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  1. He had one in the Dolphins game last year Week 17. Kinda funny people always talk about how that was his best game but he threw a pick 6 right before the half.
  2. https://www.theringer.com/platform/amp/nfl/2019/11/21/20975461/josh-allen-buffalo-bills-quarterback-perception?__twitter_impression=true He’s OK with his deep ball accuracy coming together last; just like his golf swing, he knows that as long as he’s hitting the ball straight, the length will eventually come. “I’m 100 percent OK with an overthrow compared to a pick under,” Allen says. “I’ll take that 100 times out of 100.” It's a long read but a good one.
  3. Even with all of Allen's issues I'm sure when they look at their QB stable there's not many QBs they wouldn't take.
  4. That's pretty incredible honestly considering we're ranked in the 20s for scoring.
  5. There's plenty of scenarios where we don't get in at 10-6. I think we will need a few teams to drop games to bad teams.
  6. He's tied for 3rd on Pass Rush Win Rate. So he IS beating his blocks as often as he could be expected to. I guess the struggle comes after that point.
  7. I don't care about having games in other countries but there are atmospheric factors that have an effect on the games. Like when we did games in Toronto we took a home game away that would have been played outdoors in the elements and played it in a dome. I remember playing the Falcons and thinking "they are used to playing in a dome, this is an advantage for them for what's supposed to be a home game for us". For Mexico they play at like 7,500 feet altitude. That makes a huge difference in the players' ability to play at their best. With London you get the jet lag. I saw that teams that play in London are 0-8 the next week in the last 4 games. I don't see players getting over their jet lag by Tuesday for practice after playing in London on Sunday and flying back.
  8. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/McDeSe0.htm There's even a whole section on challenges. McDermott is 2-11 on challenges with the Bills.
  9. I have the feeling we'll be finding ourselves very unlucky for the Cowboys game.
  10. I think we can win any game still on the schedule. But the Patriots in NE late in the season is not a game you want to be a must-win.
  11. I don't know why but this imagine in my head makes me laugh. It's true though. I expect some brutally bad calls to go against us. AMERICA wants to see Dak and Zeke at that table.
  12. They have 7 losses now and have to think their playoff hopes are essentially dead. Or we have another "desperate team saving their season" ahead of us.
  13. Yes, Dolphins fans are experts on good QB play. They have seen so much of it, after all.
  14. I think this is the team McDermott was envisioning. I don't think anyone wants the defense to completely carry the team. But holding the opposition when the offense is figuring things out is essential. The problem so far has been that the offense never gets its footing but yesterday they did and we won in the manner we should have.
  15. John Brown is the best WR we've had since God knows when. Moulds? Stevie? Lee Evans?
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