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  1. If refs start calling clean games, that patsy 2ndary should get flagged to oblivion. Refs arent calling the defensive holding or straight up interference. That's why the so f'n good. Also the bit about looking cross eyed at Narsha gets flags.
  2. Our WR are getting open, Allen's game hasn't allowed him to see,process and execute yet. Fuck the patsy's, who fucking cares who they get. Bellyboy making a move like this tells me he seriously doubts his current teams ability down the stretch. I am not for making a move just for the sake of making a move...that shit is stupid and IMO a losers mentality. You try and get better whenever you can, but it's obvious this Staff IS willing to roll with what we got. I think we end up 11-5 hosting a WC and advancing to the round.
  3. That was amazing and horrible at the same time. How does 1 do that to his arms and no other portion of his body can actually support fluid motion. Both were fucking scrubs...not even fit for a regular street fight. Both were awkward and without malice. I mean you get into a ring to destroy your opponent not love tap him to death. Neither guy knew how to strike.
  4. Honestly, I think MCD coaches the long ball out of Allen, or they really don't practice the long ball as an emphasis of offense. I mean he had it in the last half of last year. Foster and him literally tearing it up...then 2nd yr comes around a short and intermediate routes are clearly the emphasis....itd be nice to use Allen's arm on the 1st play to establish the the tone of the game by dropping 65 yd dimes. If Allen can get his groove back along with the short stuff...he really will growing.
  5. You aint shit till you make the rank of jizzlobber the other ranks are still catching it not spewing it...better to be yhe one throwing than the one catching in this instance...
  6. Allen and company better be ready to play today. The phish got no chance today. I fully expect a continuing of last years 2nd game Utter dominance. Go Bills... 1st blowout if the year!.
  7. Allen and the Bill's offense can out up 21 pts, our defense can pitch a donut. While not a safe bet, I'd feel comfortable with it.
  8. Nah Hildabeast is just mad Tulsi wont let her munch....Tulsi IS high class...lol
  9. In the voice of Nelson from the simpsons....heh Haha! Mcd better get some hims and start rubbing like hell on that queue ball of his.
  10. That sound about right. A business owner has fiduciary responsibility to do what's best for business including challenging local and state tax assessments. Good business I call it.
  11. Daboll wants his old gronk and Hernandez combo here b-lo...I'd say let him, hes proven that he can use te's property.
  12. We need weapons that equal what our military has ( we dont have that) but what good is pea shooter vs a fully auto assault rifle. The way 2A is written technically they've already trampled on it. T 2nd was for mustering militia in defense of home against tyranny and marauders. That's your opinion, but what you think is right for me quite frankly ain't no ones business. Besides this slight of hand...folks get hooks into the 2a it would t stop with semi autos...your lying to yourself if you think otherwise...btw the 2a is also why we haven't bee. Invaded by armed forces...a rather effective deterrent.
  13. A 1st class race baiting grifter as a politician. While I dont wish death on anyone, his absence in B'more might actually help. He may have started out on right side of things early on, but somewhere along the way he became jaded and sold out his constituents for money for decades.... I'm not sure B'more ever fully recovers and believe me he wasn't the only selling the farm in Md. They need to bulldoze the entire state and start over.
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