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  1. Sorry to hear about that! Did she have other medical issues? There's a good chance it could have been something else but got labeled a "coronavirus death".
  2. These false positives are happening ALL the time. When are more people gonna catch on and realize it's a hoax? LOL
  3. I think the reality is Allen is an exciting athlete but he's just not a good quarterback.
  4. COVID is basically a hoax. It was designed to crash the economy and hurt Trump's re-election chances.
  5. Why did have to do this extension now when he's under contract 2 more years?
  6. Oh good Lord can we stop already with this nonsense? Mahomes would be a great player no matter where he ended up. And look at the numbers he put up in college. As a junior he completed 63 % of his passes, had over 4600 yards, and had 36 TD to 15 INT's. As a senior he completed 65% of his passes, had over 5000 yards, and had 41 TD's to 10 INT's. When you combine his production with his raw talent that should've eliminated and concerns about his "Issues that needed to be fixed."
  7. Stupid argument that Mahomes was not a "bluechip" prospect. He certainly was a better prospect than Allen. Both are athletic with crazy arm talent but the difference is Mahomes is actually very accurate.
  8. McDumbass really fucked us. I'm sure KC is still laughing about how they were able to trade up from 27 to 10 to grab such an amazing QB.
  9. Calm down brother. It’s OK to admit the Bills screwed up. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you can’t be honest.
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