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  1. The experiment, AKA “the process”, is coming to an inevitable end. 3 years of McD and we’re still not beating teams we need to beat. It’s not changing and it ultimately won’t.
  2. This team is finishing under .500 guaranteed! They win 1 game the rest of the way and that’s it. Top 15 pick here we come!
  3. Frankly to me, Allen shouldn’t be wearing a Bills uniform next year. Same song and dance week in and out! But he’ll be under center and this team will continue to be the pretenders they always are!
  4. When this team has the chance to sack up and make a big play they fold like a deck of fucking cards...and he said it best, this team lacks any killer instinct and aggressiveness!! Nothing but a bunch of scared cowards wearing helmets running around the field, afraid to man up and make a play when needed. Today was the season and they bent the knee for Mayfield and Co. Regardless though if you can beat the Browns then sit your ass at the bottom with the rest of the NFL scrub teams. Peace!
  5. Bruce was on GMFB earlier and mentioned he liked the direction the team was heading but he’s still wait and see on this team. Said if you want to defeat the king you have to “cut off his head” and this team is still not beating the likes of the Pats, Eagles, etc to be considered a contender. Also like that he took a shot saying that the team was still playing too soft on home turf and not establishing dominance when they should be. One of my favorite players ever and I hope some of these guys saw that because this team needs to figure their shit out!
  6. Yes, this team is a QB away from being a competent offense!
  7. Allen is going to be better than Dalton?? That’s hysterical! So when we’re struggling to beat the Redskins this week it’ll have nothing to do our QB...the same QB who was outplayed at home by winless Ryan Fitzpatrick a couple weeks ago. Didn’t Dalton just throw for over 300 yards and zero turnovers against the Rams this past week?? When was the last time Allen threw for 300 yards and didn’t commit a single turnover? It’s a shame that we’re wasting a solid team over a project QB.
  8. Not surprising...while everyone else in contention gets better we just stay the course of mediocrity. It’s all part of the everlasting process!
  9. I agree the Bears should...the Bills should too. We’ll be looking for another QB in a year anyhow so what’s the point wasting the best D we’ve had in years. And we do have playmakers on offense, just no QB to get them the ball.
  10. Bengals are getting ready to bench Dalton out of the bye week for Ryan Findley. Yes, he’s 32 but I couldn’t think of a guy who would be more welcomed to Buffalo than Dalton. Allen isn’t getting it done and we are literally the QB position away from making a playoff run. It’s not going to happen but it makes this team better and it would be a neat story!
  11. Gordon has been terrible this year but I wouldn’t mind the Bills getting him from SD. Wouldn’t give them any higher than a 4th rounder though. He played himself out of a huge contract with the holdout.
  12. Agree that it was a mistake to let him go but he would have suffered in this offense...this team doesn’t have the QB or OC to do the creative things that make Shady do what he does best. He’s still dynamic in the open field!
  13. I’m thinking it’s just smart for me to turn off this Sunday night game because it’s making my blood boil watching a former retired, assistant high school football coach sling the rock all over the field! It’s fucking unreal that this team just cannot, for their lives, get this cursed position figured out. Is it too much to ask for a 300 yard game from a buffalo QB?!? Moore is going to have that by the 3rd quarter! Sad, just fucking sad!!
  14. This guy has a .500 record since he’s been here...I’m so sick and tired of the process talk bullshit! I’m still scratching my head thinking about what this process actually is. Is it centered around offense because we all know how that’s going...if it’s centered around defense then we’re not going in the right direction, last two weeks have been brutal. It’s just sounding like more “coach” talk that we’ve heard year after year. Spinning our fucking tires with this team and front office!
  15. They would be smart to get something for him...yesterday proved they really don’t need him and it probably hurt them overall by having to split the carries which took away from having the ball in Ekeler’s hands! Dude is having a career year and they threw off the balance big time!
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