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  1. Says the Daily Beast lol You're a fucking moron, absolutely unquestionably
  2. I can find fault in everyone because there is fault in everyone. Certainly Donald Trump is no exception and nowhere did I ever state he is flawless as you claimed. See how retarded your POV is? The problem here is your perception of Donald Trump is warped and massively incorrect I don't have to explain myself to anyone nor will I ever regarding this issue. You however are a despicable piece of shit for calling for the summary execution of millions. And that's something YOU will indeed have to answer for. I'm done responding to you because frankly I have zero respect for you or interest in what you have to say after that statement. Why would anyone respect someone who calls for the mass murder of people with opposing views. I suggest others do the same unless they're just as twisted as you Get help ASAP and good luck on your path. Sincerely ...
  3. But you are the one calling for summary executions of 100s of millions of people So let me get this straight. A mass murderous tyrant is better than a lying, divisive oopa lompa President? Again, you are severely mentally ill and in need of serious help. You are an absolute mess of a human being. Personally I'm finished you and i would think any level headed person would be too. To not be would be no different than engaging the screaming wackjob on the street corner. All the best man. You're gonna need it
  4. You are mentally ill my friend I hope you get the help you need. I really do
  5. Hey come on. That's a totally appropriate and well though out comparison Dear God lol
  6. LOL, whatever man The Trump doctrine is in full swing and spreading globally from Iran to Hong Kong to Taiwan and Beirut, throughout Europe and home bound, where soon the guns of the democrats will be turned on them and they will be cut down, rest assured It's an orange world baby
  7. Bro, you are on the wrong side of history if your against Trump. I'm sorry, it's just the way it is. I don't know if you have TDS are not, I'll be honest I'm sure even the craziest TDS sufferers are starting to realize this man is crushing fools daily It's okay man, I had a bit of TDS myself way back. I can't lie. But the man has got it. Come on, take my hand and jump up on the Trump war wagon. We've got retarded democrats to stomp the living shit out of this year.
  8. While you fools with TDS have taken the side of the Iranian regime in your blind, misguided hate, our amazing president has triggered an Iranian people's revolution LOL You can't make this shit up All Trump does is win. And all you do is LOSE LOSE LOSE Just lose baby!
  9. I love you guys but I gotta keep my new years vow. No more religious or political discussions I'm out yo :)
  10. Your right. Trump is biggest war hawk potus ever. A mass killer and butcher that craves military conflict Dude you're so far gone on TDS I'm not discussing anything to do with Trump with you anymore. You can't see clearly. One day I hope you see this when he's done his presidency in 8 more years
  11. I'm a globalist? Lol ok man I'm an anti-war libertarian nationalist They shot the plane down; wether it was intended or not the result is the same. Quit making excuses for Iran. Thats how bad your TDS is The only reason your in a pile of tears of solemeni is because of your hatred of Trumpn let's be honest lol I didn't agree with the hit personally as I've always seen Iran as the lighter strain of Islam, and we should be making peace with. But I see the Solemeni strategy and it looks as if it just might pay dividends for long term peace. He most definitely stood in the way of peace and if by making an example of him results in peace, so be it. Sometimes a good beating can shake someone up and get them reset. This is the hope. Iran doesn't want war and either do we. I didn't like Trump in the beginning. I had grave concerns about him but the alternative was horrifying. Not anymore. I'm a beliver now but not a fan boy(unless I'm trying to upset a leftist) Trump is a rock solid potus and is proving that with each step he takes with zero help from the demonic left. What do they even represent anymore outside of orange man bad? Save the buckle up stuff ok. I'm a grown man and so are you. My politics are Rock solid. Youre not schooling me on shit LOL
  12. Dude watch it! Mandatory I feel bad bickering with you fucks over politics now that I think of it. I was inspired to stop this shit after watching that lol
  13. Hmm I guess meet Kim John IL and starting denuclearization talks was nothing to you. Withdrawal from Syria beginning. Peace talks with Taliban and withdrawal there on the horizon Smacking Iran back to reality and averting war there He'll finish his anti-war doctrine in his second term ;)
  14. Thank them for shooting down a passenger craft and murdering hundreds of innocents too? Patience my ass. They know retaliation means the end of the regime and their survival YOU are on propaganda This isn't hard man
  15. Tulsi should be the one to be feared because she speaks truth to power Sadly the current year is clown world so shes a goner I belive she is the only dem I would seriously consider voting for, although Im not familiar with her full platform On a side note I HIGHLY recommend the Rogan podcast with Tulsi and Jocko to anyone who hasn't seen it
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