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  1. Completely agree with this, then you & your plethora of picks to fill the endless holes on this team....
  2. No, if the bills scouts Grade a guy 2nd rounder the ,GM likes him, and he is there, you draft him. You can do this for any round, I just say do it 1 time every draft. If he turns out to be a franchise QB great, problem solved. Then you draft one every four years thereafter, (hopefully in later rounds) and groom that guy to follow your franchise guy, I.E. grappalo, Rogers, Brady, Luck, Young, so on. If he sucks then he goes away, and start the process again . As for EJ, He was graded a 3 rd or 4 th rounder, we took him in the first, and played like a 7 th rounder, totally different.
  3. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong...... You draft one every YEAR until you hit one, then you draft 1 every 4 years, let that guy sit for 3 years on the bench and learn the game, so we NEVER to go through this draught again.
  4. Thanks CBA, Its high, but still it would solve our # 1 WR position. Yeah if a 4th or 3 rd gets it done I would do it.
  5. going from memory, I believe Luck had his surgery in January and just recently started practicing. I'm no dr but that seems like a long time. Colts know they are out of it, and maybe considering a rebuild. TY is a good receiver and I would kick the tires on him. Yes the bills are stock piling draft picks , but we will have to use one next year on a WR anyways so I would ask about him. I would also need to see the contract hits to confirm if I truly I like the idea as a whole
  6. still remember 102.1 out of Toronto played Nautical Disaster, I went out the next day and bought Day for Night. The Hip rocked and he was one hell of singer........ "Killer Whale Tank"!!!!!!!!!
  7. I am not saying the Pats are not good but too me it seems like Brady has lost a little speed on his throws, he can still make them but they are taking a little longer getting there, Gronk is a walking injury, Defense has holes, they have more turnovers/allowed sacks this year (or at least it feels like it) . Personally I see them as beatable, that is if any teams plays up to the there best potential including Bills. Maybe I am being optimistic but I THINK see some dents in the armor
  8. is it just me or does Hogan seem taller then he was when with the Bills ?
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