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  1. Lets be real, it was a serious question if he could make the transition from playing low level D1 to the NFL because of his size and lack of actual moves. He was able to blow past people before and he's strong, but his strength isn't where Donald is. Donald did more in college against much stiffer competition and didn't do a helluva lot his first half season, Oliver has a long way to be mentioned in the same breath as Donald. Personally, I wouldn't have taken the risk, just didn't see enough there to justify it, but now, he better learn to rush the passer or he's going to be the next Shaq. This team has a bad tendancy to fall for elite traits and not looking for football players, its pretty rare those traits work out to be make you great. The one area where McClappy clearly has an eye is DBs, he gets a lot out of lesser physically special players. I'm not sure how it is, regardless of GM, you see them fall for athletes over and over again, not football players. The only exception I can note is Tre White. Singletary might become that ex exception too, but they had best quit wasting first round picks on projects. Its been a miserable failure and why they still suck today.
  2. Daboll has never had an offense better than this, not sure why its a surprise to anyone. He has also had shit QBs every time he has been a coordinator, so what comes first, a qb that can execute or an offense for them to execute? He will be fired at years end.
  3. So its the kicker's fault this week, but Allen was God when Tenn missed 4 kicks.. ok..
  4. I'd take the Phins with no points. Bills will get rolled this week.
  5. Its not going to happen, but yes it should. I have lost interest, the team sucks and Stevie Wonder can see it. Only the "who woud we hire" crowd wants to argue it, as if its an impossible task to improve upon this mess. I know what Beane did was out of desperation for a QB, but his picks have pretty much sucked sooooo he should be on the block too.
  6. He should be benched now and see if the O starts moving with Barkley, if so, the Benching is for the season, go win the job in camp.
  7. Well I guess we should ride out the Rookie contract, we can't do better, might as well not try.
  8. I have been saying it since preseason.. he's not good, nobody would hear it. Just like everything else, you either see the reality or you don't and don't want to. He's apparently another McDermott's boys.
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