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  1. These people are long gone man Broken NPC robots clinging dearly to the ashes of mainstream media propaganda and parroting the same old bunk in their sad leftist pro-CCP Marxist bubble They don't even know they are shills for the establishment. They think they're "the resistance' LOL
  2. Yeah you really showed me high level intelligence At least grade 1 special needs class I'd eat shit but I"m gonna let you live as someone loves you somewhere
  3. I know right! Only an idiot wouldn't trust a sociopath like Bill Gates. Me? I absolutely trust him and the globalist elites to have our best interest at heart <3 They can inject me with anything they want, sight unseen. I would never question their integrity or motives. Ever. Because I'm a good subject (aka useful idiot) that adheres strictly to the propaganda the globalist progressive run mainstream espouses And I also admire the CCP And orange man bad too
  4. Beijing Biden, bought and paid for by the Chinese government, has more to worry about than President Trump OMG these retarded lefties are so far gone man
  5. I'd put the farm on it. If people dont like the guy, fine. Just dont make shit up, ya know. hate him for being bombastic and talking shit. I get it Trump was in Hollywood for decades. The MeToo movement just swept away a lot of people, both those you were due and those who weren't If President Trump was a sexual predator he'd have been exposed Cheating on your wife with a porn star doesnt make you a rapist. It makes you amoral... like every human on earth in their own way Moving on
  6. He protests a bit too loudly about raping women. Hmmm Another person did that alot. Also protested racism. His hero Said person was busted for blackface and groping women. Justin Trudeau
  7. You are a Satan worshiper as a lefty, useful idiot for the establishment Again nothing comes from your mouth but propaganda and lies
  8. You really are a colossal idiot Trump raped no one. ZERO Biden is a renowned feeler, groper as is your king Trudeau How did such a whiney pro-government bitch like yourself ever become a Bills fan?
  9. You mean your president, and , he will be your president for the foreseeable future
  10. Trudeau never apologized for groping the reporter. Nor did he apologize for being a nanny stater, which he is and THAT is the worst kind of evil: a big government elitist clown who views you as a subject. You come from monarchy pal. Bow down to your King Blackface. I mean no disrespect to my libertarian and conservative Canadian's. My scorn is reserved for leftist progressive useful idiots who do the work of the deep state. people like you jungle who parrot mainstrean media propanganda As for the "grab her by the pussy" comment LOL. You guys really cling to that so desperately. Context is everything. 16 sexual assaults my ass. Trump's the most hated man by your elitist masters. If he sexually assaulted anyone it would headline news The truth hurts pal: Trump is an enemy to the deep state that you shill for =) back into your bubble parrot.
  11. What about your soy boy blackface wearing authoritarian pussy leader Justin Trudeau? Ran to Uncle Donnie for help with China, whom he's absolutely terrified of LOL He's a known unwanted groper of women, along with being heavily in favor of gun bans, media censorship, MASSIVE governments, corruption and renowned liberal waste. Father was a card carrying commie who patched over to the liberals when it fell out of fashion. Said father was also BFF to Mao and Castro, absolutely adored them. Taught junior - your leader you bow to - all about big government nanny state control over the masses You're not even American. Suck a big orange dick =) TRUMP>trudeau 4 more years coming for you little TDS infected bitches to cry! Love it!
  12. I'm not full retard on him like you, so far that I'd back up the CCP over my own president In typical leftist tryrant fashion, if someone doesnt adhere to exactly the same ethos as you do they are evil monsters LOL You're a cliche dude. Plain and simple
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