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  1. Agree whole heartedly with this. Both those drives failed because Daboll calls this dumb shit. Allen isn’t Lamar Jackson, he can’t go 0-60 like those guys can on a QB run. Plus the run game was working quite well with singletary up to those points in the drive.
  2. Illogical, not every QB is going to be Mahomes. Plus Mahomes has come back to earth after last year.
  3. 1) Get a QB? They just got one and they are 8-3 with him. You think they are going to dump Allen, two years in? About half of the teams in the league would love to have him. It’s about winning games not statistics, Allen did what he had to do to win the game today. 2) We wouldn’t have this defense without McDermott. I’ll take the defense and live with some of McDermotts in game decision making, which I’m sure he knows he needs to improve on.
  4. This is a joke, last year people complained about Josh not being able to throw short and medium passes, now people complain when he's completing those passes. Both of the interceptions were not entirely his fault, granted he got away with some others, he isn't going to be the guy to always make the safe throw. You are going to have to live with his great throws and some of the bad with him. First game of the season, how about Baker yesterday?:rolleyes2 Would much rather have had Josh's performance.
  5. Josh Allen on the right path "Twitter overreactions or the raw turnover numbers may indicate otherwise, but, in my honest opinion, Josh Allen’s season debut looked promising. Obviously, the second-year passer has a long way to go, and Buffalo won’t continue to win many games when they turn the ball over four times. But given the circumstances, there were quite a few positives to draw from Allen’s performance in Week 1. In an extremely pass-happy game plan, Buffalo pushed the pace with a lot of no-huddle, and Allen was in total command of the offense, calling audibles, making checks at the line of scrimmage, and delivering the ball on time and accurately, for the most part. He certainly showed that he can be effective orchestrating this type of offense, one thing his biggest critics always questioned. Allen completed 24 of 37 pass attempts for 254 yards, with a 64.9 completion percentage. So yes, this “inaccurate” QB can complete over 60% of his passes against a very good NFL defense. He also showed he can do it without a running game helping him and the play action being a huge part of the game plan. The first half offense didn’t even bother to sell a rushing threat. It was all Allen, and he held his own and moved the team downfield, with the fluky turnovers killing any momentum and the chance of scoring points. Don’t forget – it was his first game with essentially a brand new supporting cast surrounding him, outside of left tackle Dion Dawkins. He continued to show toughness and stressed the opposing defense as a rushing threat. And when the game was on the line, he delivered. He needs to continue his development, but I’m satisfied with his showing in this game and can’t wait to see more of him next week." https://www.cover1.net/3-takeaways-bills-win-jets/
  6. https://www.seahawks.com/video/one-on-one-with-assistant-special-teams-coach-heath-farwell-188901 Seems like an upbeat positive guy, seems like he'd fit in well.
  7. This explains it well.... http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/profootballdoc/sd-sp-pfd-josh-allen-elbow-bills-injury-1015-story.html
  8. Did you watch Newhouse? Every time he got in the game he was called for a penalty. Thank god we got rid of that guy.
  9. Quote Originally Posted by LiterateStylish View Post Allen threw 47%... You sound like Mike Rodak. Allen barely had time to drop back with the third string Oline. Every pass he threw was a catchable ball except one or two. Robert Foster is trash.
  10. I think he’s going to be a bigger and stronger version of Brett Favre.
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