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  1. Something must have happened so many teams need O Line you could have got a 5th or 6th for him.
  2. 3 weeks ago Damon "Sncks" Harrison was available and we passed.
  3. Ya that was my original reaction 4:30 is a fucked up time on a Tuesday, but the n again football on a Tuesday is bizarre!
  4. They were saying 7 pm Tuesday against the Covids and next Monday at 5 pm against the Chiefs!
  5. Lit man just shut up and buy the story, or the "NFL and The Powers That Be" will take you away for reeducation!
  6. So you would rather discriminate against Chefs, well that sir is offensive!
  7. Tell the wife due to covid the Anniversary is rescheduled to Monday night!
  8. Hey what the Titans do on their own time is their business, even if it includes a midget on a donkey with a whip and a couple of transvestites that look like Tom Brady in a wig!
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