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  1. Yes they do, when they issue a card they also record who it is on paper. That paper is then scanned into the DB later on in the process..
  2. Let the flaming commence in earnest! Sean...sean...sean....wtf my Fairweather fan. Allen still ducked today and it was a blowout shutout in phish land. Allen left a lot of plays on the field today, but the team showed up today! Great fucking win!
  3. Games like this ARE going to happen. Let's hope we get back to good offense this Sunday! Allen owns the philharmonic, no reason to think he won't own them again. 5 straight on their monkey asses...
  4. Frazier likes to play pussy ball. Problem for us is...sometimes his pussy ball works. After playing the Ravens like we did in the playoffs. All the game plans should be aggressive as he'll. At least I can respect aggressiveness, pussy ball sucks donkey dick...
  5. I get it , I think everyone on this board gets it, but bro, you are fucking broken record. I'm not happy at all with the team in general right now. That was a Shit show we watched Sunday afternoon. A rookie DE was supposed to take over the game? Rousseau did not play like an all pro in first game? I don't understand why Basham didn't play especially with Star not playing. Frazier was playing pussy ball and it worked in the 1st half, IMO the issue has always been and still is in game adjustments. Lastly Daboll quite possibly called the worst game as Bills OC. oLine got their junk pushed in, Allen wasn't getting help and regressed. Wrs weren't getting separation and had several drops. I think not having Allen working with starting Offense in preseason games hurt us the most. I'm done!
  6. Yep, disappointing to me too...I really they'd dominate, not get dominated....
  7. Daboll has always had 1 or 2 calls every fucking game! That being said...wtf. option it out or something. Dumbass play call, but.....O also wasn't very crisp all game either. Allen was once again too pumped up. Make that kid smoke a dooby before the game please, something...
  8. He inherited a turn key SB team and other than that year is just consistent enough with Roth that on the surface it looks like he's a good coach. JMO though!
  9. For Allen you mean! Tj who? Tj who the fuck cares...he played last year against us. Didn't hear his name all game...mountains out of molehills I tell ya!
  10. 911 we got caught with our pants down period. Many reasons led to it but mainly feckless leadership is to blame. After the planes hit, the buildings were gonna have to come down. Can't rehab that kind of damage...
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