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  1. An amazing winning drive with all the penalties and difficulty. Here he tries to nullify Donald who'd taken over the spotlight
  2. I think that Josh has the arm, the accuracy, and receivers to beat anybody. Smarter game management should come next. I noticed his sliding more lately.
  3. The initial call carries special weight even if it's wrong. They used to hang people for that reason, unless somebody knew somebody. They still do in a sense.
  4. I was wondering who that #57 was. He looked good out there, big league outside lb material. Sturdy. Our little guys are getting beaten up.
  5. Goff looked text book. More running game with that lead. No mid game hail Marys from Allen. Don't help the opposition.
  6. Won't last... #57 looked good today I thought. Lb material. An art form like cheating and lying etc. Lol
  7. Trey white is too slow , that's why he holds so much.. if Micah is now out move him to safety.
  8. Josh allen with a four touchdown lead starts the second half throwing up hail Marys like he's 30 pts behind. The Rams take the advantage and gather up the momentum on the way to an easy second half victory. Goff looked great. Yes we won. Yes he dug down to get that win but there is something seriously wrong here. It was a tainted and stupid win. They deserved to win. Who's running this team anyways! For Lit.
  9. Kroft Knox I get that mixed up. Game ball to Donald. But where was he on that last drive. We should have learned a lesson by now. We got lucky boy.
  10. Goff started doing josh with the short stuff. Then Allen flinging that ball high in the air with a nice lead against a team needing a break to get back into the game. Then he started what lost the playoff game , going straight back to avoid the pass rush. They knew right where he'd be. We should have run and short pass the second half , move the chains. Finally he made a great effort when it looked very bad for us and started hitting the short stuff again.
  11. Hopefully that's the last lesson knox will need. He hit the ground and he still had it...
  12. I said he was babe ruth, the mick, and he should throw two long ones in a row to get it down. Then I said negative things too. Lol
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