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  1. I'm calling it now! Jets will get their first win of the year against this media darling and overrated Dolphins team! Tua's confidence and feelings have been shattered by coach Flores . Jets DC Gregg Williams will work extra hard to motivate his defense and play hard and dirty. No one here is bold enough or stupid enough to call this prediction but me. J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! !!
  2. So sweet all the media knob sucking of Tua and Murray suddenly stops.
  3. I hope you two clowns learn something. Better not make fun of my predictions anymore.
  4. So happy the stupid fish picked Tua instead of Herbert. OP, go back to your hole and eat crow. Tuwat and the Dophags have finally came down to Earth. Now watch them lose the next 6 games.
  5. I wouldn't open my mouth yet. Dolphins has a good chance of choking today.
  6. Let them have easy wins only to get blown the fuck out in the 1st round of the playoffs.
  7. So, you're worried about robots taking over the country?
  8. He doesn't even have a hand underneath the ball. Did they even review this? Wow!
  9. Takes a lot of strength to play knowing your own grandmother died.
  10. The sea faggot fans should be ashamed of their team. They have beaten only lousy teams this year.
  11. AJ Klein has been reading social media and doing push-ups.
  12. Is this fool frawk going under a rock again like a filthy snake until Josh Allen has another bad game?
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