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  1. Good, hopefully less injuries. I don't think the idea of more practice days/night practice, or even in the time of antiquated two-a-days, provide such an increased tangible benefit.
  2. I stopped reading when your point was so beholden to where friggin Mel Kipper ranked the guy. Who the heck cares.
  3. I feel like if he comes back and, God forbid anything happens, he will regret the decision the rest of his life.
  4. Lets hire *insert legacy Bills player/coach*. I don't care if they were with us in the past or we have never heard of them before. If we aren't a progressive passing team starting from next season forward none of it really matters who we hire. If our OC comes in and says we "we like to run the ball" or I hear ground and pound then I will chalk up another 8-8 season. 4 teams left in the playoffs are all top 10 passing with great QBs.
  5. Chris Brown: http://blogs.buffalobills.com/?icampaign=blog_header Bills GM Doug Whaley spearheaded the team’s search for a new head coach, and when he presented Sean McDermott to owners Terry and Kim Pegula, Carolina Panthers beat reporter Joe Person (Charlotte Observer) said all indications he got from people in the Panthers organization was that the two sides hit it off. --- This reads Whaley interviewed him, probably with Monos, they liked him and then they took next steps to have him speak with Pegulas.
  6. Is there proof of this or are people just reacting and taking this nonsense as truth for shits, giggles and because it makes them feel good
  7. I am not Jungle. I have been here for a long time, but certainly not him. Maybe we share the similar opinion on Cardale but 100% not him. I am a big Buckeye fan so maybe I am a bit bias but I think he is just a really raw talent and with time could develop into something special.... or he could be a big doofus and be a waste of time. I am leaning towards him being successful given the time versus a flop.
  8. Jaylon Smith potentially not getting drafted? Are you people friggin high?! That might be one of the worst takes I have read on here in a while (aside from Lit, all of his takes are pretty terrible). He MIGHT fall out of the first but this dude was projected to be the #1 LB, a coveted position in this league. Just makes zero sense to say he might not get drafted. If he is there in the 2nd round I would jump all over that in a HEARTBEAT.
  9. He is a 2-3 year project but worth the investment in the 3rd round IMO.
  10. I don't really care about any of this. As long as he is ready to play on opening day and he doesn't get suspended from this.
  11. Whaley is awesome. Great signing by the team. Can't expect him to hit on every draft pick but he has certainly found talent and built a great roster. If he can hit on a QB (Tyrod mayber?) this team will be dangerous for a long time.
  12. IT ISN'T NOISE. How can you just ignore his words? Maybe his effort is correlated to the shit show Rex and his D coaches have made this defense. Demoralized our defense to the point where they don't want to put in the effort.
  13. If Mario is saying this then you know other players are feeling this. How can you guys sit here and say Mario sucks and is lazy and gloss over what his words are. There is an issue with this defense and how's it's being executed. You don't go to top elite defense to 16-20 ranked defense. It's not Mario, it's the coaching.
  14. We need a true playmaking LB to add to this defense. It is what we are missing. All great defenses have stellar LB play... I think our LBs are okay now, but they also have the benefit of very good guys playing in front of them. I wish we had a Takeo on this defense right now....
  15. Because maybe as a father and mother they were more excited to bring their kids to a football game so they could have an experience that could stay with them for a life time.... Instead, now they have the memory of some drunk idiots coming and making them cry for no good reason. One thing to boo fans and give some fun heckling because that is all in good fun, but there is a line and it shouldn't be crossed. I can't stand the whole "it is expected to happen" or "that is life." Such a cop out statement to keep yourself indifferent when those situations arise.... All those statements do is just allow this type of behavior to go on. You either stand 100% against it or you stand on the way side and enable it to continue because you know "just going to happen anyways." I feel terrible for those girls. I would have went up and offered to buy them some merch in the Bills store or done whatever I can to put a smile on their face because their experience is more important than for me to heckle them to point of making them cry. Such a selfless idiotic thing. I for one am pretty sick and tired of seeing stuff on Deadspin about Bills fans blowing coke during halftime in their seat, girl giving a blowjob for an Alonso jersey, Bills fans being OVERLY obnoxious to rivals fans (see this way more than I used to), people being so drunk they pass out and drown themselves in a creek, or people being so drunk they drive through a crowd outside the Ralph and kill a bunch of people so now our police have to setup a traffic pattern so that sort of thing never happens again.... It is utterly embarrassing to read and see clowns like this on a weekly basis and give our city a bad rap. Just cut it out and stop standing on the way side and rationalizing the behavior away. Props to all who stand against idiotic drunk fans... Rival or not.
  16. Lit purposely plays the antagonist... I am under the impression that he thinks it creates more activity around here.
  17. STEVESY WINS I SAID! I couldn't careless about the comments, still. Even though you edit my posts!! I cannot be silenced!
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