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  1. Is it for PK's safety only or is it for everyone else that gets on the plane as well?
  2. That's funny, I haven't heard anyone here in New England say Stidham will become the next Brady? Not even anything close to that.
  3. I am happy we still have a great coach in Bill. I am looking forward to seeing how he takes this team forward now that Tom has moved on. I also don't harbor any ill will towards Brady leaving and Gronk coming back to play in Tampa. The Brady divorce had to come at some point, now it has and its time to get past all of that. I also don't think its crazy that this upcoming season could be in jeopardy. I hope not but the possibility is probably a lot higher than many people may be thinking.
  4. Not sure what you are saying by "how you guys act". I posted a funny video of a comedian here in New England (he is kind of an actor I guess) who was trying to be funny about the situation. If you watch this guy in other videos he bashes his wife, kids, dogs, cousins, aunts, uncles, mother etc. He's a comedian..... Seeing Brady and Gronk playing in Tampa is a tough pill to swallow but I wish them no harm and hope they play well together again, just not when/if they play the Pats. We are on to the 2020 season (maybe?).
  5. You need me to explain that to you? LOL Generally feeling like maybe it would be best the season gets postponed a year :) Uncle Bobby sums it up good though
  6. Of course you see this, why would any Bills fan see TB winning another SB???? LOL!
  7. More pretending.........................hate away..............another pussy behind a keyboard. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/baker-administration-patriots-team-up-again-for-first-responders/ar-BB12a4vO?ocid=hplocalnews
  8. Pretending............................you mean he didn't have his team plane fly to China, load it with desperately needed medical supplies and deliver to the most desperate place in the US? Tell that to the medical professionals working on the front line....................your just a pussy behind his keyboard.
  9. The Rabid Carrot had his administration send 17.8 tons of medical supplies to China three weeks after the first US case in Washington State was reported. Kraft has already done more for the American people than the Rabid Carrot!
  10. Perhaps if you remove that Rabid Carrot dick from your mouth people around here would understand you better.
  11. MSNBC didn't make the ad. They are just reporting that the Rabid Carrot campaign wants to sue stations that are airing the truth. It not a Fox vs MSNBC vs CNN thing. You really think there is a legal argument against airing this ad?
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