't the killer of George Floyd behind bars?
  6. That's what Trump lovers do, they pick one word and try to build an entire case around it, when it had nothing to do with your point in the first place
  7. Riiiiiiight... you're RIGHT!!! You are SOOOO right!! Like uber-superduper right! ok?? Mr right?
  8. No, that's you, when you wake up and realize how you shunned truth so that you could support a scandal-ridden, corrupt, lying, divisive reality TV star that directly attacked American values and aspects of the very constitution he failed to defend
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