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  1. We look like a 50-50 team. Options are let josh be josh all-over the place because units have holes and no proven help yet. Or start Mitch, and go with a more organized style no of play. We extended another QB like Ryan fitz
  2. We should put all the Peterman haters in the cage with the lions. The one that he survived in the night before.
  3. Yes I hoped for all that. So glad we kept him. His success this year is key to a good season. I think we got him at his peak!!
  4. Yes, he was a man for us. Well bean is on the plank that's why he drafted all those dl. We will see maybe he will take the guillotine instead.
  5. We're finally just beginning and they want to move. It's all the ink were getting so he wants to remodel the franchise and sell it.
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