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  1. Could have kept Taylor drafted Jackson still had had a second round player on this team from last years draft, and moved up to get Edmunds. These guys fell in love with the white Cam Newton and 2 1/2 years from now the Bills will be starting from scratch. Not to mention they passed on Mahomes and Watson.
  2. Enough man enough this out fit is not getting to the playoffs face the truth, your delusional like all the other McBeane experience apologists.
  3. He's pissed because him and Beane hitched their wagon to this horse and he's gonna run them into the unemployment gully.
  4. 6-8 by then if they are 6-9 the NFL is already giving a victory to the Jests.
  5. If you think this team is going to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers in December, you should be drug tested immediately not gonna happen stop drinkin the cool aid!
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