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  1. And while you walk around with your MAGA blinders on, today 129 Republicans on the hill rebuked Donald Trump. In the meantime, maybe Fox News doesn’t report that members of the state department who are associated with the overseas embassies have been ignoring orders not to testify and have been spilling their guts to Congress all week. 11,000 Isis prisoners are now free and ready to begin attacking again because of your hero. Those are the same enemy combatants that your side cried about when Obama wanted to walk some of them up in maximum-security prison’s in the United States. And fair enough I didn’t want them here either but you cultists for Trump seem to have lost the appetite when it comes to Isis fighters fighters. can you keep waving your fucking flag drumming up all this unimportant bullshit that mostly isn’t true, just further solidifying the fact that you and your side are the fake news. What a weak minded, little pathetic boy you are
  2. Do you even know how Impeachment works?? Seriously. I could explain it to you, but I'll wait to see if you actually know (Without Googling it). It doesn't have to pass the Senate, if you want a hint, and they haven't been working on this for 3 years. It's actually only been a couple of weeks,so settle down, skippy. This is how the process works. Maybe if your boy would stop giving them so much to Inquire about, it would have been over by now, but every single day he has to do something else stupid
  3. Well here's the thing Stupi... I mean Sack won't look at. He can spew all this vomitous rhetorical non-sense that has zero facts backing it up, as usual, or he could go see who really DID "Rig" the election, Cambridge Analytica, whose digital profile of Sacktard is probably a .jpg of Chunk from The Goonies as it's Avatar
  4. I know, I'm gonna have to miss it, since I get up at 5AM
  5. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/bruins/nhl-power-rankings-surprise-starts-continue-across-nhl#slide-36 4. Buffalo Sabres (5-0-1, last week: 9) Only the Maple Leafs and Hurricanes have scored more goals among Eastern Conference teams to this point in the season. There are a few surprise teams in the East and Buffalo is definitely one of them. https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/nhl-power-rankings-how-much-worse-can-things-get-for-the-new-jersey-devils/ Sabres - 5 They're 5-0-1 and looking real good to start the year. They're not giving up anything and Rasmus Dahlin should have the rest of the league a little frightened by now. Still, it's hard to fully buy-in on Buffalo knowing the wheels fell off after a hot start last year.
  6. And I want my signature back - or do I just need to go to archive.org to copy it?
  7. i'd say Lit has taken a big step towards redemption but seriously, just give Politics it's own section. Everyone will be happier (Was more that 2 sections the next price increase? lol)
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