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  1. Actually, they tried to pass when the run was working. Mathieu was “grateful” they decided to pass..... They got Uber conservative right before the half. That killed them because they didn’t leave enough time to strike and couldn’t overcome Kittle’s OPI.
  2. Well, the Stripper was just a plug for her movie Hustler.....not bad for 50! I’m just glad she didn’t hurt herself...
  3. I certainly don’t want anything but good for those here. Genuinely.
  4. Your first sentence is correct. The rest is dribble. Your Democratic Party is still further right than most other leftist parties out there. There is no argument that both the House and the Senate....over the last 8 years....have acted like children, not passing needed legislation simply because of party politics. As Trump would say “there are good people on both sides...” (although his context was ridiculous). But you reap what you sow. To just call all Democrats hipsters is an insane characterization, just like saying all Republicans are racists white supremists. Wasting tax dollars is brutal, period. But no side is innocent on that account, It’s too bad that a celebrity with zero knowledge of domestic or international affairs is attempting to form an Executive branch dictatorship while successfully eliminating any check or balance from any other branch of government. He is trying to ride the coattails of an economy that had its foundation with the LAST administration. If it continues trending up over the next four years at a rapid pace, I would happily congratulate the Pres. But we will wait to see what debt has been created. I’m also still waiting to see Mexico write a cheque for his wall (that falls over with a little wind..). So full of crap..... Trump was up to no good. Alexander said as much, but he proved to be a coward. He’s freekin leaving office and still doesn’t have the guts to call a spade a spade. Along with all the others that just couldn’t stomach hearing the truth out loud. Mostly, because it would also hurt them personally in the next round of elections. It still might bite them, but we will see. Funny, they say the choice should be the people’s in the upcoming elections, but it is their job to represent the people who elected them, especially in between elections! That was the whole point of impeachment....but that is now forever screwed....enjoy the monarchy! What...are term limits the next target? I bet you Trump tries at least once to mention it before he leaves office... He will do it again. His idiotic foreign policy had already got a plane shot down (yes, it is a direct link from escalating tensions). Bolton is about as right as right can be, and he obviously had severe misgivings about what was going on with Ukraine. Trump is so worried about Hunter Biden’s qualifications, but Jared and Ivanka are fully suited for their positions, yet no one bats an eye. Total shit show. I am glad though that this chapter will be over. Worst case, 5 more years of emotional draining crap from the White House. Honestly, I would have taken Pence over Trump....at least he can form a sentence......I think..... he doesn’t say too much.....just lurking in the wings.
  5. Don’t worry, it’s ok....you’ve shown your true, misinformed, colours. You are a blind follower. That’s ok, I won’t expect anything constructive from you....shame really... There are some windmills out there to go tilt at...yes...your real and important issues....lol There are others here that offer more with their opinions. Your comments are not worth the electrons used to respond. Too bad you took a personal offence to some of my earlier comments. They were a general observations, not a personal attack. But your insecurity is now obvious, so I will allow you to go back under your bridge. Troll away, maybe someone will listen. Best of luck to you.....you need it.
  6. Topic thread was about a murder, not the markets.... Guess you should go back to elementary school too!
  7. Sure you would.....you would take a selfy and pump up your chest and smile...good thing you will never have to worry about that. So, I read your comment of how millions adore the royals as something special and to be adored. That is a much broader context then just about choice in women, so my reading and comprehension is just fine. Just because you don’t understand how your comments could have been construed to have a much broader context, I can’t help your puny, uneducated mind. So whatever....
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