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  1. Health insurance costs have been steady before politicians decided to get involved in the health industry. If you want higher costs, inefficiency and bankruptcy get the government involved. They really don't know how to run anything, just look at the disaster called the VA, and we want them to run all of health care? Just plain dumb.
  2. That's false. They skyrocketed when they added the pre existing, pregnancy and covering kids til 26. For healthy Americans it shot up. Mine went from $350 a month to $1,100.
  3. If you ask me the government has a way of screwing everything up. They should have not messed with healthcare at all unless they knew how to lower prices. I will be excited if they go down to pre-obama prices.
  4. "many people will die as a result of this bill" LOL. Like any politician remotely cares our about any persons well being. They just want our votes.
  5. A 1st, 3rd and White are greater than Lattimore by a wide margin.
  6. Actually Nix was quite good at it. It didn't always work out but he at least attempted. I have no problem with the trade down. It looks like there wasn't much top end talent in this draft that differed from who we picked up. Lattimore would have been a better pick but after the injuries to draft picks we picked last year White was a more sure thing. 4 year starter at LSU with no big injury history as opposed to 1 year starter Lattimore with some red flags.
  7. I am torn with Bucky because he is a monster. He ended up playing wideout because he was so good at catching the ball, personally I would rather his teammate Isaiah Ford.
  8. You do realize that this is the first time they drafted a QB in the first round since 1983 when they drafted Todd Blackledge. They don't draft QB's period. I don't think I trust their evaluation anymore than the Bills when it comes to QBs. They have had Alex Smith, Matt Cassell, Elvis Grbac, Joe Montana, Steve DeBerg and Trent Green as their QBs since but none were drafted.
  9. Cam Robinson would represent the biggest upgrade for this team but I bet he is drafted before we pick. If value fits I wouldn't mind Zach Cunningham or Zay Jones
  10. Are some of you really afraid about us losing a backup running back? I was more worried about Gilmore since we get really thin at CB. Gillislee is a fifth rounder that was good as a backup. What would have happened if we got rid of Kenneth Davis back in the day?
  11. Insulting people you don't know? I have actually seen the guy throw as I have seen Cardale. Have you watched the guy or are you bs'ing
  12. Saw him play at Liberty and would much rather watch him throw the ball than Cardale. Still hope neither is on the roster in September.
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