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  1. Go to The Stadium Wall at TwoBillsDrive. I'm pushing 60 year old and I'm a vet...........life is too short for the likes of ChinaBill and VWR.
  2. God this message board sucks. You won't miss me and I sure won't miss ignorant shit like this.....................
  3. Instead of DeDe in the 3rd, hope that JuJu is still there. Instead of a 5th round receiver take a WAG on the best left OT in the 5th.
  4. A 25 foot roll of Reynolds Wrap could of killed this thread 2 days ago.
  5. Unlike most of the posters on this board............... I'll take the man at his word until he proves me wrong.
  6. I really believe that we will not draft a WR until the 3rd round minimum. Maybe IF we find a "trade back" partner, but even then I will stick with the 3rd round. We are not going to pay Sammy the money for a new contract OR pick up his 5th year option AND draft a top 10 WR.
  7. I agree. I also like your "Trade Down! Trade Down!" opinion. I hope they find a partner. I don't want another top 10 WR. Unless they plan to let Sammy walk.
  8. Good to see you here Bumbles! Just a fyi, Lorax's contract still is not up on Spotrac too. I'm still hoping they can find some decent Inside LB help before the draft.
  9. I agree. I don't see any guaranteed money. Let the new coaches look at him and if they don't like him, dump him.
  10. Yes. Bumbles knew his rule book on all things football. When he posted a lot of people listened and learned. As for the internet...............you got to know your source!
  11. Ditto. Hoping to see "Bumbles" here. That guy was an expert on all things $'s and contract rules. I know "message boards" are mainly about peoples opinions...........but I come on them to learn too!
  12. Just in from BBMB. Nice to see a lot of familiar names! Hello Buffalorange members! Lot's has happened this week.....can't wait to catch up! Go Bills!
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