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  1. And thats because a DemoRat ruined the healthcare system by forcing a monopolized system of insurance on you. The system is so damn flawed its pathetic, but yay Obama did nothing wrong.
  2. That's the best you came up with? Can you live without riding on an airplane? Do you feel beter know somebody is going to have a harder time hijacking the plane youbare on and crashing it into a building. Yes douchebag, that is for your safety.
  3. People inherently touch their face more with the mask, without even thinking of it, so they don't wash their hands, exposing themselves directly to the virus. CDC disclosed this, recommend people not wear masks. Narrative changed now, so they dont comment.
  4. Actually, in many places, there is zero certification required, but generally you see CNA/CNS requirement, a 6 week course gets you the license and you can be working there and even in hospitals as a student. So quite often there are non-licensed people providing care, because they are "under the guidance" of a licensed person. In real terms, they need one licensed person on the schedule to remain in compliance.
  5. No. All of those are for your own personal safety and you have the right to refuse them as well, by not using the service or paying a small fine. You cannot live without food, so when there is a mandatory regulation to "protect" others, which the CDC has said actually makes you MORE prone to catching a virus, on an institution the vast majority of people literally can't live without, it is an issue. Stop trying to manipulate the facts to fit a narrative.
  6. Yeah actually, the numbers are far better for most places that haven't gone crazy with it and say what you want, the "outbreaks" are happening in blue states where Corona virus deaths are through the roof, but there hasn't been a single death from natural causes in weeks. Definitely nothing to do with a fucked up system of paying for deaths, not cures. To the OP, private business owners should ABSOLUTELY have the right to require a mask of their customers and employees and people absolutely have the right to go elsewhere too.
  7. Yep, players have to become bug time players or they are just wastes of picks. Both Allen and Edmunds represent MULTIPLE picks and neither has been great. Knox cost 3 or was it 4 picks? Oliver, #9 overall, better be something special. All of them need to step up to the big leagues this year or it's just another year of mediocre. They might get away with a bunch of super fast average Joe's and Maholmes slinging it around, but that's not what we are looking at here.
  8. Probably would have been looking at Mayfield being here if they were really after Allen. All that said, I think it is going to become quite interesting what twams do with QBs now. The proof is out there, spending too much for a QB almost assures you won't win a Super Bowl. All the teams that sign their guy to monster deals regress because they can't keep a team together. Regardless of what Allen does this year, I'd be pretty surprised to see him here beyond the 5th year, maybe 6 on a franchise tag. You have to get the young guy who can execute at a high enough level and surround them with a monster team, or get a Brady who takes less so he can have the team. Look at the SB winners of late, all but 1 has a qb on a below market deal and its arguable for every single Patriots title, that is the case too.
  9. Is anybody surprised? Who else would you even argue for? 22 starters x 32 teams, who on the Bills is considered a top 5 at their position? Only White. Diggs actually surprises me a little, but then who? You are looking for the best 3-4 players per position and obviously people care more about "skill positions" than line etc, so even if you wanted to argue Morse, which isn't a good argument, there's little chance. Run it down: Allen? Nope Anybody but Diggs at WR? Nope. TEs? 🤣😂😂 Rb? Nope. OL? Not really. DL? Nope. Secondary outside of White? Nope. LBs? Nope , only Bills fans think their guys are elite, news flash, they're not. ST? Roberts, but you really thinking KR as a top 100 player? NOPE. So why is anybody surprised? You have a young team, with some promise, no real superstars (Tre was All Pro, but still not a household name. Diggs has been good, never great). The Bills might be a team in the top 10 of teams with the top 500 players. I think you could argue for 5-9 guys would fall in that range, with Allen ( iffff you believe the hype), Diggs, Brown, Hughes, White, Hyde, Poyer, Edmunds, Milano, Morse, Dawkins. Personally, I don't think they even all fall in that range, but you can think what you want.
  10. Im on record as saying it, the first few weeks of last year he was a good player, he disappeared by mid year. I like him, really do, and wish he got a real shot earlier, but hes not a full year player anymore. If injuries become a problem and hes in game shape, he can be a good player in short bursts, but I wouldn't be about having him playing a full year.
  11. I hear ya, but the guy is old and the season is long. He can't contribute for a whole year at a high level. If the Bills are in good shape for a run in the playoffs, I'd take him back around week 12. Get ready and lets go raise some hell in the playoffs.
  12. Do it, PLEASE DO IT! We are wasting so much damn money over a fake crisis, just go right ahead and start this now, bury the Dem party for November. Power drunk fools.
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