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  1. We're gonna have to start throwing to our backs more. Great teams did a lot of this I remember when the others were covered.
  2. We once sent Tom keating to the raiders just when tom sestak was getting old. Pro bowl his first year there. Also we sent them the league mvp who led them to a 13-1 season and the Superbowl that very same season qb daryl lamonica. Again just as our starter jack kemp was getting done. We went on a twenty year nose dive after that . The team that had everything.
  3. A huge step! That's why we're so damn mad about the cardinal loss. We didn't even get a chance to celebrate it. That's td was his biggest step. Maybe the coaching can't keep up with him now.
  4. We we're lucky to beat the Patriots and then were earning a come from behind win against another up and coming team. We were overjoyed to be seemingly taking the next step with Josh only to give it up in the last seconds.
  5. He was worried about the midgit running the ball in and wanted to ready everyone for it.
  6. Whatever happened to the prevent D. We're there rule changed because it stopped everything. I seem to remember very effective prevent d's in the league.
  7. True and put it on the list like music city miracle, another Superbowl loss. But I'm over it now. We're still growing and getting better.
  8. We blitzed at end last week. They needed another man after murray. And see somebody should have batted the ball away! They were just too cordial to him.
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