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  1. TEN's schedule is Browns, Jags, Lions, Packers, Texans so don't get too excited about passing them anytime soon.
  2. Hero ball. I've accepted he's just going to throw those once in a while. When he goes into Hero mode he gets tunnel vision as you pointed out Beasley was open.
  3. Stuck a peace sign in the defender's face on the first TD too no one cared.
  4. I can forgive the pick Allen will always have those but he's GOTTA fall on that fumble.
  5. Everyone on the secondary wants to pad their stats with an interception and all they manage to do is run into each other which allows the receiver to catch it.
  6. Literally went out to eat inside a restaurant in orange county tonight lol this whole thing is fucked in the head
  7. Maybe blitzing the QB? Clearly having 3 people back there didn't help much.
  8. I remember the collective dread when the schedule came out and then the absolute ass whooping that actually occurred. The NFL is a beautiful thing sometimes.
  9. Well the only way to get better is to practice. Plus every playoff game is national so if you can't shake that monkey off our back then what's the point of even clinching
  10. Must be a weird experience to attend a game at 7.5% capacity. Like you could yell stuff at the players and they might actually hear you.
  11. Never cared much about them and maybe even rooted for them at times but this week I wanted them to lose badly.
  12. Went out with the concussion Line was gelling with Feliciano in McD decided not to fix something that wasn't broken
  13. Imagine thinking the Dolphins are going to hit on that early first round pick and Tua isn't going to re-injure his hip. Imagine thinking the Jets aren't going to completely ruin Lawrence, if they even get him. I'm still not convinced they won't pull 3 wins out of their ass at the last second. Just like the Bills they have a knack for blowing a sure thing.
  14. Points for: 1st quarter - 2nd 2nd quarter - 17th 3rd quarter - 28th 4th quarter - 2nd Points against: 1st quarter - 2nd least 2nd quarter - 10th least 3rd quarter - 31st most 4th quarter - 24th most Point differentials by quarter: 1st: +43 2nd: +8 3rd: -46 4th: +2
  15. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/A/AlleJo02/gamelog/?opp_id=mia Won't happen. Allen specializes in making sushi. Our schedule isn't as bad as people make it seem. Chargers, 49ers, Broncos, Patriots, Dolphins are all games we can expect to win. We likely won't but it's not some gauntlet of death. Steelers should be the only game we're not favored to win and even then they are coming to our house and we should give them a fight. While Miami does have an easier schedule, Bengals aren't the pushover everyone makes them out to be. Chiefs are the Chiefs, and the Raiders are still good. I feel good about our chances at home in January if we go in there with a tied record.
  16. #catchgate Imagine if they came back and ruled it incomplete lol
  17. Yeah I mean you don't even have to stay with someone in coverage. You just gotta stand in front of them and jump at the right time.
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