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  1. The Bills were playing garbage time prevent defense the whole game. They didn't care about the yardage piling up and basically allowed them to slowly move the ball downfield and ultimately score. McD was hoping for them to make some mistakes along the way and chew up the game clock. I don't like this plan at all. We really needed to mix things up a bit more and get pressure on Mahomes when he tried to pass.
  2. Think you're right. Edmunds could be very good outside with his speed and quickness. Get someone stout against the run in the middle. Seems like it would be a good move.
  3. The Bills could have stopped the run with more run support, run blitzing etc as in a normal game. However, Mahomes and his talented wr's would have killed us over the top and often. You stop the run, they score big time with their passing attack. Mahomes has tossed multiple td's in a qtr of play. That strategy would have given KC another 25 points. The undermanned run defense did their best with what they were told to do and tried to do. This was a game of chess by McD and almost succeeded.
  4. The Bills did not want to get into a shootout with Mahomes at any cost. They basically played prevent defense all game. Even Mahomes said the Bills played to prevent the long ball all game. So it appears the Bills were good with death by a 1000 cuts in willing to concede the running game in an effort to slow the Chiefs. It almost worked as we were in it at the end and showed some toughness at the very end. I think they did this in Tennessee as well. This is why the Chiefs ran wild and convert so may 3rd downs. But this has to be a morale killer to a proud defense, to give up so much yardage willingly and is it sustainable?
  5. Read this post, have some football background and basic knowledge of plays and I believe the Lit poster is correct based on the all 22. I also Believe that Lofton was probably exaggerating a bit as Allen went deep on the short distance play. So, life goes on.....
  6. I guess you need to be very patient to be a bills fan. Every year its seems that so and so just needs more time. Tyrod needed more time, Edwards needed more time, etc etc. My position on Allen is he's just not that good. He's probably another Cardale or EJ PROJECT that never seems to work out. I had high hopes for him at the start but it seems he has regressed some and doesn't have the it factor. I fully expect to see another QB behind center in a short time. Hope I'm wrong.
  7. I think the last time Barkley played the offense scored 40 points. He may not have the arm strength of Allen but he is a lot more accurate with his passes. He showed smarts and poise the last time he played.
  8. Thought it was a dirty hit in real time. But, I saw an overhead shot somewhere which shows that the defender stood his ground, didn't initiate contact and actually turned away. What else was he supposed to do? Allen was the initiator, lowered his head and was trying to get to the 1st down marker. Video evidence shows this was not a dirty hit by the defender.
  9. I'm not so sure AB would help us - Josh is really struggling with his long ball. Seems he's overthrowing all of the deep routes.
  10. I thought the same thing initially but then I heard that Josh was audibling out of called runs. Flashback to last year when we constantly ran into stacked boxes for little to no gains. I think he took what the defense was giving him so I'm good with it.
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