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  1. IMO, that is at least 1 of the problems. Allen is still wildly inconsistent with his accuracy Daboll's playbook is fine, but his feel for calling games sucks Frazier doesn't know that his defense has to stop screens. Mcd sucks ass at in game adjustments i.e.the inability to force Daboll and Frazier off what's not working fast enough. O line still sucks D line still has holes Wr are ok, but could be better with the right help Te's are inconsistent catching the ball Rbs are not being used? Big fucking mystery. DS should get 20 + touches a game till we have another power back. Gore is great but is fading.. Beane did not do enough before trade deadline. So yeah all of that. Fix all of it and we legitimately have something.
  2. No...I am harping on you about your BS the way you harp on Allen...to prove a point...that it is annoying to say the least.... Lit thread = Allen this, Allen that or Mcd this or Mcd that...its your right but that doesn't make any less whiny from your 1st post to your 1000000 post on it.
  3. Let's just say you bring out the worst in me, cause right wrong or otherwise I cannot stand grown fucking adults whining like petulant children who've been scolded for something.
  4. Guess what? Allen IS still the qb at this moment in this season. You are an unhinged whiner. Also guess what 2nd coming of Lombardi, Allen will still be qb next year. Do you ever get tired of being captain obvious? I mean most adults make their point succinctly the first time around and when folks dont agree with them adults generally do not harp on it OCD style.
  5. Does anyone know if Allen is able to connect on these deep throws in practice? I'm assuming that he does or daboll wouldn't call them at all. I also think they need to let Allen be Allen again, but try and limit his hero ball. His improvisation could give us that QB we all want. Daboll and Mcd need to live with the picks/ bad decisions and let Allen sling it for better or worse. It's like Allen got Jauron'd in his style of play. Let him sink or swim.
  6. I guess it was long winded way of saying you are whining like little biatch...and obsessing the way you do is not good for your health...let it go, find another hobby....something
  7. Lit you don't have to try so hard...everyone knows exactly what you think. Do you think that constant obsessing about anything is A. Gonna solve the problem ( hint fuck no as you have no control) B. Good for ones health. I'll leave you with an old Greek proverb: Nothing in excess....
  8. Honestly to me, it's not the plays, they are working...its sequence that daboll fucks up and also his inability to move away from a game plan that isn't working. Where is game plan b,c,d,e at?
  9. Stop smoking crack bro...1 of the most asinine statements you have made. So no one who's ever thrown a ball gets better without repetition. Fuctard will die hard in this one.
  10. No repetition does. Allen may never be a franchise qb, but then again he just might...jury is still for now, but rest assured the window Allen has IS starting to close. Hes got the rest of this season and next...if he doesn't get significantly better. Pegs will be forced to make beane go a different direction assuming beane gets to stay.
  11. He was off picking daisies in left field...no awareness whatsoever, the kid has talent but if he locate the ball he is useless.
  12. It's a lot on coaching and a little on Allen. He has the tools and desire but does not have a staff that can help him develop and OC that is borderline fuctarded when it comes to calling plays that suit your qbs strengths....
  13. Allen has proven himself to be a gamer, Daboll IS clueless on how to use Allen. It's all on Daboll.
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