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  1. Right, I mean I haven't heard Trump blame anything on the previous administration........
  2. Could be that "sore knee" to hold him out of practice and game this week to avoid injury and trade him away at the deadline? He has also put his house on the market.
  3. Edmunds was in a lot of plays last night. It's just that those plays were for 15yd gains before he appeared.
  4. When he wins the MVP you were the first to call it..........after 4 games this year :)
  5. Seeing Josh Norman get thrown like a rag doll on national TV really made my night. Not that I am bashing the Bills but that guy runs his mouth all the time!
  6. Two rules of thumb when I go hiking: 1. Always carry a firearm 2. Always hike with someone who can't run as fast a you
  7. Rog has like 46 million reasons to keep the NFL going. I am guessing player safety and health due to COVID does not rank high enough on his list currently.
  8. A lot of talk here in New England that players were upset that the NFL made them fly to KC for the game last week. Then Gilmore tested positive after that game and they were being forced to fly again this week after another player tested positive on Saturday. Seems there were many were players against risking more players being exposed (from both teams) and felt the NFL was not acting in the best interest of the players health and safety. Perhaps even some influence from the NFLPA as well? This is only going to continue to force the leagues hand every week with more COVID cases in the league and different teams having players test positive.
  9. Rewarding the Pats??? The Broncos have had practice all week long, get more time to prepare and continue practicing while the Pats are locked out of Gillette and can do zoom meetings for practice. The NFL is all about business and trying to salvage a year where COVID is going to continue to wreak havok on the league. Every week this is going to happen and I would imagine that it only going to get worse.
  10. Destroy them and get exposed to the virus. Not worth the risk if you want the Bills to avoid an outbreak and not have players put on COVID IR.
  11. That's not in the news here in New England? You would think offensive players were all in closer contact with Cam than Gilmore would have been. Do you know how many other players were in close contact with Cam and they were all on that plane together because the NFL kept the game scheduled for week 4 and all other players were tested and had negative results. Kraft and the Pats decided to use two planes as Kraft owns them both. One is a backup in case the other one is out of service. Seems to me the NFL are the ones to blame here.
  12. We should all downplay this news.......ya know we wouldn't want to cause a panic :) I don't hope he dies but with all the blatant disregard he shows for holding his rallys and picking on people for wearing masks, I certainly don't feel bad for him.
  13. If Belichick had replaced Gostkowski with a real kicker than I would have given him more credit. At this point I would take Hauschka as the Pats don't have a good kicker at the moment.
  14. Bump......9-23-1 so far as a HC. Good thing Lit knows his candidates for HC.
  15. I believe StraightJ to be with the aliens....dude is out there!
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