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  1. He got sent back to the practice squad for reaching their quota of one INT per game.
  2. "I often walk around the house and I ask myself, often out loud, what is the point of it all, there must be something that I am missing with this argument, I wish I knew". A professional philosopher. Thanks for nothing.
  3. Thanks for stating the obvious. Bills will get blown out about 4 minutes into the 1st quarter.
  4. I wish I could see Allen throw beyond 40 yards. I haven't seen one so far.
  5. A CNN cunty reporter angrily whined about President Trump triumphantly removing his mask outside the White House Monday night, leading the President’s campaign staff to release video of the very same cunty reporter casually removing her own mask inside the White House after cameras had stopped rolling. This cunt's name is Kaitlan Collins.
  6. 20 years of dominance by the Patriots has now been put to an end. Bandwagon Patriot fans are jumping off the wagon and buying Josh Allen jerseys.
  7. And this idiot still thinks that a mask prevents you from getting the Covid.
  8. Trump, the greatest president of all time, definitely looks and sounds better than 24 hours ago.
  9. Trump declares that he likes air and that air is good! 212frawk's response:
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