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  1. He's an expensive Ferrari. Nobody's been able to drive him right. Low mileage... Now Andy Reid wanted mahomes. He knew what to do with him. If he'd come to us he'd still be trying to"execute" a thousand different plays rather than a conventional pro offense like the niners. They control the middle. We send QBs out for passes on opening drives in the playoffs and he took a hit diving for that td. Nobody could learn that many plays to rely on under pressure. Maybe Josh will be the next Ferrari sitting on the lot.
  2. It has to be written that we won't wait another three yrs for his great effort even though I know it wasn't all his fault. Anyone on this board would have hid his shoulder injury to sign in the first round.
  3. Sit em down together. Tell em what you can afford and then sign them both. Offer additional incentives. Talk process with them. Convince them it's about to come together.
  4. Lol! That's part for the course my father would have said. The course is everything else that goes on that is crooked or dirty. " Who can make straight what God has made crooked."
  5. You didn't see Watson attempting such desperate plays. We dishonerd our defense allowing Josh to recklessly decide the plays.
  6. We needed him to keep that field goal range . It was all we could accomplish under duress and he should have known what the ol could do and what Josh might do. He failed.
  7. Shoulda been a pick. Remember he started a drive by our own goal against Cleveland with a throw to the FB on the right flat
  8. The coaches didn't hold the field goal range. Should we just expect more of that? We gave them just what they needed. Two deep sacks. But we ran Gore when we needed yardage.
  9. At the end of his roll out it was the only thing left to do. He should have been told what to do more all year. Instead he was shut down . Shoulda thrown more to Beasley all year. Needs to balance long and short stuff to make both more effective. They were blitzing well, so who told him to hold the ball look long and lose the game? Play calling lacked expertise.
  10. 10.9K people are talking about this Of course, Brown made no mention of forcing his way off of the Steelers and Raiders. The Patriots were Brown’s desired destination, but the wide receiver’s actions off the field led to his release in September. As for the Saints, New Orleans recently hosted Brown on a workout. After reportedly asking Brown to not show up with an entourage, the wide receiver ignored the request. In what should come as no surprise, the team decided against signing him. The most curious team to be mentioned by Brown was the Bills. Buffalo had interest in Brown during the offseason, but he had no interest in playing for the Bills. Brown, in fact, proved that on his own when he released audio of a conversation between himself and agent Drew Rosenhaus. “When the Bills called me today they said, ‘If we make the trade, what are you guys looking for?’ And I wouldn’t even give them a number because I know you’d rather not go there," Rosenhaus told Brown. Brown added, “Yeah, don’t even waste time (on the Bills)." Brown failed to mention that in his tweet. Perhaps with all of his free time, he can add that detail in later. We brought in a nut like that from the raiders in 67. He sure looked good in the end zone until he got hurt. Forget his name.
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