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  1. Itd be worth it honestly folks must be shown no quarter period. But someone cried like a little bitch last time....huh...imagine that a bitch who's actually a bitch. You'll get yours toxic pussy don't worry. Maybe today, tomorrow, next week or the week after. It will happen.
  2. Well its like this if Trump has to answer for things his admin did or didn't do, then so does Coumo. You know the whole "I am responsible for what my administration does". You know accountability....something you know nothing of. Assclown toxic fucking pussy.
  3. Just make him a player/ coach. Let him coach till December. Just being around the team I'm sure is enough for Zo to stay in playing shape and gives him a chance at coaching which would seem like something he'd consider.
  4. Meh Rodgers has had good run. He got a SB. He'll go make 100 mil elsewhere so not really sorry for him not retiring as a Packer.
  5. Nonsense...you are in Perfect toxic pussy shape mentally and physically. Lol. Quick change the subject. Lol.
  6. When do your gyms get the green light. Down here at Quantico on campus there's always some kind of training going on. I grew up sparring at Hillcrest heights gym. Loved learning in live action scenarios. It is a good release.
  7. I've no issue with that. Are you near VA? As for toxic pussy...he reaps what he sows. Not sure about the whole virus thing though. Havent been tested. But I haven't been sick either. Did I go overboard...maybe. its not in my DNA to let shit like that go. I'm not wired that way. Once the switch has been flipped on, I kinda have to let it out on my target. Full force and no mercy. I do understand your sentiment though.
  8. No need to do any if that. I already dominate your thought process. Hey bro. Mommy says hi from the farside. Not....toxic pussy is just that toxic. Stew in your own juices toxic pussy.
  9. Awh..I struck a nerve toxic pussy pissed. Lol. And fuck your mommy for having your punk ass.
  10. One day you fucking ass will meet its ends pray it aint because of me. Troll, trust me sooner or later you'll get what you fucking deserve. You are the epitome of bitch. Your points are wasted and literally falling on deaf ears. You make threats of carrying while I on the other hand made a living having dispatched more than a few in my day and in current climate would be OK with doing it again. LE won't matter either fucker. Tick tock bitch. All you git us your mouth, you got no kids, wife did the right thing and denied your punk ass. Mommy up and left recently too. There's a pattern here. Toxic pussy.
  11. Yawn. Crybaby bitch ass...thought you was going to the cops fucker. You went to meat like daddys little princess. Obsess on your own inadequacies as man or boy/biatch/transgendered twisted little fuck that you are. Bwaaaaa wanna cry little lonely bitter ass to sleep, same as last night, tomorrow night and the night after that cause no matter what happens you are gonna wake up look in the mirror and see this pathetic mindfucked mess looking back at you and deep down you got no one else to blame. You got nothing punk. Nothing.
  12. Do what you gotta do meat. If fuckers pop off at me like that they are gonna get thier just dues. simple as that, you talk shit be prepared to receive it.
  13. You think you got case bring it fucker. You impugn people's integrity and character at will and expect folks to just take it. Do you what you gonna do, see what it gets you assclown. All talk, you know your balls haven't dropped yet. Mommy is still consoling you cause your junk is pushed in. awhh.look at the angry little imp hippyboy.....lol
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