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  1. I guess Klien and Edmunds will suffice for thier perspective positions but IMO we need a playmaker in Milano's spot should he leave( which seems likely). We also need an edge rusher with Watt off the board. Hope Beane can rub some magic together later in the draft like they did with Milano and maybe snag Von Miller.
  2. Any interest? Not sure what kind of money he wants, but if we lose Milano?
  3. I like it, especially the idea of getting folks to play ball $$$ wise to keep the band together and bring in Watt. Lber, center and cb all need addressing in the draft. Watt with Hughes on the other side, Jefferson and Oliver taking turns too. Would be a spectacular dline.
  4. Nothing funny about this. It is unfortunate that we citizens have allowed this in absolute complicit fashion. 1A in jeopardy as is the 2A. Without both we are no longer a free people. The reckoning is upon us and we still yield to it knowing what lies ahead. Despicable inaction followed with intent to destroy cornerstones that built this country have brought us to this point. What need have just govts of fencing, Constantine wire and armed national guardsmen to protect them from us , we the people? Viva la revolution, history will repeat itself and we will all have front row seats. At this point only complete anilhilation of both parties AND its current members will do. Pubs and dems serve themselves only, time make them both nothing but shitstains in annals of history. Common sense and decency along with the constitution is our only way back to a better future.
  5. Thoughts like this WILL lead to further conflict, but I'm guessing that you know that. Hate begets hate period. Keep it up on your side and GOD will ultimately sort out the mess after your fueled ideology lays waste to the remnants of the Judeo Christian western civilization. there is but 1 remedy left....ill leave it to your unenlightened ass to figure it out! Momento mori!
  6. Morse's hier apparent must be this squad this year even if we keep Morse. I think they'll move on from him.
  7. Its Allens arm to the moon or bust for this squad. Daboll needs to put forth his most dynamic game plan to date. Allen WILL need to put up 400 yds and 4 tds and even then it will be close. I think this team can do it and lord knows its past time for the Bills to be the best. Defense will need to maintain its recent effectiveness as well and I also think that this game coming will be the most complete showing for offense, defense and special teams. Always save the best for last....
  8. Even at the precipice of greatness you scoff. Sucks to be you! Bills win with or without Mahhommes. They barely beat the brownies and this year particularly have been unable to blow the entire NFL out like last year. This battered wife syndrome some folks have is irrational. Is Mahommes good hell yeah, can he be beaten...hell yeah...wtf is wrong with some of yall!
  9. Dude you are unreal. Allen did not have his best game and yet they still won. Championship teams win because the team is actually good and capable of winning in all 3 phases. Last night was the D's chance to shine and shine they did. Quit trying to push your hate of Allen over the win fuctard. You did this same shit over on the BBMB for years. In short your opinions and hot takes well in word, suck....
  10. Well Mcd aint bellyboy so there's also that...what was bellyboy's record this year?
  11. Not sure that's a zinger but whatever. Grown ass men talking shit...happens everyday in every walk of life. I personally don't see offense with it. Its not TO dancing on dallas's star obnoxious so... When folks talk shit, they must be prepared to back it up. Milano is good player and I haven't heard anything about him being a douche. Pundits write and in some cases embellish to get rises out of folks. I'm sure Lamar doesn't give 2 shits about what Milano said..I mean why would he...he's all worldly, smh...
  12. Hopefully the " passer is better than the runner" argument will be put to bed after this game. No disrespect to Lamar ( hes an out if this world runner) but running aint got shit on 60 yd bombs all day.
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