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  1. Good to be in a Republican controlled state...Cuomo found time to write a book for God sake, he can't take his commie ass up the thruway a few stops to give the peasant's a show.. New York, California, Oregon, Washington State / D.C., Illinois / Chicago, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan. Why is it so hard for people to see that the Demoncrap party absolutely demolishes anything they put their hands on. God I feel sorry for you guys... Trump 2020!!
  2. I would add one observation. Don't know if it has been mentioned yet. For the love of God could they please bring a baseball coach in and teach him how to slide. Odds would have improved greatly had JA just took the five or ten and slides... He is running straight up and that is a recipe for disaster, and going head first is just going to end his carrier via concussion. Just can't figure out why, when you have a weapon like he can be, that you don't force the man to learn how to slide.
  3. Typical reply from a commie sympathizer...Cool Bro, gonna put man man bun up and go break some capitalist pig shit up... and hey bro, don't suppose you saw this poll https://www.cato.org/publications/survey-reports/poll-62-americans-say-they-have-political-views-theyre-afraid-share The one that shows 62% of people have political views they are afraid to share?? Gee I wonder in today's BLM Antifa LBGTQou812 left wing utopia who these people might be?? Know what I'm saying bro??
  4. Um, you do realize who your candidate is right? The moron thinks he's running against himself..Joe Biden gonna beat that Joe Biden! Yeah, Trumps a moron...Got you a$$hat's to go full deranged mode all by himself... Yep he's stupid.
  5. They could run the same poll on Twatter with twice the results of Demoncrat's leaving the Stalinist mob... Oh, that's right, it would be taken down or blocked by your hero's. Quick observation. Why do they block the other side so much if they are so cock sure of their majority?? That's right, the soy boy's with their man buns can't take any push back... Thought you'd like to see a video, (even though it's got the fake news Twatter spin on it) of the SILENT MAJORITY getting to the point where we've had enough of this crap. Hear all those horns beeping in appreciation??? Kind of goes along with those polls showing that BLM support has flipped. Ut Oh, looks like all that underground media, you know, the kind that the commies have not put down yet is getting the message across... P.S. Showing videos from the heart of commie Porkland organ....They have to have these at night, got to wait for the meth heads to wake up...
  6. Wretched Human being, check. Inept Lib, check. Whines like a little baby for daddy to fix his problems while he sits on his throne doing jack sh@# nothing, check....Yep the perfect lib candidate.
  7. We got a guy that rates as one of the best, if not thee best route runner in the NFL. This is huge for Allen. He has great arm strength, but needs someone who can get visual separation from the corner, Diggs is probably the best in the league at it. Beane just landed the best option he could have for a QB with a rocket arm that needs to "See" the open WR. Also, lets not overlook the money here. Four years at 11 mill +/- a year is an outstanding deal. The cascade effect on the other wideouts and TE is also significant. You can't ignore Diggs, he will eat you alive if you do. The happiest guys in the building , besides Allen should be Brown and Beasley. They should see a lot of single cover now.
  8. At this point, I would be happy just saving the $$$ and using it on a potential trade partner.
  9. I wanted him traded before the beginning of last season. Unfortunately, they waited too long. So now, if you try and get no takers, it would be cut time all day long. si o nar a ...see ya...buh bye. I'll take a one cut and go guy any day over crazy legs McCoy. You can make up for anything he gives you with Allens production in the run game. Save the six mill and see who might be available from a cap crunched team like the Vikings, Bucs, Falcons, etc...
  10. Maybe he can throw a couple thousand pages of crap on paper, slap a catchy name on it and have some 70 yr old Skelator look a like tell every moronic Democrat that "we have to pass it, then we can see it"..that seemed to work out well... You want a plan, I'll give you an easy one. It's called the free market plan. Let American ingenuity solve the problem. Bring a collection of doctors, businessmen, insurance reps and the private sector together, give them an outline and a mandate and let them work together to solve it. Put a bunch of bureaucrats in charge of anything and all you get is a pile of wasted money. Want proof, look no further than our illustrious welfare system trillions upon trillions spent and nothing to show for it. Want more...how about the GAO audit that identified 1/2 of all purchases on government credit cards are fraudulent. These two examples along with a laundry list of others are why our founding fathers put the limitations to federal government on paper. They knew that power and greed would lead them to usurp more and more power and control from it's citizens.
  11. You hit the nail right on the head there. NYS really has no one to blame but the liberal scum the idiots of NYS keep putting into power. Everything, I mean every single thing a lib touches turns to S*&T, period. Right Hip Cat...love that sig...
  12. Could not agree with you more. When I saw the initial reports hinting at a possible trade, I literally went "Please, for the love of God NO!" This guy may be great, but not in the zip code of what I would want to see them add to this team. He is everything opposite of what They have talked about regarding the type of player they look for...
  13. It looked to me that the jets play at corner had more to do with it than him. The alley oop balls he was throwing all game should have been a secondary's wet dream...
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