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  1. Leopards don’t change their spots...posted in another thread that McDermott is well on his way to joining Marvin Lewis in the playoff futility ranks!
  2. McDermott is well on his way to joining Marvin Lewis in the playoff futility category!
  3. Happy that this team is going on the road, they have shit the bed at home all year. Being the favorites at home most likely would of ended in a heartbreaking loss!
  4. Moral victories though right Hip...you’re the “we’ll get em next year” type of guys
  5. Honestly has any one organization in the history of professional sports embarrassed another franchise as bad as the Pats have embarrassed the Bills. Pretty unreal that this team can’t figure shit out when it comes to the Pats. Not going to fucking end anytime soon and I’m saying that even after Brady retires.
  6. They might as well start that year 2-0...it’s an automatic 2 wins when they play this team!
  7. This team is not winning Sunday...the fact that they control their playoff destination and can clinch with a win is even more reason why they don’t get it done. When was the last time they got themselves a win to clinch a playoff berth and actually earned it? I want them to win just as much as anybody, I do, but I’m just not feeling this game one bit.
  8. Nobody should feel good about this game...not sure why people are saying they would be shocked if we don’t win or even beat them handily. The formula to beat this team is to put major pressure on the QB and the Steelers do it better than just about every team in the NFL. Nothing ideal about this game!
  9. Not if they get their playmakers back...and how much are we putting up on the road vs another top pressure rate defense? I’m saying 10-13 points and that’s not gonna be enough!
  10. Well I’m preparing myself to not be shocked...Pitt will most likely have Conner and Smith-Schuster back for that game as well. Tomlin doesn’t lose those games in primetime.
  11. Not even sure how this team was given a 96 percent chance of making the postseason after last weeks win...anybody know what it sits at now?? Steelers are going to completely shut this team down on the road next week and no way Titans lose at home to Texans the way that both teams are currently playing. 3 teams will be 9-5 after next week with the Bills playing NE on the road week 16. This is going to end fucking disastrously!
  12. The experiment, AKA “the process”, is coming to an inevitable end. 3 years of McD and we’re still not beating teams we need to beat. It’s not changing and it ultimately won’t.
  13. This team is finishing under .500 guaranteed! They win 1 game the rest of the way and that’s it. Top 15 pick here we come!
  14. Frankly to me, Allen shouldn’t be wearing a Bills uniform next year. Same song and dance week in and out! But he’ll be under center and this team will continue to be the pretenders they always are!
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