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  1. Jets and Dolphins both had garbage time TDs that made those games seem closer than they were. Losses were blowouts to 2/3 of the best teams in the AFC.
  2. Looking back the game wasn't as bad as initially thought. The defense planned for Adam Gase play calling and then as it turns out he turned that over so they had to adjust. Which they did, as evidenced by the fact of the Jets' 190 total yards, something like 124 of them were in the first quarter. The Bills' defense allowed 4 yards in the entire 2nd half. As for the TDs, even not counting the Kroft stumble there was also another TD taken away because Davis was lined up a foot behind where he should have.
  3. McDermott should fire Frazier, take over defensive playcalling, and hire a clock management specialist to take over timeout duties.
  4. Given that McD praised him yesterday and said it was a great outing I'd say he's not going anywhere.
  5. Milano's presence was hiding his weakness and he's lost without him. Just not recognizing the plays fast enough.
  6. The issue wasn't that the Tians had positive cases. It was the team having secret practices and then complaining that the media treated them unfairly about it. Also, 1 case is a little different than fucking THIRTY
  7. Our entire defensive 2nd string should still be able to take care of the Jest.
  8. Defense is still hurting so I think the Jets score a lot but we score even more. Closer than it should be, 31-24
  9. Good breakdown here. He made some good decisions but was clearly rattled and never recovered. The next step in his development will need to be learning to recover when rattled early. He's a head case and unlike his other issues this one is tough to work on in the offseason. Hopefully more live action experience will help.
  10. I'd be surprised if McDermott's method of coaching can lead the Bills to a 12-4 record.
  11. 3-1 Team gets it's shit together and more importantly its injured players
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