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  1. Duke is a good run blocker. That could prove to be very valuable. They may also finally realize that a big body who can box out and get a 1st or a TD does not require 3-4 yrds separation. He could really help on quick dump offs as well. He makes a great option to beat cover zero on quick slants (ad he had already proved). The problem is, they have to pick someone to leave on the bench. Roberts? He’s got speed and a good ST gunner. Without McKenzie, there was a notable spark missing. But Kraft? Expendable. DiMarco? Maybe, but you might see more of him to help block. Id love to see it!
  2. It’s the O getting on track early. If we can get an early score, I don’t think Duck boy has enough to get past our D. We bottled up Lamar and Ingram and Edwards for most of the game. Not as scared of Connor anymore, and no guarantee he’s ready. Tre on Ju Ju is a good match. Not saying it won’t be a close, hard, game, but our guys should be hungry knowing they probably should have had a better result then they did.
  3. Well, NE didn’t gain any ground, mostly because of the refs. Kelce’s fumble blown dead when it easily could have been returned for a TD and Harry’s TD called OB, even though he was clearly in. Awesome! Good to see them get the raw deal, esp at their home stadium. The end of that dynasty is getting closer... Silver lining to a tough loss....
  4. You know, I listened to him because I thought, ok, I’ll give him a fair shake. Nope, doesn’t wash. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, straight to jail.
  5. Oh my God! You are delusional! He doesn’t he even say he didn’t get the calls, make the calls....yes, he got a call, probably from his wife....ya, couldn’t be Parnas..but I do the normal thing, direct them to whomever... What a lying sack-o-sh#$. Let me see if I can say “dossier” because that’s a big word. It’s not relevant. This is about Trump. Dude is going down. Won’t even release his phone records to show their are not matched. Political wish wash. Talks about others phone records. He didn’t deny it. Said things that weren’t lies, but weren’t accurate.
  6. So, if he really is struggling with injury, would they just IR Haushka? Seems like a “process” guy. Also keeps him from the Pats. Just have the same tryout next offseason, see if Haushka is healthy and keep the better of the two. guess it doesn’t matter now..
  7. It’s Canada Day at New Era, so I’m cool with it! (Would rather white pants though) But if it blinds Bal defenders and hurts their eyes, that’s good! Didn’t think much of it before, but I liked the Blue on Blue much more after Thanksgiving...
  8. Well, the Bills would be screwed... ....on the other hand, the USA would not be the butt of jokes at international summits...
  9. As they say, got the Bears to the Super Bowl with his D and Grossman as a QB. That says all you need to know...
  10. This is only what was caught on tape....imagine the real back room conversations! I hate our guy (an example why is here being caught talking on tape! He’s such a doofus) but it just goes to show what a joke Trump is to the other leaders. Even if you don’t agree, you never put your Allies leaders on the spot in front of the media. Only shows the Russians cracks in the Alliance. He truly doesn’t understand the damage he is doing. In this regard, Trudeau is no better than just shutting his trap and not saying something stupid. But even more importantly......they are truly pissed he unilaterally pulled out of Syria giving the Russians a serious open door of influence. That is inexcusable. He might as well have just phoned Putin and asked, “hey, what is the nicest thing I could do for you...since you have all those nice pics of me and those whores from Moscow”.... If he doesn’t want the US in NATO, he’s certainly doing his best...
  11. I just like that Beane will always look to improve the team. Even when he just signed him to an extension, he’s not afraid to make a change.
  12. Well, if it has meaning because we are plaging for the Div instead of a guaranteed WildCard...I could live with that kind of meaning!
  13. I didn’t like it either, but Tasker said he had no problem with it because it did force DAL to use all three time outs. With the score the way it was, that was all you needed. If the score was closer, then you press harder for a first. Even Dal getting the TD, it was really irrelevant. Again, I know Tasker is a bit of a homer on the radio, but he really didn’t seem to mind that sequence.
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