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  1. good list... I'd like to see Ray Ray make the team. i do see us needing 5 DE's due to Murphy. Perhaps Taiwan gets cut in favor of Ray Ray.
  2. Palmer & Rodgers =sit all guys listed on OP =play The only guy I think was ruined by starting too soon was David Carr... perhaps Couch. Yeah, we're talking THAT long ago.
  3. The proper comparison is Losman... on super human growth serum. They are both California kids and love the deep ball... struggle to be accurate intermediate and short routes. The difference stops there... I so wanted Losman to work and Allen is so much more talented. However, it is the reading the defenses and fast decisions that broke Losman and will make or break Allen.
  4. I just want to see him be able to make fast reads. If the game doesn't slow down for him, he won't make it. I see nothing that says he can't but very little has been said that proves he can. I do have concerns about "happy feet" only bc that is evidence of a lack of pocket presence and a slower processing speed. I have seen too many QBs... smart ones too, that simply cannot read coverages or they process it too slow.
  5. I would be more excited for Ray Ray if he were faster... 4.53.
  6. Need some LBs for depth and camp... perhaps grab a vet but no harm in getting some UDFAs
  7. I hope McBeane agrees to let him sit (2nd vid refers to this). I am already tired of hearing of "it won't take much to beat out McCarron." True or not... dude needs to sit and learn.
  8. Cancer aside, CM is the sole reason I don't watch ESPN for the draft. He has had an axe to grind with the Bills since Tom Donahoe was fired.
  9. Interior line, CB, WR, LB... team needs depth everywhere However, would love to find a young RB.
  10. is he coachable? I keep hearing he didn't check down. The plan going into senior year was to check down more. He sounds like the anti-captain checkdown or an over-sized Losman. I do think Dabol should be the right fit... customizing to Allen's strength and weakness while emphasizing the benefit of a short-passing game (ie Brady).
  11. His coach on NFL network saying the play call was a pass to the FB and Allen opted for a 60 yrd bomb to WR. I am certain Allen is not insubordinate but seems to me... even when the play call was a dump off, he still went for the big play. Hard to say why Wyoming didn't check down... QB or style of offense? The idea that Allen will look to make the throw is welcome change from Tyrod.
  12. The Bills addressed their 2 biggest needs and while we could use an upgrade at WR, slot corner, and perhaps OL; all starting positions are now filled. We can grab depth with the rest of the draft and perhaps snag an upgrade/starter from veteran cuts. This IS the process... not planning a trip to the playoffs but I was all in on "tank last year". In McBeane I trust... an elite D will have to carry this team. (no, I wanted the other 5 QBs before I wanted Allen, if you are wondering).
  13. Obviously, I say no to starting Allen at all this season. If AJ slips on a mat, sign the soon to be cut Bridgewater. I would just ask this (and last night I was hoping for anyone but Allen), how many times have Beane done the unpopular move? Watkins? Darby? Dareus? I cannot see how anything he has done, has turned out to be bad... unless we see a proper tank last year as a means of better picks this year. I am gonna trust the process bc it has not failed yet AND this one is all on Beane... they made their choice. Allen has a lot to prove and I do not believe in him whatsoever. I do believe in mcBeane so that's where I will hang my hat. Allen is Buffalo... Allen compares to Newton and Jim Kelly *Puke* but for now i will drink the koolaide and spin it as positive as I can.
  14. seems to me that there are a few veteran Guards out there worth kicking the tires on. Evans, Joekel (Converted tackle), and a few others. The only reason why this hasn't happened may be to see how the draft falls first.
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