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  1. You'd be the first to get smoked you unhinged lunatic You're absolutely mental and a threat to yourself only
  2. Always a democrat governor behind these nanny state actions so cute how these lefties thought they were the "resistance" against an anti-establishment president We are and have always been the real resistance
  3. You belong in the retarded leftist establishment shill that delusionaly thinks he's a renegade thread
  4. Never mind direct election fraud 4 years of non stop smears, propaganda!, fake news, censorship, trumped up scandals etc Hey listen babe. I know I violently raped you yesterday but how about we let bye gones be bye gones?
  5. You went full retard Beyond retard if you think a 50 year long establishment political elite is your savior lol
  6. These people are long gone man Broken NPC robots clinging dearly to the ashes of mainstream media propaganda and parroting the same old bunk in their sad leftist pro-CCP Marxist bubble They don't even know they are shills for the establishment. They think they're "the resistance' LOL
  7. Yeah you really showed me high level intelligence At least grade 1 special needs class I'd eat shit but I"m gonna let you live as someone loves you somewhere
  8. I know right! Only an idiot wouldn't trust a sociopath like Bill Gates. Me? I absolutely trust him and the globalist elites to have our best interest at heart <3 They can inject me with anything they want, sight unseen. I would never question their integrity or motives. Ever. Because I'm a good subject (aka useful idiot) that adheres strictly to the propaganda the globalist progressive run mainstream espouses And I also admire the CCP And orange man bad too
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