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  1. Fucking Trump. I swear he's the dumbest mother fucker on the planet - next to the idiots that keep enabling him
  2. That's bullshit, You live in a very small bubble. Not to mention, you ignore anything that doesn't fit inside your little bubble
  3. Do you know WHY the homeless population keeps going up? One reason is because sleeping outside in California is WAY better than sleeping outside in Montana. Two is because cost of living is going up faster than wages are. I posted twice the Documentary about how 40% of all homeless people in America have full time jobs but can't afford housing
  4. You people and your nonsense comments about California. The economy of California is the largest in the United States, boasting a $3.0 trillion gross state product as of 2018. https://www.quora.com/How-does-California-have-high-taxes-a-huge-debt-but-also-the-4th-largest-economy The correlation between high taxes and poor economic growth/output is very thin and weak. On the contrary, in several instances, the opposite has happened. California has the largest and most powerful economy in the USA, and the 6th largest economy in the world (Not 4th) because of several reasons. Corporations. We have some of the largest and most productive corporations calling California home. These employ hundreds of thousands and people, and have tremendous economic output. Education. While we do have problems like any state, our education system is very attractive to the intellectuals of the nation. They come here, make good livings, and use their high incomes to support all our businesses, both big and small. Work ethic. Californians are hard working motherf***ers. We get the job done no matter what, and that contributes to strong economic output and growth. Diversity. Our melting pot state is our strength. People from all walks of life help to fill out every role and niche in California that you can imagine. Finance, Aerospace, Computer Technology, Agriculture, Gaming, Entertainment, Imports/Exports, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, California has it ALL, and that helps to keep our economy well balanced and pretty damn stable. If one industry stumbles, it isn’t a death knell to our state, like it is in some other states where their economy is reliant on one or two things. Innovation. California is a leading innovator, predominately with the major tech corporations that call it home. Innovation leads to new markets. New markets leads to new or better paying jobs. New or better paying jobs translates to more economic output and growth. Surplus. For several years now, sound economic policies have resulted in California operating on a budget surplus. With that, we can start to pay down the debt accumulated for the past several decades. Again, while the correlation with debt to economic output/growth is very thin at best, it is still logical to believe that lowering the debt can give a small boost to overall economic confidence, at least in people’s minds. Democratic Super Majority. Yeah, I am gonna call that a reason. If you look at all the solidly blue states in the nation, you will also be looking at some of the most economically stable states. Not all, but most. Vice versa, if you look at the deepest, darkest red states in the nation, you will be looking at some of the most economically unstable and devastated states. Again, not all, but most. Ever since Democrats achieved their sizeable majority in the state legislature and Democrat governor, we turned a crumbling state economy into the powerhouse that it is today. Obviously our ideas work BETTER. Not perfect, but BETTER.
  5. It’s the people in Iran that are pushing him out. There’s a lot of bad things happening over there. Sanctions are obviously hitting them hard. The death of Solemine, who was in charge of implementing new policies in the Middle East including trying to find peace with Saudi Arabia was a big hit.
  6. You are the one that is duped. Like I said in another thread, the entire fucking planet can see the connection. The only ones who don’t have people like you that got their lips all over trumps ass. The ONLY ones.
  7. And Al Jolson just rolled over in his NOT Politically Correct grave. That white face shit is crap that SJW's like you are apparently, to get all riled up over. And Biden kissed a woman's head, not bragged about all the pussy he's exploited and taken advantage of.
  8. Differing opinion?? He HAS no opinion. All he has are his 4 word, brain dead replies to every post I make. If I had a problem wit ha different opinion, I'd have have the active members on ignore. I'm just tired of his juvenile bullshit
  9. Fucking hardly. Those people make me sick. THOSE are the snowflakes that idiots like you try to label everyone that's not a fucktard for Trump, like you are.
  10. Biden has the important votes, minorities and women. Bloomberg's numbers are rising so no, Democrats don't hate him like you think they do
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