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  1. Needs to learn when a play is lost and just take a sack without exposing himself and doing crazy things with the ball. Still a 76% pass completion rate. Also had a very deep PI going to Diggs. Seems there is a little different coaching philosophy, forcing the run today (working for the most part, so that’s good). There are things he must clean up. I’d call it minor concern.
  2. You are clueless if that’s what you got from what I wrote. You still haven’t brought forward anything suggesting, at the time, letting go of Teller was a mistake....from anyone....anywhere...
  3. In the history of sports, a player has never improved significantly when changing teams.....not possible.....Lit says it should always be obvious...
  4. When we traded him, he was not the best guard in the league. He was crap. He got better. Josh Allen was not a the same QB he is now. He got better. We invested very little into Teller and cut losses. How much did we have invested in him? You miss sometimes. What indications did you see that he was going to turn a corner? Did you evaluate that? Did you profess that trading him at the time was a horrible decision and we would regret it? No. You know, you occasionally make a good point....but that is getting pretty rare. Lord forbid we should ever win it all...you will probably complain that Terry and Kim held the Lombardi too long before passing it off to the players...
  5. Well, maybe the penny didn’t drop for him until he got to CLE. The staff evaluated him for what he was and what he showed. Maybe he flourishes under a different blocking scheme? Maybe he is better because the people beside him are better. Who knows. Good for him. We were cutting him and got something for him instead. Big deal.
  6. I know what THEY said.... I only wrote what their coach, the guy calling the play, told the media afterwards when asked about his thoughts. The Hail Mary was plan B, if plan A wasn’t there or they felt it was best to take the shot then. Maybe both players just decided in the huddle to screw plan A...straight to B.
  7. Kingsbury even said the primary look was to Isabella for 20yrds closer....w 11 secs left..... It was Kyler’s option to go to Hop if he thought he had a shot. Once he was forced left, that became the primary play.
  8. Exactly. Tre had his hands where they would have gone between the ball and Hops body, as Tre had momentum carrying him into Hops body. Poyer knocked him away from being able to do that. Poyer would have been better off being a touch late and pounding Hops ribs and ripping arms down.
  9. Putting people on the field that are not used to certain situations regardless of athletic or physical abilities does not always work in your favour. Sorry that had to be manspained to you.
  10. No, but Gronk was on the field for a potential Hail Mary attempt, certainly not for his tackling skills. They decided to lateral because they were too far away. It was a mistake to have him out there.
  11. You can’t tell me that at the start of the year you thought we would sweep the NFCW. So, we lose this, but could have easily lost to the Pats, who just beat Bal...could have easily lost to the Rams, but didn’t... Miami has a long way to go and haven’t seen KC or LV and will see NE again. They will not run the table. I think the Jets could even give them a run. You don’t think Williams will have the D take a few cheap shots at Tua?
  12. Did Gronk not get beat because he took a crap angle in the “Miami miracle”? Wasn’t that the play that changed the whole seeding allowing KC to get home field advantage and the bye? ya, great decision.
  13. They can work out punters without signing one....it keeps CB on his toes. Always good to keep options open. 13 yard punt when you need it the most makes all his good ones irrelevant. I said, the D kept them in WHEN the O couldn’t get out of their own way. I did not mean they were ineffective all game. When they were struggling, our D did not cave. That was supposed to be a complement. It wasn’t a slam. I thought we were going to win when Josh got the ball back for that final drive. I haven’t felt that way about the Bills for a long time. I just thought they would find a way. Yep, your bottom line is correct. Just like when we got a last sec TD against the Rams or got the punch out against NE, we were close this time but it didn’t go our way.
  14. I thought Murray was going to destroy us today. They won, but we made him human (with the exception of one lucky throw...amazing catch, credit there). Our D actually kept us in when our O couldn’t get out of their own way. That was being down 3 CBs (after Jackson went out) and Milano. Guys stepped up. Too bad we lost Epenesa to a concussion, he was moving. The big things I take away: - I love our QB, flaws and all. We are never out of a game now. - Our kicker has arrived. - Our D can deal with real mobile QBs. Not perfect, but as long as we contain, we can minimize damage. - gotta fix the 3rd quarter - we will be working out punters during the bye - we don’t have to play Hopkins again this year...unless it’s in Feb...I’d take that rematch will a full roster. - we are still leading the division, with a tie breaker in hand and we are 4-0 in the Div so far. Miami isn’t a joke, but LAC are not the juggernaut people might have made them to be. They have lost close games, but I like our chances against them back at home. I still think we hand it to Miami week 17 as well.
  15. New England ahead of Bal w 2:40 left... Any given Sunday. Im just happy that with 4min left in a game and behind, I no longer feel hopeless. We have a QB that can get us there. it sucks to have lost that game. I’ll take 7-3 going into the bye. We could easily have lost to the Rams and NE. We got a little payback today. If week 17 is for the division, so be it.
  16. Adams came back from a groin for Sea, he wasn’t great in coverage and less of a threat than normal....make Baker work hard. He won’t last the whole game.
  17. Carol said they were expecting the Bills to run more...and they didn’t/couldn’t adjust.
  18. Got to listen to some Seattle post game radio... Freekin hilarious! The sky falls on this coast too!
  19. That’s an O for offence, not a 0 for zero.....sorry about that..
  20. For a sec there, with a positive post, thought you had Morse concussion syndrome... But no, I agree with your take. Especially with them down both top RBs...although we have a habit of making average guys look like Sweetness...hopefully they stall enough and we can limit the passing game. The Bills have heard enough of how SEA is going to kill them, I think the O shows up. I think you are right.
  21. Not at all. They are separate issues. I believe they thought they had bolstered the middle of the line as well. They were not getting rid of Star because of his cap hit, but they were not getting the desired production from those guys (Lawson and Phillips) for the money they were going to command on the FA market. Also, I’m pretty sure they were hoping for more out of Epenesa, but with no OTAs, training camp, not the case and the jury is out on him. On paper, they should have been able to replace or come close to Phillips’ sacks while improving the run D. They should be getting more out of Addison, Hughes and Murphy to generate pass rush, which was not Lawson’s strength. Phillips was a one trick pony. A good trick, but at the expense of the run. The coaches say Star plays a valuable role. It’s obvious there has been a weakness in the middle without him. Phillips did well because of Star. Oliver would have more production with him there too. Not sure why you think he is irrelevant. He is not elite, but Star was a solid starter. You could do worse.....which we have been doing so far this year....
  22. The point of letting Lawson go was because he was underwhelming at his pass rush. Phillips often went for the splash play and got run on often. On paper, Beane had worked this out with his additions. Didn’t count on a pandemic and Star opting out. Fraser and McD need more out of what they have. Beane’s biggest mistake was not bolstering the LB core. We had no real depth and losing Lorax just amplified that.
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