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  1. Don’t worry, it’s ok....you’ve shown your true, misinformed, colours. You are a blind follower. That’s ok, I won’t expect anything constructive from you....shame really... There are some windmills out there to go tilt at...yes...your real and important issues....lol There are others here that offer more with their opinions. Your comments are not worth the electrons used to respond. Too bad you took a personal offence to some of my earlier comments. They were a general observations, not a personal attack. But your insecurity is now obvious, so I will allow you to go back under your bridge. Troll away, maybe someone will listen. Best of luck to you.....you need it.
  2. Topic thread was about a murder, not the markets.... Guess you should go back to elementary school too!
  3. Sure you would.....you would take a selfy and pump up your chest and smile...good thing you will never have to worry about that. So, I read your comment of how millions adore the royals as something special and to be adored. That is a much broader context then just about choice in women, so my reading and comprehension is just fine. Just because you don’t understand how your comments could have been construed to have a much broader context, I can’t help your puny, uneducated mind. So whatever....
  4. Well Sparky, your comment is very general and mentions nothing about his choice of women. “He is an idiot.The REAL idiots are the millions that actually consider these "royals" something special and something to be adored.” He’s an idiot? If Megan Markle came up to you and said she wanted to have her way with you, you’d drop your pants to the floor right away.
  5. Well, that “idiot” actually served his country. As in a fighting role in the military, flew Apache helicopters in Afghanistan and earned an operational service medal. Ask yourself if you’ve done that for your country. If so, well done. If not, don’t be so judgemental. Bullets kill a Royal just as fast as they would kill you or me.
  6. That’s not my homerism, that’s my opinion of how McD acts. That’s not what I want all the time. I want him to absolutely tear a strip off the officials and get fined once in a while. I want him to go off the handle and show his players how pissed he is. I want Pegula to pick up the check and say, “no problem, I got your back”.. I want him to let people know it’s not ok to screw with small market teams (even though they will). Make no mistake, our players made plenty of errors which directly cost them, but they also made plays that would have got them back into it, and those chances were slammed shut.
  7. No, he banged the table because he won’t allow excuses to be the narrative, even though he knows they got screwed over. He wants his players r9 take responsibility for their poor execution and won’t allow it to be an excuse, even though he knows it was a big contributing factor. You just interpret things differently. He was just tired of reporters trying to get him to publicly say the refs messed up. Sorry, so you think McD directed the Gore run? I was trying to say that he was not happy with how it went down. If Josh audibles to it, that was wrong. So, what was the play call? He never said either way in his interview.
  8. It was so overt he WAS saying it was a problem. Of course they didn’t make any number of plays, but he was pissed. You fail to mention the previous comments he made about talking to the league. That was “their” , the league’s that is, explanation. He knows nothing he says changes anything, so he’s taking the high road instead of whining. We can do that for him. He was also pissed with the play calls at the end of the half. Those who think he directed that are mistaken.
  9. From Joe Bs 7 Observations... Star and Oliver vs Phillips and Liuget.... 4) A curious personnel decision that sparked Houston’s first TD driveUp 16-0 in the third quarter, the Bills were sailing smoothly up until the ensuing Texans drive. The Texans took over and they ran all over the Bills defense to set up their first touchdown drive of the game. Though it was partially their own doing based on the personnel they put on the field to begin the Texans’ offensive series. The Bills featured a defensive tackle pairing of three-technique defensive tackle Jordan Phillips and one-technique defensive tackle Corey Liuget — who were their two worst run-defending players at the position.Predictably, the Texans ran the ball on four of the five plays the Phillips-Liuget combination was on the field and gained 29 yards on four carries to help the Texans get to the Bills’ 32-yard line. Despite his sack production, Phillips has remained an overrated commodity who isn’t quite the player that the stats would indicate. He’s been relatively stable, but he gets pushed around far too quickly on some running plays — which is frustrating to see with a bigger-framed player. As for Liuget, he was out of work up until the final month of the regular season and hasn’t held up well enough at the point of attack.Putting the Phillips and Liuget combination on the field at the same time was a questionable decision at best by defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and head coach Sean McDermott. Once Ed Oliver and Star Lotulelei replaced them on the sixth play of the drive, they promptly got back-to-back one-yard stops on Houston. At that point in the game, the Bills’ willingness to feature a full four-person rotation was too much of a luxury and likely cost the Bills a lot of yards leading up to Houston’s first touchdown. Not everyone thinks Phillips is the cat’s meow. Will be interesting but having Horrible Harry back, I don’t think they break the bank on Phillips.
  10. He’s also not as bad as you make him out to be. Not saying he should be a 1 or 2. Maybe he doesn’t even make the roster next year. Hopefully that means that they drafted/signed a WR or two and upgraded the roster.
  11. They stopped what was working. Motor was working. They get close to the end zone, and bam, it’s Gore. They don’t trust motor in confined space, but he has shown he is MORE than capable of dealing with it. Thats the issue. Just too cute. When they have the right call, the just piss it away. The blocking on the QB sweep was horrible and Josh didn’t help, but the play call was bang on. They screwed it up! So much blame to go all around...... Just think though, you are a Texans fan and get the field they did and screw up a 4th and a yard....I don’t think anyone in HOU was comfortable either and I’m sure they had lots of questions in their heads too. It was an ugly...but riveting...game all around.
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