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  1. You are a clown. And you are a fantasy fish...again people who have hard rules like "Never get a NE RB" are fish, its just how it is. People with closed minds like you are who you take advantage of. That is why you are a fantasy loser.
  2. What sites do fantasy fish play on? Can you tell us the ownership % of Gillislee on those?
  3. This always happens and I think it demonstrates how much is NOT known about players from other teams. There is a lot of room for improvement in scouting when you always go to the low end guys from your previous team. How many ex Jets were on the Bills roster at some point the last two years and how many had any value at all? I think this shows weakness in those making these decisions.
  4. The only explanation is that beaney doesnt want the cooties that Whaley draft picks have.
  5. Why did he ever sign with Buffalo then? Guess once he witnessed the dumpster fire he had to run.
  6. The bills have a guy who put up some stats as a returner. It makes no sense to me.
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