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  1. FORD is O line...offense....we needed and still need both but in terms of importance to me.. the big uglies come first, skill positions come 2nd. Now whether ford is any good or not remains to be seen but going oline with that pick imo was the correct one. They just didn't get the stud we all were hoping for. Shit happens....
  2. Allen had a shit day. He did. Left 2 tds off the field in the 1st half. Knox dropped a td. Daboll had fucking brain farts all game. The o line sucked series ass. The defense however played a great game minus the coverage on fucking screens. Mcd better tell Frazier if his defense cant stop screens, then pack your bags. 3 games now where screens cost us.
  3. Knives out bitches, some dumb ass ravens have to town. Allen is gonna make those folks on Bmore eat a shit ton of crow. Let's go Bills!
  4. After you showed me the anorak, I had to have one. Good find. Thanks.
  5. Lucky for us the fan base doesn't play the game....all that matters is what Allen and co think.
  6. 31-10 Bill's Bill's jump out to 2 score lead in the 1st and never look back...
  7. It's a different look, almost feels like another team entirely...I have a red shady Jersey....I'm ok with it. As others have mentioned blue on white is the best...
  8. Damn right, no deferring to 2nd half shit. Jump the ravens from the start and get them 2 or 3 scores behind and we will coast through the game.
  9. I think we get it done. Jacksons IS gonna gave a few highlights, but overall our defense exposes the raven offense jackson and all. Allen will be ready to throw down on sunday. Allen is going to try and out jackson jackson. Gonna be fun...
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