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  1. That's what Trump lovers do, they pick one word and try to build an entire case around it, when it had nothing to do with your point in the first place
  2. Riiiiiiight... you're RIGHT!!! You are SOOOO right!! Like uber-superduper right! ok?? Mr right?
  3. No, that's you, when you wake up and realize how you shunned truth so that you could support a scandal-ridden, corrupt, lying, divisive reality TV star that directly attacked American values and aspects of the very constitution he failed to defend
  4. While he's bitching about Twitter squelching Conservatives - which is BS, if anyone spends any time on Twitter. There are just as many posters on either side who's posts are just as biased and accusatory. He wants to do with Twitter what he's done with his presidency. Anyone that goes against him get's attacked and shut down
  5. Oh Christ, if Trump said cutting a pinky toe off would make you walk better, Sack would cut off both of his and tell everyone what a great idea it was
  6. You're pushing Diamond and Silk, and I'm the loon. Dispute what I said with actual facts - you have none. Trump fails at every example.
  7. Because they're fucking ghetto rats. The entire WORLD knows they're a joke - except you and your orange hero. Are you even being serious right now?? They're nothing bu YouTube whores, ffs
  8. Then why can't Trump answer the question?? Are you his spokesperson?? Why hasn't he answered the question? Why does he hedge, haw and change the subject?? There is NOTHING on Obama. Nothing and if there is 1 thing, there's 100 on Trump. You embrace scandal, corruption, dishonesty and now an attack on Free Speech by the President of the United States - which you'll defend, I'm sure.
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