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  1. It says they should draft him for the nation wide attention he will bring. If they want attention they should sign OJ Simpson to a 1 year contract. I saw a recent photo of OJ still rocking the Bills jersey. Can you imagine the attention that would bring?
  2. If you own both you know a AR15 isn't a squirrel gun. Many people don't know one from the other.
  3. I suggest you google a image of a AR15 bullet and compare it to a 22. I'm I hunter and a AR15 isn't close to a 22
  4. It is kind of goofy looking, isn't it. Maybe he's smiling because he just scalped someone?
  5. Most seem to interpret the logos as I think the were originally intended. And that is of brave warriors and fighters. Which is how most teams would want to be seen. Just more PC crap that get thrown around to make someone feel important.
  6. I live near two reservations. I have asked Indians if they find it offensive. Most don't even care. I'm sure some do. But it seems to be a minority.
  7. I'm not quite sure I fell for anything. But it's the first time I saw him play. And he did play well. I didn't see me or anyone else say he was a great qb.
  8. If the jets or Broncos want him it would be much easier/cheaper for them to move up a spot or two.
  9. I agree. It seems like all we hear is from the extremes. It doesn't seem like there is anyone who represents the center where most of us live.
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