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  1. And now for a dose of reality. The National Debt is up to a Historic high of $23 Trillion Dollars and climbing. The Federal Deficit is up to a Historic high of $1 Trillion Dollars and climbing. Both are at the highest in history. GDP is down to 1.9%. Unemployment went up a notch last month. Wages overall are still stagnant. Manufacturing lost jobs. On the other side, nah the same side of the coin, you're a moron
  2. It would make me more determined to tell my story hoping it would be part of his downfall
  3. Well if that’s what he wants to do then maybe he should have run for director of the FBI instead of president. Maybe he should start doing things that presidents do like moving forward on policy. Because nothing is happening in the Senate, except more judge is being appointed. That’s the only thing that Mitch McConnell is allowing to the floor. Maybe Donald Trump should be a president and force the Senate to start voting on policy instead of playing dick Tracy
  4. What’s stopping them? Or do we need to remind you again that northside had complete control of Washington for two years? Why did many of these criminal Democrats get drug in front of Congress?
  5. The first transcript was not the complete transcript of the phone call, it was a summary. I’ll read what you have posted here as a second transcript when I get home. But I’ll be surprised if it’s the full transcript since not one single news outlet is talking about it
  6. Because she was told as he tweeted it by the people who are questioning her. witness intimidation is a felony. It is also grounds for impeachment. It is the exact reason that Roger stone was convicted today. Donald Trump may as well just throw his hands up in the air and proclaim to the world that he is guilty. Furthermore, to everyone of his supporters, he is laughing at you for being stupid enough to keep supporting him. it doesn’t matter if she knew about it while he was doing it. What matters is that he did it. He may as well be pissing gasoline on a roaring fire. I was listening live when she was told of the tweet. And when asked how it made her feel, her answer was intimidated. In a quart room, that would make a jury pay attention.
  7. For the 1000th time, no charges were brought up in the Mueller Investigation because Mueller was restricted form bringing charges due to the DOJ opinion on charging a sitting President. Mueller's job was to find evidence and report it. The AG, who has his lips on Trump's ass, would be the one to bring charges and even then it would have to go through Congress, but since AG Barr is part of the overall Corruption that surrounds Trump, that would never happen. And no, he's not being charged with obstruction - yet - because these people haven't been subpoenaed - yet - and we're just in the first days of this. Nixon took a year, so don't get too excited, skippy
  8. I don't disagree with either of those and the only reason I can think of the law even existing is due to dipshit people who litter, carelessly and the rodents that discarded food would attract.
  9. Why did he tell people that the wall is being built faster than anyone thought possible when not a single mile has been built? Although, he HAS done a good job of rebuilding 78 miles of Obama's wall. Sadly, he's rebuilding it with steel bars that are being cut through like butter with simple power tools.....
  10. There is a statute concerning obstructing - something Trump has proven since day 1 he excels at by the 10 listed references of it in the Mueller Report.
  11. First, who knows if he was the only one? Both people in the video, the perp and the girl off camera both said repeatedly that people eat on the platform every day. Second, does it really call for an arrest for eating a fucking sandwich, that he probably bought on or near the platform?
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