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  1. Derangement is what Trump supporters have because to support him is deranged. What I have is hatred. I long for the day I can find on the Deep Web the picture of the dark, burnt ring of gunpoweder in the center of his forehead, placed there by a crack shot from the violent leg of the left
  2. 'He has his limits' Attorney General William Barr is considering resigning from his post following President Trump's tweets on Justice Department affairs. Barr reportedly told multiple people both in and outside the White House that the president's conduct has prompted him to consider leaving the DOJ, according to the Washington Post. Barr has asked the president multiple times not to comment on ongoing law enforcement matters, though Trump has denied his requests. “He has his limits,” one person familiar with Barr’s thinking said. Last week, Barr told ABC News he felt it was “impossible for [him] to do [his] job" while the president was tweeting about the affairs of the Justice Department. “I’m not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody ... whether it’s Congress, a newspaper editorial board, or the president,” Barr said. “I’m going to do what I think is right, and, you know … I cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me.” Last week, Barr intervened on prosecutors' initial recommended punishment of seven to nine years for former Trump adviser Roger Stone, a punishment the president categorized as a "miscarriage of justice." The DOJ said the original recommendation did not "accurately reflect the Department of Justice’s position on what would be a reasonable sentence in this matter." Barr said the DOJ's decision for a more lenient sentence had nothing to do with Trump's tweets. “Do you go forward with what you think is the right decision, or do you pull back because of the tweet? And that just sort of illustrates how disruptive these tweets can be,” he said then. Critics, however, were unconvinced. Some Senate Democrats, such as Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, called for the department's inspector general to look into the president's involvement in the DOJ's decision.
  3. I give praise when it's due. Trump has earned very, very little because he's done so very little
  4. Hip was pissed because Hip is sick and fucking tired of the defecting to other people's closets in an attempt to make Trump's look clean. Fuck that. Trump is the current and biggest criminal to sit in the oval office.
  5. I was a big fan of Bush, until Iraq and the Patriot Act. What a letdown
  6. If he did, then I'm pissed off at you, which I should be anyway. You think I LIKE seeing that number? QUIETLY, for a few months it's been working it's way down., til you opened your mouth like a naive-dolt. You owe me now
  7. For the Benefit of Blowhard, Obama pardoned a bunch of people and very few were rich and famous https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_granted_executive_clemency_by_Barack_Obama Unlike Trump, who only pardons the Wealthy, famous and politically advantageous https://www.justice.gov/pardon/pardons-granted-president-donald-trump
  8. What did we learn today? We learned that is you're a NY Billionaire, it's OK to bilk people out of their money and commit 98 instances of wire fraud using inside trading to make yourself richer. We learned that it's OK to sell a vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder, as long as you made an appearance on The Apprentice. We learned that you can accept $250,000 in home remodeling in exchange for favorable contracts to a Mob friendly contractor when you're Guiliani's right hand man. It's OK to lie to the Government and commit years of Tax Fraud, when you're Guiliani's Chief of Police. It's OK to bet on your own team when you're an NFL owner. Most of all, we learned that fucktard Trump supporters will continue to turn their heads away form the blatant criminal activity and favoritism the fake President exhibits daily by the lack of a single mention of this on the Range today. Fuck ALL of you Trump loving fuckwads up your pathetic asses
  9. Because you posted after the instances showing he's on ignore. I mean, you can literally SEE your post. Good GOD dude, did you forget to take your Ginko Biloba today?
  10. Or people will stop repping me altogether.... smh. I thought you were the smart one?
  11. I think Yang got decent coverage. Not like the big 5, but enough and he at least got in the debates. Tulsi got screwed, royally. Maybe worse than Bernie in ‘16
  12. Remember when I said Shhhhhhhh? Seriously dude, you’re killing me
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