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  1. The cop should be hailed a national hero and Floyd s relatives shouod be in jail for being related to this piece of shit dead thug.
  2. The illegal beaners will have more access to healthcare and government payouts than the average American citizen . And that is just the way Biden and the snowflakes like it.
  3. Great. More diseases coming into this country. Can't we give these illegals the home addresses of the snowflake morons who wants open borders, so they can live with them?
  4. If Browns fans are laughing at us, you know you deserved to lose.
  5. Or with could be the same as the Jaguars. Went to the AFC title game and been mediocre ever since.
  6. Davis will be active. I just hope his injured ankle will not make the Bills suck ass.
  7. What if he fumbles or throws interceptions because he tries to do too much? I will not be surprised if that happens and plays even worse than he did on week 6.
  8. The Kansas City Queefs and their arrogant, stupid, ignorant fans are in for a rude awakening . Like Jerry Hughes said, " We're going to smack them right in the mouth ." Bills 48 Queefs 13
  9. There is no IFs about it. We will win. There, I doubled down on it.
  10. Why worry if Mahomes will start or not? We have not seen Josh Allen and the Bills passing offense at its best in the last two playoff games. I think we'll finally see it in full display this Sunday. Expect Allen to play like he did against the Rams, Seahawks, Broncos and Dolphins against a very average Chiefs defense.
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