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  1. Are you fucking high? Christians kill people every day in America, and in Africa they're genocidal.
  2. I know, you idiots hate having your own hypocrisy thrown in your face. Tough shit bird, deal with reality.
  3. Oh look the bigot bro squad are giving each other high fives. Meanwhile Christians continue to be the greatest threat to Americans, murdering hundreds of Americans every day.
  4. ROFL you people are so bitchy about that. Fuck you refused to call Obama your president for 8 years. Fucking hypocritical filth.
  5. Fast and Furious was a mistake at the agency level, it was a sting operation that went wrong. Bush did a similar operation in 2006-2007. Only one agent's death has any connection to the weapons at this point. The DNC did not commit fraud, it pushed one candidate over another. As for no evidence, its been 4 months, the investigation into Nixon took 26. And where there's smoke, there's fire. So carry on, idiot.
  6. Yep its awful, and we're willing to admit it. When will you be willing to admit that Trump's behavior is awful?
  7. Oh look the usual conservative circle jerk is here to pretend there isn't anything going on. What a bunch of cucks you are.
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