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  1. New England doesn't have a QB. Not worried about them in the least.
  2. This should have been a rushing TD for the Bills. But this dumbass RB couldn't see the opening on the right side of the field.
  3. How can this Bills team not win if Patriots has a middle schooler as QB?
  4. Injuries happens and it's part of the game. Dane Jackson will fill in nicely. The no name cornerbacks of the Bucs shut out Mahomes in the Super Bowl. Were they better than Tre? We'll be fine. Relax.
  5. Vladimir Ducasse is better than this bum. But you have to also say that the Bills are 0-4 when Josh Allen has started the games.
  6. I think Sean McPussy's looks also has something to do with it. Correct me if I'm wrong but have you ever seen a head coach win the Super Bowl with no hair? His bald head is holding this team back.
  7. Why did he become chickenshit all of a sudden? Going for field positions, punting and kicking field goals on 4th and short. I think he went back to his spineless play decisions is because of that failed 4th and goal play in the Tennessee game. He was ballsy back in that game but since that gutsy play didn't workout, he went back to his old way of playing not to lose. This team is fucked if McClappy stays as a dumb, spineless bald headed jelly fish.
  8. Josh Allen will get destroyed, not the o-line. We might see Allen have his leg broken in 4 different places. It will be that kind of day.
  9. Just release all the entire shit turd o-line and start from scratch. The practice squad guys can't possible do any worse.
  10. The team didn't listen to McDermott for staying hungry and humble. They are still a bunch of cocky & undisciplined assholes. Allen had bad Karma when he waved his hands bye-bye to the Dolphins last week. This will be a painful lesson to Josh and I hope he learned from this.
  11. at' As the old adage says, you pound the rock to set up the pass. But why even try it when the passing game is already working on all cylinders? This team's rushing yards per game is actually in the top ten of the NFL. But that stat is misleading because if you take away Allen's running yards then that stat becomes mediocre.
  12. Patriots with Brady won multiple Super Bowls with average running backs. Running backs to this team is as useless as a screen door in a submarine. Don't waste draft picks on RBs, they suck ass like these two that we have now.
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