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  1. At this point, how could the Bengles let that guy go. Would anyone give up a REAL franchise qb, even for 5 picks? Not me. Frankly, it doesn't matter if you have 5 first rounders, 2 will likely bust and you still dont have your QB. In a league where the QB is EVERYTHING, you gotta be nuts.
  2. We know all the other horse shit was a farse. Now the GAO has stated Trump broke the law by withholding the aid from Ukraine. There, finally you get to be right.
  3. Jesus Christ, a note wroten on Ritz letter head, boy that sure couldn't have been done at any time, by anyone, anywhere. Absolutely inadmissible, unless there is actual, physical proof of who wrote it. Something tells me thats not happening. So this "bombshell" is a meeting request, a pissy fired ambassador, and people clawing to stay out of prison, magically producing eveidence, with zero chain of possession regulations imposed. Yeah, nothing sounds slightly less than credible there. I don't give a fuck if he gets kicked out of office or not, but find SOMETHING REAL before starting the inquiry and manage to actaully charge him with a real case in the Senate. This is all still a joke. My suspicion is Pelosi is in DEEP in Iran as are others in the Dem party. Everything was fun and games until they heard Trump talk of investigating Iran, then all hell breaks loose. Biden's Son works there, Pelosi's son works there, the massive cash drops by Obama, Clintons have major ties, it all wreaks of a "Look over here! Look look!" Strategy. Biden admitted to quid pro quo, nothing done. Bidens son being paid on basis of being VPs son in fields he has no relevant experience in.. Pelosi's son represents himself as acting on behalf of the office of Nancy, in negotiations with foreign leaders, thats Treason, straight to prison is what should happen.. nothing Obama drops Billions in cash without authorization, nothing. Something is awful suspicious about trying to getnrid of the guy who wants to investigate it all.
  4. Obviously there is an impact, minimum wage falsely altered the compensation for the skills required. Many more skilled will be forced to accept lower than their worth and unfortunately, many who aren't worth the minimum wage will be paid it. My macroeconomics view might suck for your world, but don't worry, someday you might learn enough to comprehend it. Until then, go play with the other children.
  5. It blows my mind you can't grasp the concept of supply and demand. Automation has reduced the value of labor dramatically, yet we continue to try to beat a dead horse instead of looking to a new one. Increasing the population of workers willing to work for less than minimum by MILLIONS of people a year, further deflates the demand. Incentiving people to stay on Welfare and pop out kids eliminates the reward to increase the skills required to rise above minimum wage, so you have less skilled workers demanding more money or they will sut on the Government dime. Then you have millions of Illegals happy to take jobs for less, setting the true market. Raising the minimum wage puts more citizens out of work and on to assistance programs, increasing the tax burden, taxes are passed on to the companies and workers, in order to keep the doors open, companies charge more for products and seek ways to cut costs, more automation, more out of work, higher prices on everything and less people actually generating income to be able to afford the higher prices. Eventually, the market would correct itself, but on the other end you have insane credit limits allowing people eith skills to keep paying and keeping demand alive at higher prices. So you create a bugger divide in the wealth of the population the more you raise minimum wage and forced employer benefits. This is why NY is a train wreck, as well as every other short sited dumpster fire that keeps raising minimum wage, but can't understand why people are shitting in the streets.
  6. Interesting that all the commentary has stopped when faced with a logical reason as to why minimum wage is not viable, isn't it?
  7. Remind us all of Dabolls job title for all his SB rings. I think it would go a long way in provong what a great coordinator he is.
  8. Lamars stats have been inflated all year by the wide open balls he gets because people or using a spy on him and you have to respect their play action. Both the Bills and Titans did a good job of containing him, the difference was the Titans scored and did a good job in TOP. Stop trying to feel better about Allen because LJ had a bad game. Allen has his own issues that dont get any better because Lamar didnt perform. The 2 are not linked, neither looks like a real QB, Jackson is just way more explosive, So he gets attention.
  9. Minimum wage is the maximum joke. Low skill and low demand / high supply = low wages. Continue to raise the wage and watch automation take over. Machines don't call in, require benefits or form unions, nor do they whine about not being paid enough. Then you can factor in the illegals willing to work under the table for below the false bottom in the market, so you get higher unemployment rates and the big bad corporations actually pay out less and make more. There is this reall interesting course of study they offer in college, called "Economics", just one class would explain most of this.
  10. Phillips should get around 8m per year on the open market, he flashed a lot, but wasn't consistently there. I don't see him getting a lot more than that.
  11. Why the fuck does everyone keep harping on Medicare for all? The reason costs are high now is insurance, so instead of socializing healthcare the way a respectable government system works, as in you pay taxes and the Governement provides payment to the physicians to provide care to whoever walks through the door, we want to continue the administrative costs of insurance. WHY?! If you want socialized heathcare, allow the tax dollars to be paid DIRECTLY to the hospitals and docs and be run by the Government ( probably as sub contractors as the current structure doesnt allow it), and screw having the patient go to the doc, doc biling insurance, insurance questions doc and pharmacy, both submitt more paperwork, both then bill insurance, insurance refunds both of them for the difference between patient paymebt and the bill.. OR, patient sees doc, doc is paid by Government for their hourly wage... which way REALLY cuts cost?
  12. The problem is Daboll gives up on the run completely, even when Singletary is averaging 6 ypc. This O has no identity.
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