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  1. I think it was Foutes who said he “runs like a deranged rhino”, he had hands too. I had great hopes for him, too bad he wasted it all.
  2. Thus team is not on the cusp of a championship, in all likelihood, and I certainly don't think Kamara is the piece to push it over the top. You can't continue to trade picks for higher priced Vets, thats how you end up in cap hell.. I would love to have him, but this is a Madden trade scenario, not the real world. As of this minute, the only hope of winning the AFC is for Maholmes to be injured. Thats it. Christian Wade might be your Kamara and thats what you will have to hope for.
  3. Tre is damn near a must re-sign. IF he goes all Ramsey on you, trade him and take the ransom. There really isn't one player on a team who's worth over committing to and to me, Tre is realllllly good, but I see a top 10 guy, not a top 3 guy, physically he just isn't elite and it shows up when you put him on speed guys. Yes he was an all-pro, but he also got to pick on all-no qbs this year, so in fairness, he earned it, but it wasn't necessarily a repeatable feat. Tackles are hard to find and I don't see Dawkins as elite either, but hes damn good. Hes going to be paid like the best and that hurts, but replacements are going to be cheap either. Ts going to cost a high pick or a pile of cash. I would have loved to stayed in the 1st this year and grabbed one of the T prospects that ultimately would be a top 10 pick invirtually any other draft. So I think you have to pay him. Milano, I like. I really do, but there is NO DOUBT, I would let him walk before committing 10+MM to him a year. Let someone else pay for a position that doesn't command that level of cap %, its just not worth it. Hes a solid player, not a game changer. He has done well and there is a noticeable drop off without him, but look at who's behind him and ask youself, why might he clearly be better? Most of the guys are ST players and not much more.
  4. I doubt the Chargers are going up for a RB, they have Eckler and no real shot to compete this year, not real wise to invest more at a marginally impactful position, especially after the contract to Eckler.
  5. Trump has lost any respect I had for him in this whole Crisis and has proven exactly what the left has been crying, he’s not the right leader for the job. Unfortunately, the left cronies decided to try to use the situation to push their agendas and further proved they are out for their own, not the citizens of the country. It’s sickening. It’s been obvious Trump is a rally point and a loud mouth with few actual principals since day one and a lot of his policy is absolute shit, but to his credit, it had been going pretty well in the short term and was a helluva a lot better than the last loser to occupy his position. He has now folded to every pressure which has stood in his way and hung is out to dry with this Pandemic policy. Sadly, he doesn’t even recognize it yet. He should have stuck to his guns and said the US will not shut down, those who need to be protected will be given the backing from a federal level with a FMLA type of backing which will allow anyone with immunodeficiency or over the age of 60 to stay home until the risk has decreased. He could have stood up and said, evidence points to this being about as serious as the flu and I’m very sorry Italy had such a problem, but our infrastructure is better. I will put out an executive recommendation to temporarily suspend all elective procedures in hospitals, ramp up supply chains, and prepare the military divisions whom can help us get through this, if some areas experience a high concentration of sickness. The citizens of the United States cannot afford time have their livelihoods stripped of them, jobs destroyed, and futures mortgaged in order to try to simply delay the inevitable spread of a virus, which, while deadly to some, offers less symptoms than the common flu to most. Instead, he went full leftist and panicked, sent everything into a tail spin and has the general population freaking out, while listening to the over dramatic main stream news. Oh and he’s STILL going to be blamed for the virus and the economy has fallen apart at his own doing. He’s a fucking fool. This was the time to stay strong and LEAD. Don’t allow the panic. Stand up and tell everyone, it may be rough, but America is strong and we will prevail. Instead he got worried about votes and can’t take the chance of a this over blown bullshit virus, possibly killing more than the average flu season, so he shut it down, like the giant pussy he is. What a fucking loser. All that said, I’m still rooting for Pelosi to piss off the Clinton’s.
  6. The plan is there for the mortgages, but you put it off for 90 days and collect interest on it and still have to make the payments later. If I lose my job, yeah, I probably will use that, because it’s there and my wife is going out of work for 6 weeks with our baby due any day now. That said, a lot of people are going to try to do it and screw themselves. Nothing is free and that word should be considered a swear word at this point.
  7. It’s coming from new debt, which the Fed is trying to generate a source for by purchasing back all the old debt with the current tax base and then going to leave everything else un(der)funded, until the new debt comes in and refunds everything they just robbed from. The problem is it’s essentially “fake money” that will ultimately sink the country into a true depression, IF we assume the money market actually is real, if it is, we are going down, if it’s all bullshit, life will go on pretty normally.
  8. I think its a fine blend, the first thing is seeing if Allen is the future or if he has to be replaced. If hes good enough to go forward with you have to double down for the 4th and 5th years. He is not Maholmes who was clearly ready at year 3 to go after it. You have to do exactly what Beane is doing, field the best team you can for this year with outs at the end of Allen's rookie contract. If he shows he's the man, he gets paid and the big contracts have to go. If he's not, you dump the contracts and start the rebuild without those guys anyway. If he balls out this year, you go all in for the next 2 years, if its more of last year, you have to hold off on the all in approach and either fice him year 4 to show or go, or start targeting a replacement. I think he may be more or less of a Cam Newton type that has to have a power game that makes it hard to defend him, allows him to run and still use the vertical game to take the top off, pressure the D at all times from all angles. Given the right system he may flourish, given the wrong circumstances, you have the bad Cam. We cannot mess around with bad Cam, if thats the best you can get, you have to move on. Hopefully, the system we see this year will be a bit of a fancy hybrid of the first two years where JA gets to use his legs more off script, continues to be able to pick the middle of the field apart and isn't affraid to put the ball in the air for the big hitters. I dont think there is much excuse, Diggs and Brown are not the best WRs individually, but they are a really good pair, there should be plenty of down field opportunities. Beasley is good over the middle to move chains. The TE group isn't great, but should be adequate. The line should be solid. I expect a RB to be added, DS is good, we need another pounder and ideally a really good 3rd down back. It would be great to add the blue chip guy that puts DS into a secondary role, but I don't know if they will use the draft capital to get that type of guy after spending a 3rd on DS last year. I do think he can be your bell cow if given a chance, but that hasn't been the case yet. They didn't show much faith in him for short yardage, which surprised me. The guy is a bowling ball, who can get lower? Anyway, to the point of this all, the team is built to see if Allen is the man and be able to adjust from there. Right now, it would be hadd to do better than what Beane has done, even if I'm not as thrilled w Diggs as everyone else.
  9. If you forgo rent payments, you also have to not collect taxes, utilities, etc that landlords have to pay. Most people who own rentals are far from rich, it takes a VERY substantial investment to aquire a home for renting. The repayment of the home yields a little profit each month. In WNY, the average rental home, because if the obscene taxes, only yields about 10-12% "profit" a month, so to keep that in perspective, you pay $1600 for rent, the landlord is lucky to keep $200 a month on a really good property, that takes 30 of those to really "make a good living" thats a minimum of 2MM invested and thats if its super low cost houses. Most will be leveraged (using loans, not neccesarily banks) in order to get there. There are a lot of expexpenses. To give all renters time off and then expect them to magically pay back everything they owe is a joke. Its just not the way the world works.
  10. Yes he is lucky to still be in the league. No he did not tear his ACL in a gopher hole. He is lucky he got carried to a ring. You still sound like a dickbag.
  11. What the literal F are you talking about? The only thing remotely accurate about this ramble is getting a ring in KC.
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