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  1. I like Josh better than Lamar from the pocket, or frankly by throwing in the run, but I rewatched the Ravens Chiefs game from this year just for fun. I was hoping to see what they did to get to him. Lamar put the ball into some really tight windows, especially to his tight ends. If you gave him a receiver like Diggs, who can beat his man constantly, that would give him the extra element he needs. Lamar has a decent arm, not a canon like Josh, but enough to hit all the mid level stuff. Get him to have to look deep, where it takes him time to figure out who’s really there, than I think you can really limit his effectiveness. If they get him more weapons in the intermediate passing game, he will be tough for years to come. You definitely don’t want to turn your back to him, or he is taking it all the way.
  2. Let them sue! even the announcer...”that’s good bass!” love that skit.....
  3. The run option with Dobbins could be a difference maker. Different element than we saw last year. Diggs will definitely be a difference maker. Would have loved to have him on that final drive last year.
  4. Could we say though....without a doubt, McDs usage of timeouts and fake hard counts was probably the best he has ever been? Him calling the timeout to at least negate the pass after the contested play was HUGE! Also, Josh did get them to bite on a hard count..... Still recovering emotionally!
  5. They had the nerve to say replay officials stopped the clock, so they magnanimously gave the Bills back their timeout.
  6. Aren’t they supposed to run 10srcs off anyway on a review of a play inbounds unless a team chooses to use their timeout?
  7. Twitter and FB are private, for profit, sites. They can do whatever the hell they want.
  8. He couldn't even finish a wall.....How the hell is he going to build a whole platform?
  9. Score like we did today, they won’t be able to rely on the running game...it will force Rivers to play catch-up.
  10. Tasker said an interesting thing. He said that unless you are really giving guys a full week at home, it’s not really rest. They go through all the same preparation and are mentally engaged. Yes, they don’t play the game, but it is not like time off. He said not to confuse rest with just preventing injury in the game. If they don’t play, it is for that reason only. He said that if they are dressed, they still do all the warm up and everything but play the game. Just thought that was an interesting take. I always pictured guys more in sweats all week. Listening, but not participating as much. I guess that isn’t the case unless a guy needs extra treatment for an injury.
  11. There are going to be different rules for practice squad players for the playoffs. Maybe part of the wait has to do with that. Not necessarily for him, but who they have to move off the roster? Maybe it keeps them from not having to pass waivers, like Kumerow did and we lost him.
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