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  1. The whole QB draft class of last year will end up with 1, maybe 2 starters by year 5. None of them will be in Buffalo or NJ.
  2. He was the main target in preseason, now that Daboll is "scheming" in all his genius, Beasley gets nothing.
  3. We'll have to wait and see how many turn overs Allen forces the defense to overcome. I'd say hes good for at least 1 fhmble and a pick.
  4. Practice is where you improve, games are where you produce. That like saying a golfer won't imprive with their driver because they only use it 12 times a round.
  5. Tyrod sucks balls, but he didn't turn the ball over. Mariotta is the same thing, but taller. Neither is getting you anywhere and I'd take either of them vs what Allen has done this year. There wouldnt be a need for a comeback all the time if he wasnt a giant pike of shit for 3.5 quarters a game. This team could just as easily be .500 or below vs the softest schedule you coukd ever hope for in this division. The offense sucks and its mostly on Allen.
  6. Oh no, secret is out Levi is garbage and it only took Fitz to figure it out. Dude was beat like a drum all preseason and been having safety help rolled to him a lot, he's a serious week link. CB first round, you heard it here first!
  7. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt last year, I gave up on him being the guy after week 3, honestly and I'm not hyperbolizing here, I think Tyrod is better. He doesn't see guys or won't throw to them, have to believe it's doesn't see them because God knows he will heave a ball. Throws awful interceptions, fumbles and generally is just sloppy with the ball. He can't hit a long ball and that shit goes back to his pro day, couldn't hit guys long with nothing stopping him. He may be able to throw through a brick wall, but thats not useful without skill. He's garbage and I hope they realize it sooner than later, this isn't getting better. Even if they make the playoffs inspite of him, he will have them bounced in the first round. By the way, where are all the apologists assholes saying the Patriots only looked so good statistically because we hadn't played the Dolphins yet? Maybe we can trade for Tallrod, I mean Mariotta before the deadline and have a chance to win the way we did with Tyrod.
  8. If you look up the Buffalo Billion, you will find the articles about Cuomo funneling that money to his pet developers who are mostly in prision now.. some of the money was used for its intentions, a lot was not. There have been some huge strides in Buffalo revitalization, its great to see. There's still a lot to do, but the waterfront is awesome. IL and NY suffer from the same basic issues, high taxes, major cities draining the funds for the rural areas, high crime and poverty in those cities and a lot of policies put in place trying to legislate people out of poverty, the next time that works, will be the first. I would add they both suffer from criminal corruption in the government, to the point its almost laughable, but the votes keep coming becase the poor look to the government for help and the Democrats go to move is to promise more free stuff. The problem arises when those who are making a living get sick of funding free stuff and not getting anything in return except higher taxes the next year. There comes a point when you have to ask, what the hell is the money being spent on? There doesn't seem to be any answer. Cuomo was out in the press complaining about the new Federal Tax code causing people to move from NY because it removed the write off for property taxes in excess of $10k, and it was causing a billion dollar decficit in the NY budget. 2 weeks later he passes new legislation, middle of the night style, throwing $100M a year in the budget for political campaigns, gives free college out to illegal immigrants, along with drivers licenses ( which I tend to think was more of a revenue generation ploy), etc. Ignoring the basic need to be able to fund it all, or that the tax base is shrinking annually, but lets add more expenses. So to quickly recap, losing tax revenue in large quantity, intentionally increasing expenditures on non necessities. My wife and I got an opportunity to leave and took off. We aren't rich, but as a household we fall in roughly the top 15% of household earning in NY and still have 30+ years of normal income to earn. When people like ourselves and those who make significantly more, leave to escape the taxes, it's harmful. We now pay 2% less income tax, 1.1% property tax vs 3.8% + another .25% special assessment for the fire department. Overall going to NC, has saved us around $15k annually in taxes and oh by the way, almost everything costs less here to boot. I can't ever see going back, unless things change in a huge way. There has to be a shift towards some form of fiscally conservative spending. Its out of hand right now. Since neither party seems to know what that means anymore, im guessing that wont be happening anytime soon.
  9. The world will crash down on him at some point, he's not even trying to hide his corruption any more. He just walks around with his dick hanging out and daring people to say something. How all his buddies ended up in prison for taking the money he funneled to them and he gets reelected is beyond me. I swear people are blind sometimes, or so affraid of change, the evil in front of them is better to deal with than the unknown. Unfortunately, it's no different in DC, Trump is a mess, but the alternative looks worse. Neither party has a current candidate or plan of action worth supporting, but we again are stuck with a racoon hair douche or a turd sandwich as choices. Term limits need to be in place and lifetime pay needs to leave the Senate and Congress, having life long organized criminals running the country, serves no one, but the criminals. Three years wasted trying to find holes in Trump to remove him before he managed to show the real corruption has been a giant waste of time and resources. If this country was actually run by intelligent people, looking out for the country, they would know he's only one man and a temporary figure at that, they could make him powerless simply by working for the greater good. Instead, they have to cover their own asses because he came in vowing to drain the swamp and they don't want to go to prision, so we have a pissing match instead of accomplishing anything. It shows his foolishness in boasting about literally everything in public and how hes going to catch them all, would have been much easier if he had any semblance of restraint. Then they try to frame everything wrong as his fault and take credit for all that's right and almost everything is a compounding of long standing policy moreso than anything Trump has done, but lets not forget whos been there 40 years, so its really easy to see why they are scared of a boisterous fool taking all the credit. It's all a giant swamp, the only way to drain it is to get rid of everyone and start fresh, but we won't ever get the chance to vote on term limits because the people who control the option to make it happen are the ones that would lose their jobs.
  10. Oh, you poor thing, can barely read and think you actually can judge intelligence. Just keep voting yourself further into tax poverty and have a nice life in NY. I already left a couple months ago. MAGA the NY way, Make Andrew Govenor Again Then bitch that nothing gets better, but taxes, unemployment and homeless rates keep rising. It's the Democrat way. Meanwhile, the population shrinks, the large income earners continue to leave and it's all Trump's fault for not subsidizing the asinine tax rates of NY with Federal Tax breaks. In a time of deficit, your boy throws in a cool $100M for political campaigns per year to the budget, because tax payers should take care of the politicians more. Only a fool would view this as the right path for the citizens of NY, luckily for Andy, that's all that will be left soon.
  11. If true, and illegitimately so, he's in deep shit. The golf courses are just misrepresentation of fact. The assessed value of a property has nothing to do with the valuation of the business on it. The property itself may only have a market value of $1.5M, while the business on it may be worth Billions, it doesn't change the value of the land and it doesn't change the right of an owner to contest its value, nor the governing body from being forced to prove their valuation. If they lost and Trump won, the assessment was invalid and thats the end of the story.
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