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  1. I'm talking about melting a spoon full of Taster's Choice in a cup of hot water.... A Keurig is a buck a cup. Not feasible for me
  2. You'd think since it spread elsewhere before here, someone would have the insight to properly quarantine people who are infected
  3. Go to a Pats forum and ask them. Pats fans have major good things to say about Buffalo these days
  4. When the Trump administration decided to transport American passengers from the Princess Cruise line ship who were infected with coronavirus add a commercial aircraft back to the United States, the CDC and warned them not to do it and they were overruled. Same thing with the servicemen that were evacuated from China and all were brought to Travis Air Force Base in California. now we know how the woman who was infected and at first they weren’t sure how she contracted the disease, came in contact with it. in the meantime, the Trump administration is spreading these messages of good feelings by saying that there is a vaccine about to be released, there is it call dad to have it under control and they don’t and now any releases to the public about the disease must be run through the White House. Of course, we also all know that the people who were at one time in place to handle this kind of thing, we’re all fired by the stupid motherfucker in the White House. And yet, people on this website continue to try to convince us of what a great job he’s doing.
  5. There is no accepting the point of view of a Trump supporter. You base your loyalty on lies. You support somebody who has shredded democracy and has proven to be completely clueless about how to do his job. He has made it a point to widen the divide in this country and you support that so you have nothing to say to me and I will accept nothing you say. You waste your time trying to debate or reason with me because you are my enemy as long as you support Donald Trump.
  6. Hi! Your a fucking retard. Now go smash your face into a brick wall. it might knock some sense into you and it will definitely make that mug a little more pleasing to look at
  7. I did not go ape shit on you and even if I did, do you really need to add that in every time you talk about the last debate?
  8. I’m not focusing on it, you are. 40% is what his approval rate has been since he took office. It has barely wavered from 40%. You think that you need to argue this point. And no, I don’t think it’s a problem to hate 40% of the country if they support the enemy
  9. I'm sorry, do you seriously think I have any desire to argue with you? You can stop trying to bait me into one.
  10. I don't hate half the country. I hate that less than half the country (40%, unwavering, is not half the country) has been sucked into this delusion and/or that they've been exposed as the subhumans that they are
  11. You guys don't understand, this is WHY I originally put all these fuckers on an ignore list - that seems to oddly keep getting deleted . Because I knew then it was no longer possible to debate and all I have left is contempt for Trump supporters. I put Sack on ignore to make it easier to not go back to how it was once before on here, after I apologized to him - and people MIGHT want to take notice, I've stood by that promise. The rest was to try and keep from having to see they exist I see them as a threat to the America I was raised to know and this America we're in now, is certainly not the fuck it. I'm not making comments on something someone said, like RCA thinks I did in that other thread. Hardly. I'm just attacking on sight. The mere presence of a Trump supporter is offensive to me. As repulsive as a person can be. They're vile. If I speak to one in a civil way, it's because I choose to at that particular moment, but it doesn't change anything
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