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  1. Calm down brother. It’s OK to admit the Bills screwed up. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you can’t be honest.
  2. The best way to sum up Allen is he's a very good athlete but a below average quarterback.
  3. That was a huge mistake by Pegula. If he was planning on getting rid of Whaley he should have hired a new GM before the draft.
  4. Honestly this makes it even MORE stupid that we didn't draft him. If some team traded up to 1st overall to take him then we'd have no shot at him.... he fell right into our laps and we still decided to trade the damn pick.
  5. Just because it was projected to be better doesn't mean that it is. The once thought to be great 2018 QB is looking pretty overrated. That's why you need to rely on your own evaluations and not what the "experts" say.
  6. So even though the Bills needed a franchise QB they didn't feel it necessary to take potentially the best QB in the class? That makes a lot of sense.
  7. Yes but the argument that "nobody knew he would be good" is total BS. I remember listening to Sal Cappachio on WGR before that draft, and he said he thought Mahomes was a really good player, and would turn out to be the best QB in that draft class. What does that say about the guys running our team if Sal Cappachio (a radio guy) can evaluate the QB position better than they can?
  8. So in theory we could pass on elite players every year and it wouldn't matter since it's all a roll of the dice?
  9. Still hard to understand why we didn't draft this kid. The only reason I've heard that he even dropped is because he played in an "Air Raid" type of offense in college. Should we be pissed at the Bills for passing on a Once in a Generation type of talent?
  10. Should we fire McDermott and hire Greg Roman? Imagine what he could do for Josh Allen's development.
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