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  1. Every post you make tells me one of two things. Either you didn't pay any attention the last few days to the House's case or you intentionally block it all out, the way Fox did. BTW, I BET Fox airs every minute of the White House Lawyer's.
  2. You idiot he HAS to say no pressure. He's the kid getting bullied being questioned by the teacher while the bully is looking at him with a fist clenched, from behind the teacher's back
  3. I’m not gonna have a goddamn thing. From the beginning I’ve said they’re going to acquit him because the Republicans are sold out motherfuckers. And everything you said here only simplifies this so much that it completely avoids everything else that’s part of it. He did not just start an investigation into a crime by the former VP. It doesn’t matter because when this is all over, and I’m talking about Trump being in the White House, everyone of you fucking traitors is going to have to answer for your actions for the last three years
  4. If you were listening the last few days, you would’ve gotten all of the evidence. Every bit of it except for the parts that are being suppressed by Donald Trump. If you really want all of the evidence then call your Senator and tell him to vote for witnesses
  5. Did you ever notice that in older movies, all of the Native Americans were played by white guys?
  6. Sorry dude but I think he made it quite clear it’s Trump or Bernie.
  7. That’s a bullshit reason right there because every Republican is sucking trumps ass. Every single one risk. If he shows up as far as the phone call, prove it. Prove he lied. If you have evidence then present it. Because you’ll be the only person on the planet that has any evidence that can prove the Republican’s and Donald Trump‘s case. But there is no evidence because he’s guilty and the entire world knows he’s guilty. you know, I keep scratching my head wondering where this blind allegiance comes from. Other Republican presidents did not get this kind of insane loyalty and they deserved it more than Donald Trump does. Democrats, Democratic presidents that have had extreme amounts of loyalty was nothing like this. Why all the loyalty to a man who lies constantly? If he was your neighbor you would do everything you could to keep him away from your family just based on how dishonest he is. He has not done anything to make this country better and you could cling to your 401(k) all you want but that is nothing. And, another thing, you all have this misconception that I’m some liberal or some Democrat and I’m not, as I’ve explained. I just have common fucking sense. 15,000 lies. Everything involved with this impeachment that the Democrats have eight mountain of evidence about and the Republicans have nothing in return. Common fucking sense. You guys live in one twisted fucking reality that’s based on nothing but bullshit. I just don’t get why anybody would hang their hat on bullshit
  8. He lied? They have the timelines of every phone call. Who made them. Who they were made to. Every single call. Every single text message from WhatsApp which is the app that most of them use. Every single email. The house managers have laid all this out over the last two days in detail. Every. Single. Detail. It’s indisputable
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