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  1. The entire NFL community has informed the Cowboys that their coach is a pussy and should have gone for the TD instead of kicking a field goal and that his special teams coach had no idea how to handle the Pats special teams game plan. Onto the Bills next but I loved to see Jerry Jones commentary after the game. He didn't seem to be blaming the refs, but that's just how I read his comments?
  2. Be sure to wear protection. She caught STD's from her father at a very young age..................
  3. I don't wish death on anyone but a good ole case of an itchy cunt for the Fatass really doesn't bother me. Perhaps he can grab his own pussy!
  4. Schefter should have also mentioned that the Sanu trade means there's another #12 in town...................................................more signs pointing to Brady leaving LOL!!
  5. Gordon hasn't done much of anything this year. There is more to Gordon going on IR than injury. Sanu has his chance to prove himself. I see it as a wash with maybe a little more upside. Week 9 Harry can return as well.
  6. Pats are 7-0 and have beaten teams that have combined for 12 wins and 32 losses so far. Bills are 5-1 and have beaten teams that have combined for 6 wins and 27 losses so far. Pats have totally destroyed the same teams the Bills have played so far (aside form the Pats/Bills matchup). Bills barely beat the Jets in week 1 and were held in much closer check by Miami and the Giants than the Pats were so when you compare the same teams both the Bills and Pats have played so far, cream puff schedule or not, the Pats have played at a much higher level than the Bills and much of that has to go to the defense.
  7. Riiiiiiiiight and New England doesn't give up a 2nd round pick for a WR who is a healthy scratch and hardly plays any downs. Foster has more upside than Sanu? Only on this board looking through rose colored glasses.
  8. In another thread Jungle says Foster is better than Sanu.................just unleashed another rose colored glasses comment.
  9. I was waiting for Jungle to say the Colts just provided game tape on how to shut down Mahomes and the Cheifs.
  10. Another box of tissues for this post! This has been reviewed by the league, no fine move on. Jones even reached out to Allen and that's good sportsmanship. Only people on this board think this was a cheap shot.
  11. You always deflect to other topics. I did not say anything about the Pats beating the Bills. You introduced it and I know you think the only reason NE wins is b/c of luck, penalties, refs, cheating, cheap shots, locker room recordings, headset issues, coaches on the field during pre-game blah blah blah. You rub yourserlf silly when the Pats lose. I also did not say that Brady is better than Mahomes. Its a team game and depending on injuries and where these teams are at by the end of the year it is either going through KC or NE. They play in Dec at Gillette so we will get a good look at these two teams against each other. I would place bets on Brady and BB over Mahomes and Reid any day of the week. After 4 weeks of play the Chiefs are ranked 30th in Defense so as we saw in the SB last year, a good defense can shut down a good offense. The Pats handed the Chiefs 2 of their 5 losses last year. I also think the Pats have an easier schedule than the Chiefs so there may be better odds that the super bowl goes through Gillette as well.
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