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  1. A steady erosion of personal rights all in the name of convenience. It's really sad all generations after X subscribe wholeheartedly to these types of intrusions. .remember the road to hell was paved with good intentions.
  2. The Jets arent gonna do shit this year...our defense made Brady look very pedestrian, Darnold ain't no marsha so....
  3. I am pretty sure Zo's replacement will be taking in the 1st rd, but in defense of the defensive pick the Bill's WILL be picking very late this year.
  4. Yep, but I bet the Bill's defense absolutely befuddles LJ and the raven offense....
  5. It was insinuated that since he is not a burner, he also can't separate. I think he has ability to separate vertically and enough meat on his bones to box out the best of me but we shall see
  6. Realistically what is Duke's ceiling? I know that he is not really fast and doesn't separate very well, but he has excellent body control and mitts. He is not afraid to go up and get contested catches...I'd like to see more of him being used outside the redzone... moving chains...hoping is our big bodied answer at wr.
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