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  1. Lol Watson is fucked I doubt we see him play again. Either he's a piece of shit predator or someone (McNair) wants him destroyed badly. Either way he's screwed.
  2. Still wondering why they won't give Antonio Williams a shot. And what are we doing with Christian Wade?
  3. That OL was a turnstile all night. Never seen Mahomes take hits like that before. Hopefully there's something in the tape other teams can use.
  4. Must have been polishing that shiny chain from his couch watching the Bills in the playoffs.
  5. I'm not rooting for either team. I've already got Mahomes fatigue. My Brady fatigue was gone the whole season but came roaring back for the playoffs.
  6. I got into AMC for 100 shares last week at $3 as basically just a swing bet. I figured make a few hundred at $7 and get out. I ended up selling at $21.50 during pre-market the other day. Did not expect that at all but I'm happy with it.
  7. I've been on wsb for about 5 years and this site since the BBMB went under and I gotta say I never thought I'd ever see one mentioning the other. It's like introducing your high school friends to your college friends.
  8. He's big and strong and half the time gets away from defenders in his face but the other half the time that 25 yard sack occurs.
  9. Right now he's 2018 Mahomes. Beat them this week and he's 2019 Mahomes. Win it all and he's caught up.
  10. My most vivid memory of Scott Chandler is fumbling vs. Atlanta in Toronto with the game on the line.
  11. There's so many good QBs coming up in the AFC, who knows if we'll get to another one. Look at guys like Rodgers, Ryan, Phillips, and Brees. All great QBs that only went once (Rodgers pending and Phillips didn't even get to one). 3 of those guys didn't even have to go up against Brady to get to the SB and still they all only got to 1.
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