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  1. Just raise your hand Sack...……………..It's ok for you to be GAY and still support Trump...….
  2. Sack is obsessed with the "GAY"...….when are you gonna come out of the closet little man?
  3. Marcia, you know the QB with the most wins in Buffalo since 2001 and the one with more super bowl MVP's than losses to the Bills since 2001.
  4. I'm waiting for Sack to chime in and call Brady gay! Raise your hand if you think Brady is Gay!! LOL...
  5. Yeah I'm sure Brady is the only QB who doesn't always get called for IG. Rogers, Brees, Mahomes, and all the other league leading QB's are the only ones that get called for it. You couldn't be more biased if you tried. There that makes you feel better now Jungle.
  6. No need to discriminate who I interact with. Most Patriot haters here have no real info to back up their ludicrous posts - Jungle is the biggest one. I mean if TB does not get called once or twice a game for IG it would be really easy to back it up but he just talks out of his ass because he hates Brady and the Pats so much it makes he feel better to make shit up.
  7. I will wait for your proof on this unofficial website. LOL! Never said Brady hasn't gotten away with an IG call here or there. I just don't spew shit like he gets away with one or two EVERY game. You are a whiny little moron!
  8. Ok so hes played in 284 games so you should be able to dig up between 284 and 568 IG calls that were not made. Or you can just keep talking out of your ass.....
  9. One a game huh? Prove it for every game he's played......LOL! You are just another whiner and talk out of your ass.......
  10. At least I have stats to prove my point.........imagine that! LOL! I bet this, I bet that............whiner!!!
  11. https://www.nflpenalties.com/penalty/intentional-grounding?year=2019&view=team Looks like the Pats have been called for IG the most this year. Carry on Jungle!
  12. Interceptions are defending passes and defensive TD's score points so it is part of their job description. This is a pretty dumb statement from you Hip. I also think Tre is an outstanding player and not bashing him just adding to the comparisons between the two players. It's a plus for Gilmore on that stat. Perhaps that stings a bit for you. LOL!
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