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  1. I don't get why the Bills didn't wait until the end of the season to sign him onto a gigantic contract. He himself said it wasn't a priority and had no problem waiting if they didn't get it done in the preseason. Unless he looked good during camp and now is regressing due to the mental stress he's putting on himself to live up to the contract. We know he's a bit of a headcase at times.
  2. What tells me that it's mental and not physical is the one drive in the 3rd where we saw 2020 Josh. Team drove down the entire field in like 5 plays, Josh hitting the open man in the middle over and over. He had one errant pass that entire drive but looked every bit as good as last year otherwise. Then it was gone as soon as it appeared.
  3. Usually Allen is the Dolphins' daddy so if shit is fucked again this week you know there's something in the film that's been figured out and they will need to scramble to solve it.
  4. Offense not taking what the defense gave them is the theme of the day. So many opportunities passed up.
  5. I mean, is he a lost cause or just needs more time? How long do CBs usually take to hit their ceiling?
  6. Honestly I'd say the TE has an even better look if Allen lasers it into his stomach. The window was there.
  7. Is Dane Jackson not developed enough or is he simply not good?
  8. 50 passes are fine as long as every single one is a screen to motor in open space
  9. The only player that was covid-affected was Dawkins, who got the shot and then got sick afterward. Pretty obvious he wasn't back to normal yet last week.
  10. These are the same people that thought the Patriots were done in 2014 when they got blown out by the Chiefs
  11. It's almost like there was a reason the Steelers paid Watt $112 million the day before the game. He might be really good or something.
  12. OL is suspect. Receivers dropping left and right. Allen missed 2 big time throws deep. Other than that team looked OK.
  13. Bills go up early, give up the lead, take it back late edit: Now that I think of it, that describes so many Bills games of the last 2-3 years.
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