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  1. Ok, let the police only protect the people going to the bank, the store, etc. The rest of the country can be like escape from new york. A big prison. They can infect one another, kill one another, what ever turns them on. It's cool to be the one who kills you know... It will help limit the virus too by isolating the wild bunch. NFL season needs to happen. Most people will pay ticket prices to watch at home. Anyone else can just go.
  2. This is what it'll take to dethrone Trump. It dropped right in their laps. So what if you destroy what is to get the title.
  3. Before all the Kapernick stuff, and now the riots, we were watching a lynching going on on the field. His coach never said a word about the illegal hits to his mvp's head. Game after game. I hope Bill takes his team off the field the first time it happens to him.
  4. He's done a great job with that while surprising everybody how good a non-politician can do. Remember how we hated career politicians.
  5. I hope bill won't stand for all the Helmet to helmet that has been inflicted on cam. It's really been disgusting.
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