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  1. First Energy Stadium is great, and I love its location on the waterfront.
  2. No thanks. Even the days that get into the 80-90 degree range here in WNY are bad for me. I've visited LA and Vegas and Reno and didn't mind the temps much, but those were all September-October trips. And I have no desire to go melt in Arizona, ever.
  3. I have one. It's on my upper back (easily covered for work) and is a chinchilla - I breed/show them and have for most of my life. I would love more, but I have better things to spend my money on. My husband's arms are covered, but only down to a certain point so a long sleeve shirt will cover them. We're of a certain generation that likes such things though.
  4. I didn't, mostly because I was born with two X chromosomes. But I grew up around the game, my dad played in high school and coached throughout my childhood, and my brother played until he aged out of the local league (his HS didn't have a team).
  5. I'm interested in seeing the difference between Rex and McD, how it translates on the field. But I'm not optimistic when it comes to overall record - we have a tough schedule and a newbie HC, plus a ton of roster changes. We'll see.
  6. Doug Whaley always looks like he's standing in intense, direct sunlight.
  7. That's what I said in my post. Please re-read it. I have a six year old, she always comes first, as it should be.
  8. Yes I believe it was his kid's birthday - no way I'd miss that for a voluntary workout at this point in the year.
  9. I hope that that isn't actually the "slogan" for the season's marketing campaign. It isn't at all catchy and doesn't really roll of the tongue easily. And then there's the obvious points you've all stated...
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