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  1. I cannot imagine it takes a genius at OC to get good production out of Allen given his abilities. All it requires is someone that understands his skillset and can game plan around that. I have to trust McDermott/Beane to be able to vet that much out of a candidate. But honestly they should be looking hard at Ken Dorsey.
  2. He's said before that he sees himself making his retirement speech with a Bills jersey on. This is his team.
  3. I was picturing in my head Allen tearing off the sleeves of his jersey and going legit sleeveless.
  4. Got to be by 9+ because we sure as hell don't win close games this year.
  5. Meh we would've wiped the floor with NE in game 1 without the wind, of which there will be none this time. The team was up and down at that point. Right now they've got a ton of momentum. We have a semblance of a run game. Belichick can do whatever he wants on defense, but he can't black magic his noodle armed rookie QB into being Tom Brady. And the last I checked Bills had the best defense in the entire league.
  6. Dude has spent years in Wyoming and Buffalo and still trying to figure out how to deal with the cold.
  7. Sounds like some more curses for the team to break.
  8. I'd argue Bills have an advantage on offense vs. the Pats. They can run the ball but if you are able to slow it down at all then they have to rely on Jones to win it which he hasn't really shown he can do. The Bills' run game has come alive a bit the last few games and as long as the weather holds up Allen can still sling it to run the score up and force them to start throwing.
  9. Bills have Jamie "The Scottish Hammer" Gillan on the practice squad Will they bring him up? Just look at this guy:
  10. Give me the earliest possible time slot I don't want to wait and that will give them more rest time if they win. If they win great I can relax and watch the rest of the games. If the lose fuck but at least I can relax and watch the rest of the games.
  11. holy shit lmao talk about insult to injury He was really talking that much shit just to still be down by 7 when the Bills had a ton of momentum.
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