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  1. Thats a big hit man. Smoke does a metric shit ton forcing defenses to defend him. Davis is next man up...
  2. Fine have the 9ers game in U if Arizona's stadium then...Fuck Newsom fuck California's givermint. Take the revenues away and either force the California teams to forfeit or play away from home the remainder of the year. Florida would good too.
  3. Bills 38 Bolts 10 Allen plays his best game to date. 4 tds, 400+ yards. Defense gets after Herbert forces 3 TO's, ST's gets 1 TD. In a blow out. The Bills signal the rest of the regular season IS thiers including stomping on some squeelers...
  4. Well Diggs should hit his markers for the season. I'd imagine he cracks 1000yds on the season vs 5he Chargers.
  5. While agree with you totally, you know Bills would never get that kind of decision in thier favor. We'd have to be SB Champs and even that prolly wouldn't do it...
  6. IMO we want Fitzy starting so Tua can't develop. Fuck the faggy 🐟 and thier coach. I hope the last game of the year in our house vs the faggy 🐟, they need it more than we do and we literally crush thier souls and deny them entry into the playoffs...Bills are gonna do thier thing over the home stretch...wait and see...the whole team starts hitting on all cylinders. Allen IS getting better each game, Diggs is unstoppable. Smoke and Beas do thier thing. Knox? Not sure wtf he's gonna do. Defense starts playing like a top 5 defense and ST kicks it into high gear...most of all peaking right at the onset of the playoffs....
  7. It does if your intent was to run the franchise into the ground. I'd bet Jets owner has some " Lloyd's of London" policies as a safety net for his losses...
  8. Woulda coulda...did he have an effect on the Bills game? Maybe a play or two, but certainly wasn't a game changer against us which is what my original point was, not that Dunlap isn't good or a game changer, but a player playing his first game with his new squad. Odds don't favor that player in those circumstances...now Mack or Donald I think he could come in on any defense without reps and dominate, dunlap...well no...
  9. All we have to do is beat them week 17 then for the division. we beat them in thier house with a "hot" fitz, we will beat in them in our house perhaps in a lake effect snow game. Have to admit it makes for a great game with real stakes involved. I do hope it doesn't come to that, but it might.
  10. Yeah, but again your original premise was Hawks got Dunlap Bills were screwed....how did that game end out again? So ha ha yourself, but this prove your petty childishness...
  11. We need his replacement on the roster next season. Either sign a FA, trade or draft them, but Morse's replacement must be on this roster before Morse is gone.
  12. Don't forget Center, Morse is a liability extension or not, his replacement must be on this team this off-season.
  13. That ball hit the ground not in possession. Not a catch, but....
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