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  1. Sad part about this is you don't even know what trolling is. I am not trolling you are just pretty dumb....
  2. Jackson is on pace to throw for 4200 yards 40Td passing and 10 int and rush for over 1000 yards 4 tds this season while completing 65% of his passes...If he was white and not viewed as a running black QB he would be the second coming of Brady...People are still not respecting his game the same thing people do to Watson and Russell Wilson at times...
  3. Take your meds if you can't handle honest response then don't post. If he was dead of course it would be all over the news. Hope he is okay.
  4. It's because we all have seen it 100 times if you have friends that know you are a Bill's fan it has been sent to you 20 times...
  5. Let me respond as Jungle 😂😂😂... You are right Allen is completing over 60 percent of his passes. He will use the bye week to work on his deep routes and will be a totally different QB after the bye. Also Kroft and Knox is going to be our Hernandez and Gronk for Daboll. Great time to be a Bills fan even if Lit isn't one! Go Bills...
  6. I gave Lit a chance to come clean on my Mayfield thread but as always he will never admit how clueless he is. Mayfield has the talent around him but he sucks.
  7. I wouldn't say that as Lamar Jackson is pretty good and can actually throw a deep ball accurately.
  8. Exactly and I rather have Allen than Baker at least he is mobile and can see over the line. BAKER is wasting OBJ and Landry talents and he is a one read QB..
  9. Sooo all this talent around Baker and he goes 8 for 22 for a 100 yards and 2 picks. But he occasionally will throw a 300 yard game and give Lit and Sandelevan a hard on. Josh is the right QB for our team and I am glad we have a DEFENSE....
  10. Have you lived under a rock a ton of defensive coaches have been hired lately the entire Patriots defensive staff have taken jobs the last few years...
  11. I think this will be our last year with Frazier if we go deep in the playoffs with this defense. He was a good coach Minnesota and deserves another chance to lead a team. I don't think Bills fans recognize his impact on this defense.
  12. My bad You are talking about the Eagles game but the Eagles had a great defense that year and actually they took all of our Bills players. They made some key defensive plays to win it.
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