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  1. If he was such a known generational talent one of the other 9 teams before KC would have picked him up.
  2. You can't dwell on this stuff. There's 9 other teams that didn't take Mahomes. The Bears took a QB in that draft before Mahomes. By this logic we should be kicking ourselves for not taking Brady or Rodgers or Wilson.
  3. Injury prone. Not just missing games but even much of the time when he played he wasn't 100% which limited his production when playing. And I would not be surprised to hear the former Bills' training staff mismanaged his foot issues. We all saw his potential at times but he was very inconsistent. The Rams found that out and got rid of him and it's tough to know where he stands in KC because he's in a ridiculous WR corps where he's like the #3.
  4. Having the #2 and #3 picks within a 3 year span doesn't hurt. The Bills never go 2-14 or 4-12 to get those franchise-changing players, let alone in multiple years.
  5. I mean they are millionaires anyway they really don't need England's taxpayers footing their bills at all
  6. Is there proof Markle is even responsible? Harry has been fucked up since his mother died he's pretty open about it. Could see him wanting out for a long time and sees this as an opportunity to dip out.
  7. No, I went through my stages of grief. "No way they won't call that back on a hold." "What the fuck refs are pussies!!" "Maybe the league will accept that mistake. That overturned TD was the whole game!" "We'll never win again. The schedule is harder next year and everyone's getting older and Allen can't see anything." "The team lost due to poor execution in crunch time and will use this experience to be better next time"
  8. My biggest question on Allen is can a QB improve his field vision? He seems to miss open guys a lot because he's tunnel visioned down the field. I'm not worried about anything else tbh. If he can start to see the whole field everything else will get better.
  9. He doesn't have it anymore to be a full time workhorse RB. I could see him having a role as a rotational guy in an offense with a good OL where he can go in the 2nd half with fresh legs and wear down a defense.
  10. I get it was a shitty play but also Dimarco is 6'1" which makes him better suited to make that catch than any of our WRs
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