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  1. Other than Darnold, who do the Jets have playing??? We aren’t losing this game. Sorry, I have now guaranteed us losing this game...
  2. So, both Allen and Mahomes feel they have the strongest arm. Anyone want to bet that each will at least take one massive shot (with whatever wind is there) to take the top off? How demoralizing would it be (either way) to give up a 70 yard bomb in the air.... I expect KC to do that...just because....they can. I think we need to do it, because we need those safeties off to make more room underneath. We can’t wait to use Beasley. If Brown is a full go, which it sounds like he is, I think we will see his true worth to our O as a whole. Also, I will be quite happy not to have Roberts as our default 4th receiver. Not just for the intermediate passes, but to set up some outlet passes to RBs in the flat. Also, if everyone had their back turned, I see Josh taking a few more free first downs with his legs.
  3. He did rip off that one long run to boost the average. He was money though on short yardage 3rd downs and got open for that TD. If McD is true to his word, he rewards strong play. I would expect to see him share more snaps.
  4. Jets have to cover all of his 6 million, except what another team pays. he will likely only get close to league minimum for that. For that little, I would give him a shot. Besides, he wants to stick it to the Jets, that’s why the 3 teams he is looking at still have them on the Sched. Bell in his prime was good. Even Pit tried to trade back for him last year. It’s not the craziest idea. Moss could be IRd with his toe. Everyone thought Diggs was a problem...until he wasn’t. Why can’t Bell be the same? I mean, he was working for Gase! That’s enough to drive a guy crazy!
  5. No, don’t agree. The game was not out of control at that point. Especially when you consider how our O had been to this point, and we moved the ball. No reason at that point to think we wouldn’t get to the end zone again. what they didn’t count on, was the defence being like a JV squad and not being able to get off the field. The one chance where we had them beat to take their own FG, we got a ridiculous roughing the passer. That is where we lost the game.
  6. No, texans playoff loss when up 16 is worse. Only because it was a playoff game.
  7. If you give the Bills the game (not disagreeing), then you need to give the Steelers theirs too if they practiced illegally during that period.
  8. So, which TEN players are positive? Any idea? Those guys could be out quite a while....they could rest 3 weeks, but if they are missing QB1, good luck!
  9. I just wonder if that was why Josh lost it with the ref? It’s still his fault for swearing at the guy and getting 15 more, but might be why he snapped. They held our D line as well. Seems like they are way down on OLine holding calls in general. Apparently, Mike Pereira was on McAffee’s podcast. Pat thought it was an awful call, but by the end, Mike had him convinced it was legit.... We’ve been burnt so often, I’m not complaining. Still trying to restart my heart...
  10. Must see image 35/43...from the Bills app. Donald clearly has JA’s face mask. If that’s the play where he eventually got spun with the “horse collar”, that would totally explain why he was so angry and lost his cool about the lack of penalty. Sorry, couldn’t copy and paste the pic, but it is pretty telling. Another game hanging call that may have prevented the comeback attempt.
  11. No tackles vs SF 1 tackle, 1 sack vs WAS, 2 tackles vs DET, 1 sack His 2 sacks are good so far. I’ll wait until he plays the meat of the NFC West with better QBs (Garrapolo sucks, and now it’s Mullins, still got nothing against them.) Nothing indicates he has been great against the run.
  12. He was over aggressive and also for burnt on the run. Phillips had great sack numbers, but he had the hated “Star” eating blocks beside him and Jerry forcing QBs up into him. But he was often also a victim of getting bypassed. For the money, they felt they could bring in others without much drop off.
  13. They did a great job on Donald 1st half....they allowed him to dictate the play in the 2nd half and showed why he is probably the only DT right now that can single handedly swing a game. (Benched Rams D because I couldn’t stand to have them go off....glad I have them going forward though)
  14. Hard enough throwing 90 degrees from his running path. The other TE would be way back across his body. He already put the ball where he wouldn’t lead Gilliam into the defender. If he tried to float it back further with a Dolphin in his path, and airmailed it, we would complain about accuracy. Not sure it is the easier throw (and if he didn’t see him, moot point for the case of the throw...but a different issue)
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