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  1. For what it's worth Allen's rush numbers blow them out of the water. Also Jesus, Tyrod took 46 sacks!
  2. I won't fault Hauschka for the final kick but the 34 yarder I will put blame on him for. That's a PAT. Josh does deserve blame. Daboll deserves blame. McDermott deserves blame. Many things that by themselves didn't kill us but put together did.
  3. Even if he is playing to tie, why stop at a 50 yard FG? Particularly when your kicker has missed 4 in a row from 50+. The conservative play there would actually be to get a hell of a lot closer to kick it.
  4. Take the deep passes and designed QB runs and instead on those plays just run the ball with Singletary.
  5. He needs to work on that all offseason. It's not even an accuracy thing so much as he's throwing lasers. He needs to put air under them so the receiver can catch up to it.
  6. My 8-8 prediction looking good. Might beat the Dolphins and Jets again but we're losing the rest.
  7. It was the Flutie curse when they benched him for Rob Johnson and started the drought. However that ended so I am not sure if we're still cursed. We're poised to make the playoffs again and have a pretty bright future, at least at the moment.
  8. The "experts" had us winning fewer than 6 games this year and we already matched that in Week 10.
  9. Even worse, they are #6 in pass defense lol However without 2 safeties I'm not sure how that gets affected.
  10. I see us trading leads often and whoever has the ball last probably wins. I can't in good faith pick the Browns so I'll say 31-29 Bills
  11. He's essentially anti-process so I would not expect McBeane to make an attempt at him.
  12. He looks like a skinnier version of John Candy from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  13. His passing stats aren't that much better than Allen's. He's been pretty average outside of the Dolphins game week 1. It's just the running where he stands out. But how sustainable is that, even for a guy as athletic as him?
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