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  1. Omg, I really can’t stand coming here anymore with this pessimism and rampant negative confirmational bias.
  2. I LITERALly came on the board to talk about how good Allen has looked. Of course the board is LITtered with trash threads. The deep ball needs to get there, but he has shown so much command of this offense. Some bad drops by receivers early, but they pulled it together when it mattered.
  3. I completely agree. It’s getting to be too much, the whimsy of the occasional post is now a deluge of negativity. Josh Allen made one mistake today—one!—and people are acting like we lost.
  4. I don’t exactly agree with that, but I agree in a sense only because he’s someone the Pats don’t have a lot of footage on and they’re characteristically good at watching film and taking away what you do well. Daboll cut his teeth coaching TE’s and has been good at using them in unpredictable ways thus far. If Kroft can go, that’s someone the Pats haven’t seen so use him a lot, and if not, get creative with the young buck TE’s. I’m hoping the Pats are looking to contain Allen in the pocket, if they do, now’s the time to play long ball. Also, utilize screens as we haven’t done it much this season so it could be a wrinkle they don’t expect.
  5. It’s the QB curse from beating the Bills in the Super Bowl: Mark Rypien is a wife beater Jeff Hostetler has a big nose Troy Aikman is a dickhead
  6. For anyone criticizing Allen’s decision making, skip to 5:20 in the video:
  7. He had 3 total touchdowns, no turnovers and a 111.0 qb rating. Not saying you’re wrong that some qb’s ‘get it’ right away, I’m saying don’t rush to judgement on first starts.
  8. I lol’d. I wish Rosen well for whichever team he plays for next year when he’s traded on draft day (as long as the trade is an NFC team).
  9. Daniel Jones played well, but like Allen after his first game, give teams game footage and the road gets bumpier. Also, Daniel Jones decision making was questionable on a lot of throws, something he hopefully DEVELOPS better habits with.
  10. I think you’re wrong, certainly not every QB needs time to develop, but many do. If you’re right, Mahomes would have started his first year, so would have Brady, so would have Rodgers. But that’s not the case. What you look for is signs of something special, right? Would you deny Allen has shown something?
  11. I disagree, character teams rise to the play of their opponents. This group needs to face a good team.
  12. I agree with Lit that it still needs to come together, but I’m confident it will.
  13. Allen needs to do a better job letting negative plays go; you could see he was shaken and it transferred to the offense. I’m glad he can learn from it in a win and not a loss. After the game he seemed like he was still thinking about it.
  14. Not taking away from Minshew, but Allen’s first start was the Vikings game; give other teams time to look at game film on Minshew and see how he looks end of the year.
  15. I’d be a 7; I lean homer. It dawned on me watching the GB game last night that if Josh Allen played the way Aaron Rodgers did, some people on this board would be saying ‘his throwing mechanics are terrible’ or ‘most of those catches were just good plays by the receivers’ and ‘his real completion percentage would have been around 50 without those nice catches.’ Rodgers was 18/30.
  16. It was an ugly throw, but his post game made me feel better (prefacing), ‘one play in particular, it’s just something I can’t do and we got bailed out. We came out trying to establish the run and I wanted to take a shot (throwing) and I shouldn’t have.’ I think we should pump the brakes on who’s right and who’s wrong. He threw six times, first three attempts were bad, last three good. The goal was to test the run, it was preseason and he got impatient—and hopefully—learned from it.
  17. I’m not on this board much, but from the posts I saw during the draft Jungle really knows his stuff. Posts I’ve seen from Lit are usually vague, under-reaching attempts to say he was right about a certain topic. I honestly can’t tell if Lit is trying to elicit responses to keep the board active, or just insecure.
  18. Let’s hope for the same longevity and type of career for our new CFL and Arena League alum Tackle.
  19. That’s an excellent point, most of these players were stuck behind starters (Morse and Gore excluded) and may be at crucial points in their careers. Let’s hope they weren’t stuck there for lack of ability and that they pan out like Hyde and Poyer. I’m thrilled with the Beasley signing; his short game gives Allen a quick target. The more I’ve researched Nsekhe has me believing we’ve got our starting tackle for a few years. It feels like we’ve plugged holes for a BPA draft strategy.
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