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  1. Fully support what the General said. I do think his resignation was based on the instability in the Middle East trumpasaurus ass invited by removing troops. The General did not agree. Rather than break an order or dissent in public, he resigned. Trump called it a firing, but that was just to save face. Mattis didn’t argue. Those in the know, know the truth. That is all he would care about. I would welcome someone with Mattis’ reputation/character actually leading the GOP instead of Cheeto Hands.....Might not always agree with policy, but character and morality would not be issues.
  2. Or cut Barkley and keep Fromm and Kap. Says Bills will give a second chance to both a protester and someone making racist comments....win win...
  3. Ok...here you go...I’ll bite... Cut Fromm Sign Kap football wise: kap can throw and run...he won’t complain about being a backup, he would be happy to have a job. better than Barkley, Webb and Fromm. Likely signed for league minimum on a trial basis. If you want, still keep Barkley for another year and make sure it works. Cap hit on Fromm is negligible. media wise: will gain Buffalo excellent POSITIVE media attention. It would be a distraction, but if you can’t deal with that, you will never win a SB anyway. Besides, Buffalo could use some positive media, especially after the last few weeks with Pegulas and economics (layoffs) and the Buffalo police issues. Flame on....
  4. Sorry...went with your title. Obviously, others had more....but I felt he was a gamer. If he was in, we had a chance. I expect him to take advantage a few more times this year with the new crew.
  5. It would be interesting to see wether there was any offer of help for the troubles he got into. He was only a 5th round pick. Dareus was full of shit! Car racing and who knows what else, but that was just dismissed...There is a reason he has hard feelings for DW. Yes, he screwed up, but seems to me they gave up on him pretty quick. I would have like to have seen Karlos with structure around him like there is now. If he had mentors like Gore around to show him how to be a pro. Young guy hugest caught up in the hype and looses his perspective and goes downhill...he isn’t the first, won’t be the last. I liked watching him and I hope he does turn it around.
  6. I can’t remember. Which games was Ford at guard? I’d like to re-watch.... was Nsekhe at tackle for those games?
  7. Ok...that made me laugh! (so horrible, that you can tell it’s a joke, but such a hideous thought.....man that would take all the Crown in the world!)
  8. Germany. Germany is the gold standard. Test on demand. 350000 tests a week. Showing symptoms, or more advanced mild (yes, you can tell), hospital early to help your survival chances. Prepared thousands of tests in advance, by isolating the ill early, have a lower death rate than S Korea. oh, and Merkle has demonstrated exceptional leadership that the population follows. German attention to detail is serving them well.
  9. Wow, then that takes real guts. Not in person, not on the air......so just an opinion piece. He’s a douche, slightly less douchy than Hannity...Ingraham, her own class of douchiness...those three are better suited to be infomercial hosts. Even Lindsay Graham clashes with the establishment once in a while...if those three could be objective JUST ONCE, it would go a long way.
  10. Probably more like 2008 than a Great Depression. Housing market could get flooded...air b&bs are basically shutting down, so anyone who needed that extra income on a large mortgage could be in trouble. It should correct and sort itself out. All depends on how long the isolation policies are in place. Lots of industries are getting hammered up here (Can) but the govt just announced pay protection for salaries up to 75%. Don’t ask me how that’s going to work, but they wouldn’t guarantee something like that if they thought it would be real long term. Hope you are all managing well through this. Still some tough times ahead, I’m afraid.
  11. Any God...football god, golf god...Thor...I’m not particular that way..
  12. Guess I’m a little sensitive as I’m in a hotel room, away from home, quarantined for 14 days because some jackass who tested positive got on a flight I was on. Now that I have a symptom, and I was still on the company dime, I had to stop where I was and hole up. I’m fine, minor symptom, it will probably pass like that. I would be considered relatively low risk for disease advancement. But I can’t take the risk of coming into contact with family (or anyone else for that matter), especially my Dad with COPD because if I’m actually positive and he catches this, he’s toast.
  13. The best argument I’ve heard yet: you have 100 skittles. 3 will kill you. do you eat any of the skittles? Just stay the fuck home...protect each other and God willing, you won’t transmit this to someone you love. You wouldn’t be so happy if it was your parents, your spouse or your kids that was one of the 3%.
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