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  1. We don't know how to use a te. Simple throws spinning off blocks over the middle, moving the chains. Too difficult for us.
  2. Yeah, true. I guess Feliciano didn't see that swing kc de took at him. And that jet de .... Being released. They go unpunished .
  3. We've had some cool lbs on this team especially during the drought. Loved them all but now it seems like a hopelessly lost unit while we finally have a qb.
  4. Enormous. Unfortunately it clouds the true level of the team. mh edit: you did not need to quote that whole long thing to reply
  5. He threw short effectively. He only three to antonio a few times. We had no plan b. We could of brought in expensive te we don't use. Our most effective pass rusher who got us a win over Russel wilson didn't play.
  6. We got other players who play really hard like Milano and get hurt. Very soon they will be exciting. The question is do we try to milk another Superbowl rush from this team or start laying out the foundation for the years to come. The d is an old unit now.
  7. Keep what we got. Star coming back will help all. If we beat kc we'd be keeping them all.... Defensive strategy could be better too.
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