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  1. This just goes to show that BLM is mainly white antifa assholes. I hate this movement, All Lives Matter. I don't like people signalling out any race. I don't want to get back to the 60's where racist was prevalent. I am hating on football supporting this racist movement. Tired of these assholes kneeing and disrespecting our country. A lot of people have served this country and died for our freedom. If they hate our country, get the fuck out and move to Venezuela. Also tired of Illegals breaking into our country, committing identity theft using fake SSN's, getting free shit. They moved here because of capitalism, but want to vote for socialism. Many will be voting illegally, they think because they pay taxes, they have the right. These people are beyond stupid and are easily brainwashed by MSM and our school system organized by these same people controlling the media.
  2. I'm not sure why people try and use the Swedish model for the USA. There is not the massive influx of immigrants pouring into their country. If people want to donate another 30% of their pay to these people, go for it. Just don't expect everyone to pay for the freeloaders coming into the country. Dems want to give free healthcare to the lawbreakers. When I lost my job a few years ago, I had to pay my own medical bills and I have been paying into the system my whole life. The current model is unsustainable, look at California. They are broke and start fires to get any federal funding.
  3. Singletary has potential. Besides he played for my Alma Mater. I am happy with the whole draft. On paper, things look good. We just have to give these guys a chance. They won't hit on every pick. Beane stuck to the board and WR value didn't fit. I'm OK with that, we picked up 2 free agents.
  4. We signed 2 good receivers for the same price. Good job Beane avoiding a cap situation.
  5. I wasn't expecting much when we lost our 2 best OL. Bottom line, this unit lacks talent. Same old Bills, no line no score. Receivers were not getting separation when Allen did have time. Other times, he was swamped. The only good hire Rex made was the O-line coach (I think he is in LA now). Great blocking schemes, long forgotten.
  6. Funny when I saw the headline, I was thinking the same player. It is hard to argue that point.
  7. Allen isn't lighting it up, but there have been some big time drops that altered drives and the stat lines. We need guys that get paid to actually catch the ball.
  8. Let's face it, losing Wood and Incognito were not the 2 lineman that needed to be replaced. We have to hope there is a lot of OL talent in next years draft. Also, with the cap situation, maybe they can snag someone who won't break the bank next year in FA.
  9. Definitely worried about the OL. There was no game planning, but the bungholes exposed them big time. Hopefully we can chalk it up to a practice game, if not, it will be a long season.
  10. EJ getting cut is no surprise. Lasting that long on the Raiders roster is the shocker.
  11. Did anyone sign Kapernic? I'd take him over Sanchez or Cutler. Maybe, I'd learn to spell his name.
  12. The rush was tough, but McCarron holds the ball too long anyway. Tyrod was not impressive either, but thanks to Hyde, he drove them to a score. Allen and Peterman both played better. Looking forward till next week. Although, the Bills run D is scaring me, good thing it is a practice game.
  13. No home time discounts. He will go for the best deal. No way he comes to Buffalo.
  14. It goes to show you stats aren't everything. A 92.5 rating, but an epic failure on getting the pill into the end zone. Everyone on this board would take Kelly over Tyrod. He will not be missed. I don't care if he suddenly turns his game around. Based on his past performance, I am looking forward to watching a team score more points without him.
  15. Immigration is a huge part of why wages remain low. Time to put a stop to this. That is a fact. I know plenty of guys in the construction industry that couldn't compete with them being undercut.
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