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  1. He's going to create a paradox between not getting any calls on headshots and also being a Patriot QB that gets all the calls.
  2. There's no excuse for Cam Newton to beat McDermott's defense. The guy should know exactly how to beat him.
  3. Prefer the old helmet and really don't like the white/yellow fade but otherwise they are good.
  4. That London game in 2015 perfectly encapsulated his career. His good play could never quite make up for his poor play.
  5. It's gotta be almost 100% on Allen at this point. Even if the defense drops a bit, coaching will keep them at worst above average which is enough if the offense can get better, which starts and ends with Allen. He has a line and plenty of weapons.
  6. Let no man say that Josh Allen isn't an entertainer. Unfortunately he tripped over his own gigantic balls on that play.
  7. Doesn't he have the highest drop rate over the last few years in the league? Should fit nicely with the team with the worst drop rate.
  8. She was hot as fuck in Hustlers I thought it was fine, nothing really special. It was a good act for Miami. I was amazed there weren't any wardrobe malfunctions. There was almost zero margin of error down there. It was pretty funny going so quickly from J Lo grinding on a pole to a bunch of children singing.
  9. Finally found a home now that I'm being carried to the Super Bowl with no expectations placed on me. Chiefs can get equal or better production without the injury scares for less money.
  10. I bet he would be a good mentor for our 2 rookies at the very least.
  11. I would hope so considering we play both of those teams next year.
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