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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. With our staff largely recruited from the Panthers, I say 3 1/2 . . . Thoughts?
  2. Funny! I "liked" a post from two years ago today. Guess I should have read the timeline first. Hehe
  3. Wow! I agree with you??? WTF? As for the "degree" argument, let's just say I learned my lesson. I will not fight ever again about degrees. A lot of people with important "degrees" are fucking dumbasses. And that includes most of the "degree" people on this board. If you have to tout your "degrees," you are probably a shitheel. Trust me. You are just a fucknut if you think that your BA/BS, MBA, MA, MS, PhD, MD, or JD makes you more intelligent than any other poster on this board. Just my opinion. Flame away "degree" holders!
  4. Again, President Pence is waiting impatiently to take his oath of office. Hopefully he gets impeached right after drumpfy.
  5. Yeah, again. Now that there is an independent counsel appointed to look at all the facts, let's see how it plays out. As for the donald stating that this is going away anytime soon, ha! Haha. Hahaha!
  6. Independent counsel was just appointed, so let's see how it all shakes out. As for Trump not being stupid, let's just agree to disagree on that for now. The truth will out, as Shakespeare once said, and I am very much looking forward to it!
  7. Hehe. Once again a precious response. Equating my football knowledge for knowledge of the ACA and AHCA and politics in general? Priceless! You see, I spend more time reading up on what is actually important in this world, not some damn game that people are paid a lot to play. Make no mistake, the Bills are important to me, but not some guy who was a scout for another team before we hired him. If someone else knows more about a scout from another team, I am more than happy to hear his opinion. You are very amusing, and I really like your posts. If I have a bad day, I can reliably get on this board and have you amuse me! So thanks for that.
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