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  1. I stopped coming on this site because of the petty, whiny name calling, I see nothing has changed. Does anybody know of a site where real Bills fans go to constructively talk about the games? I mean really, What are you people, Children?
  2. The Bills may have the best Defensive Backfield in the league, The depth that is currently at our disposal is crazy. Rafael Bush may be a victim of depth, He had a really good season last year, But, Are you going to keep him over a younger player with a higher ceiling? IF Kevin Johnson and E.J. Gaines stay healthy? It is going to be very interesting.
  3. There will be some really good rookies who won't make the final cut, hopefully we will be able to stash them on the practice squad. I honestly can't remember the last time I said that about a Buffalo Bills roster. I think half of our draft class could end up on the PS. Both Johnson's, Stills, Easley, Jackson.
  4. I think Pat Dimarco is the guy on the bubble, They brought back Lee Smith on a 3 year deal, He can play the H-Back role for blocking if he has too. McCoy and Gore are the veteran leaders, Yeldon and Singletary are the future and Perry is the special team ace. 5 HB'S-0 FB'S. Beane brought in a few special team aces for a reason, I will be surprised if most of them don't make the team.
  5. Wow, Somebody woke up with a Diaper Rash this morning Or He hasn't been getting his post hits, good strategy though. attack the coaching and wake up the masses. It's easy to sit at home and criticize, I am sure it's a little bit different right on the sideline when bullets are flying. I have never heard McDermott make excuses when something doesn't work, If you don't have faith in your own decisions. You would have a hard time getting the players to follow you.
  6. Mad Queen was festering under the surface since the previous season when Dany met with Cersei and realized she didn't really trust anything Lannister. Chopping the head off her most trusted advisor sent her off the deep end and led to the total destruction of King's Landing. She didn't go after the Red Keep first because she wanted Cersei to see what she caused by her refusal to surrender.
  7. Is it even legal according to the CBA to be running drills like the Broncos are doing? Just Curious.
  8. He certainly drew the most attention for being a Bills fan, But let's not forget some of the other legendary Fans, Elvis, The Chefs, Pinto Ron and I'm sure we can think of more. Poncho Billa is a man who will go down in Buffalo folklore as long as there is someone to tell his story. I would love it if the Bills paid tribute to him in a way that I heard, sorry, can't remember where I heard it. They should put a Sombrero in his styling next to the 12th Man sign on the Wall of Fame, They wouldn't even have to include his name. The Sombrero would speak for itself. RIP Poncho.
  9. Another Awesome thing about Buffalo, When we do get enough snow that the powers that be tell us that there is a driving band because of the snow storm, We walk to the local corner bar to make sure have enough libation to ride out the storm. Then when the storm is done we go home and snowblow the entire neighborhood.
  10. Just another beautiful spring day, Just might be able to get a quick 9 in at Grover Cleveland Golf course before dinner with the Mothers...lol
  11. It offends me greatly when I read on a message board or Twitter that someone is bashing Buffalo. If you aren't from here or have never been here, you really won't understand what Buffalo is all about. We are not glamorous, we are lunch bucket. In the Summer time we are out there trying to fit in as much fun as we can in the 5-7 months of what we consider decent weather. Whether that is being out on the water or at our many outdoor concerts, or just getting together with our friends. When the weather turns cold, we still manage to find enough to do for fun to keep us sane. Skiing, Snowmobiling The Bills, The Sabres. What truly defines Buffalo in my eyes is the fact that when things turn ugly, Your neighbors have your back and you have theirs. Everybody chips in to help with whatever the situation is. Buffalo is a unique place to live and I am proud to be from here.
  12. Isn't it nice to be able to look at positions across the board and wonder how are they going to be able to keep some guys at certain positions on the roster? It should lead to our best practice squad in years, and if that's the case, it will bode well for the rest of the lineup.
  13. It's not just this message board, it's most message boards out there. Negative comments get more clicks for debate than positive. The numbers mostly speak for themselves. I feel it's kind of sad that we as a Nation have become so Cynical. I try to be a Glass half full kind of person, I like to give players the benefit of the doubt by looking to the ceiling and not the floor in what they might bring to the team. I have been wrong many times, but like the blind squirrel, sometimes I find an Acorn.
  14. Because it is what gets the clicks that Amateur Sports Reporters crave. positive threads do not excite the masses.
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