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  1. Right now he's 2018 Mahomes. Beat them this week and he's 2019 Mahomes. Win it all and he's caught up.
  2. My most vivid memory of Scott Chandler is fumbling vs. Atlanta in Toronto with the game on the line.
  3. There's so many good QBs coming up in the AFC, who knows if we'll get to another one. Look at guys like Rodgers, Ryan, Phillips, and Brees. All great QBs that only went once (Rodgers pending and Phillips didn't even get to one). 3 of those guys didn't even have to go up against Brady to get to the SB and still they all only got to 1.
  4. I don't know why he should have been threatened. The Patriots and Jets games last year showed Barkley wasn't the stud backup we thought he was. Fromm was pretty widely considered to not be starting material.
  5. I think he'll play, but I am uncertain what activities he is allowed to participate in if he hasn't cleared protocol. Can he still watch film? Attend meetings? How prepared will he be if he doesn't clear until Friday or Saturday?
  6. We really need Beasley to get back to normal production ASAP. He keeps the chains moving on every single drive.
  7. If we can't beat KC with a QB that probably won't practice most of this week then we likely didn't stand a chance against GB or Tampa anyway.
  8. The long ball was the only thing that looked bad which I think was due to wind. But Allen kept going to it so it made him seem even worse. They really should have stuck to shorter passes when they realized the wind was so bad. But he did enough and managed the game to a win. Every week doesn't need to be a 300 yard 4 TD affair. We only rushed for 32 yards so he doesn't have a run game to lean on when the conditions are not good. I feel like if Davis had caught that TD that went through his arms we'd be looking at this game differently in terms of Allen's performance.
  9. 6'1" 223 lbs so I think he can still serve that power back role. For reference Moss is 5'9" 223 lbs.
  10. I worry about this game not because I don't think we can't contain Lamar but because he's pretty good at dumping off short passes when he can't run it and we're pretty awful at defending screens. Almost feels like we're being set up to commit to the run and they are going to show up with a completely different strategy. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. Regarding the tackling, I watched some analysis of Jonathon Taylor and the thing I came out with is that dude does NOT want to go down ever. You could not assume once there was contact that he was going to be stopped because he keep churning his legs and more often than not he'll get a few extra yards out of it. He's also extremely good at making something out of nothing when the hole isn't there. We only held him to 78 yards but it sure felt like a lot more.
  12. Week 1 2018. That was the first time Allen saw the field. I had been dating a girl for about 3 months at the time and wanted to bring her in and convert her into a fan. It had the opposite effect lol
  13. Defense held them to 10 points until the 4th. Then we went up by double digits and got soft and it all fell apart.
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