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  1. And Al Jolson just rolled over in his NOT Politically Correct grave. That white face shit is crap that SJW's like you are apparently, to get all riled up over. And Biden kissed a woman's head, not bragged about all the pussy he's exploited and taken advantage of.
  2. Differing opinion?? He HAS no opinion. All he has are his 4 word, brain dead replies to every post I make. If I had a problem wit ha different opinion, I'd have have the active members on ignore. I'm just tired of his juvenile bullshit
  3. Fucking hardly. Those people make me sick. THOSE are the snowflakes that idiots like you try to label everyone that's not a fucktard for Trump, like you are.
  4. Biden has the important votes, minorities and women. Bloomberg's numbers are rising so no, Democrats don't hate him like you think they do
  5. The entire WORLD disagrees with you. The only people on the entire planet that don't see the Trump-Putin connection are his sycophants, like you who only know 2 things; 1, Trump is always right. 2, Trump is never wrong That's the entirety of the MAGA Creed
  6. Slavery didn't end, it just morphed into something that's more generally accepted and barely noticed, these days
  7. Do you always know you're white?? As you go through the day, is it always in the back of your mind that you're white?? I know I'm white, but I don't think about it nor am I aware of it until something reminds me that I am, but in a few moments, it's gone. I train people for my company and I've had a lot of Black trainees and after one made me realize this, I ask them all, not right out, but work up to a spot where I feel comfortable asking it once we got to know each other, if they always know they're black and every one pretty much agrees that every waking hour, something reminds them that they're black. I can't imagine living with that
  8. Morons on the right think 6 figure jobs are everywhere to be found by anyone that wants one
  9. Right, like Trump isn’t pissing away tax dollars.... 1 Trillion dollar deficit
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