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  1. Here's my thing. If my taxes went up 10% to cover health care and I didn't have to pay over $11,000 a year for insurance plus the $1000.00 deductible, I'm saving almost $5000.00 a year, right? That's very simplified, I get it, but it makes a point, too
  2. OK, Sack.... Something happened here recently. Maybe it's the software change and reformat of the forum. Maybe more-so it was the long discussion a bunch of us had in the shoutbox Saturday night, but something changed. Yesterday we had actual conversations, which was mind blowing, so I'm going to go back on something I said I'd never do. I'm going to apologize. I've been unusually harsh on both of you and while I may have had my reason, it's still uncalled for. We're never going to agree on politics and the other things that divide us, but it's hypocritical for me to harp on a President for his divisiveness if I'm being divisive in my own life, so I'm sorry. Truly. I actually feel kind've like a dick for seeing forum user names as faceless people instead of as human beings and lacking empathy while being a childish keyboard bully. Hopefully we can call a lasting truce on here. (And to StraightJ when you read this. Fuck you and I don't want to hear it)
  3. And in the 1st half he was 5/116 for 90 yrds. I'm not comparing him to anyone. I'm saying simply that he is not progressing like I want to see. Last year form week 1 to 16, I thought we saw a solid uptrack, not so much in his stats, although they did get better, but in his focus. This year, I don't see that. I see bad audibles - that ALWAYS seem to go to a QB run. Not always, but most times and his runs aren't as productive (Yesterday he faced one of the worst Rush Defenses). His ball management has been poor with fumbles and turnovers. His decision making hasn't been consistently sharp. His accuracy on what was supposed to be his forte', the long ball. is abysmal. On the plus side, his ability to pull it together and come from behind to win is exceptional. 17 starts and how many come-from-behind wins now? 6, I think it is? I still have my boarding pass, and I'm not lumping him into the Trent/JP/EJ, etc category yet, but that's based on his heart and willingness to win, not his stats. Now, I will add one thing as an asterisk; Daboll's play calling sucks. It's horrible. There's a chance poor play calling is unintentionally setting Allen up to look worse than he is,
  4. He is a first round draft pick and his "Improvement" since week 1, is there is no improvement. I think he looked better at the end of last season, tbh. Or at least not worse. It's the same thing every game - except no INT"s yesterday. I don't think it's piling on him to ask for consistency halfway through his sophomore season
  5. I'd like to think winning for years to come matters, too
  6. Can you add modules to the sidebar for the Teams' schedules?
  7. Until the 3rd Q, I forgot Beasley was on the team
  8. When did I use Bible Thumper?? That would be an odd phrase for me to use since I'm a Pentecostal Christian
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