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  1. Don and his family continue to swirl around the toilet bowl all due to their own actions. Threatening democratic run states sure is coming back to haunt him now. Republicans are now running for cover as well. It's all draining down the swamp slowly but surely. Queue Bowmans response in less than 4 minutes........................................
  2. Yeah, he'll probably jump on twitter and bash the NFL................................oh wait he can't his account was suspended. LOL!!!!
  3. There's always that aging tweet......................
  4. Funny part is Don has done this to himself. He and his family swirling down the drain due to their own actions. I do take some enjoyment from this, after all he has said and done for the past 4yrs, how can anyone not enjoy his self implosion?
  5. She was the only one dumb enough to try to make her way in. Once she was shot the rest of the pussy's there realized they would be shot too.
  6. Pretty easy to google search the video of her breaking one of the door windows into the chamber and security inside yelling at her to get back then she tries to climb through the broken window into the chamber and bang. Down she goes. If she wasn't the first to climb through someone else would have gotten the same treatment. Sad that someone would give their life for lyin Don. It really is.
  7. Here's her tweet from Tuesday -"Nothing will stop us....they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours....dark to light!", she wrote in a tweet on Tuesday. Her husband must be so proud and happy for her actions. She gave her life trying to overturn an election that was never close to begin with. Just another brainwashed tRumper that believes everything that their beloved man spews from his lips. Its now over and Trump will never return to office - NEVER!
  8. Imagine if she has kids and someone has to explain what happened to their mother. She stormed the Capital Building b/c she was protesting an election that wasn't even close. How do the kids comprehend that?
  9. Shows these tRumpsters have no brains to lose their life protesting an election they lost. Can't make shit like this up!
  10. What will Bills fan do if they get to the superbowl and Brady takes them down? Go Bucs!
  11. Utah snowflakes attack Patriot Romney!
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