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  1. Why worry if Mahomes will start or not? We have not seen Josh Allen and the Bills passing offense at its best in the last two playoff games. I think we'll finally see it in full display this Sunday. Expect Allen to play like he did against the Rams, Seahawks, Broncos and Dolphins against a very average Chiefs defense.
  2. Man, all the following days are either mostly or partly sunny. Then when it's Sunday, it's sleet, rainy shitty weather. I hope by gametime it clears up.
  3. The game is at night. Weather is possible sleet otherwise mosttly cloudy. Wind is only 7 mph.
  4. Lit, i saw a youtube video where he picked the Ravens to win. I guess he changed his pick again recently.
  5. That douche from the video, Kyle Brandt, picked the Ravens to win.
  6. I remember the Redskins defensive players were very vocal before Super Bowl 26 saying they were going to punch the Bills right in the mouth. They sure backed that up on the field..
  7. How can you be coach of the year if you're stupid enough to get the Covid?
  8. There's going to be at least one or two upsets that will happen.
  9. The only thing I agree with Wolf Blitzer. Didn't realize he is a Bills fan.
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