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  1. I also picked the bills in my Eliminator pool. There are not that many games the bills will be favored to win plus I almost lost I thought long and hard about picking the PATS Thank GOD i came to my senses!!!
  2. I hear what you are saying. However, I disagree I am of the mindset that Kaep was a product of the Harbaugh system. When the 49ers had a great def and a good running game Kaep only excelled when Harbaugh dumb-ed down the playbook and ran the offense that was taylor made to Kaep. in that limited role kaep did excell. However when they opened up the playbook in Harbaugh last year Kaep sucked. Just my opinion but I do not think Kaep has the head game needed and that is the reason most teams don't touch him. IMO he can only excell in the perfect system just for him. I do not think he will be a good backup unless a team changes the system to run for him
  3. I can agree with that. He has pretty good field vision from what I have heard too he is smart and can understand defenses accuracy is good as well. but I still think we need to temper are expectations for the kid. He is a 5th round prospect who needs work and time to get NFL ready. after a few good days of camp a bunch of fans will be calling for him to start. its just the way our fan base is.
  4. It might be true but I can't name a QB ever that has more going for him than Brady. He may have started as a system QB. However he has redefined the role and has won games by himself almost he is definite elite and I hate to say this but GOAT fits him pretty well .
  5. I think Big ben still has the ability to play a few more seasons. However, he has taken a beating the Steelers o-line sucks, and his injury history is riddled with feet issues. Can't blame him but he is one of a few under appreciated QB's
  6. just like a few years ago with Tuel. I am hoping Peterman is better but not hold out hope for him to start this year. every time we get a QB half the people think he is awesome and future starter and the other half think he sucks. I am one of the very few that will sit in the middle and hope for good but wait it out an see what happens.
  7. the media is out of control for sure always stirring the pot. However, Trump took alot of shot at the media himself and it has caused backlash. can't say I blame him but he should have just sat low and let it pass instead of standing in front of the train daring it to hit him. and Trump has not handled things very well either he was the first to bitch about Pay to play with Clinton and other offices. he is doing the same dam thing hiring his son in law to a made up position and firing anyone who gets to close to the Russian Truth. enacting legistion to drilling rights in national parks like yellowstone and many other places which his friends own land near by to ensure they can make more money. its all a scam to change policys to allow him to make more money.
  8. I can't say I have heard them call any game so I say let them try. If they suck then everyone can join the FB firing page thing. However blasting them before they do, seems wrong to me. just my opinion but they may surprise everyone. Or they won't get a chance because you've already made up your minds that they suck so everyone will nit pick everything they say now.
  9. At least we are discussing a racial topic with respect and it is a topic that has some merit. The idea in retrospect has some intriguing aspects that are plausible. This is the way to have a sensitive subject discussed. Great thread this is exactly what I wish for when joining ( adult convo with respect )
  10. Boy I understand what you mean and I have respect for your view. However You have way to much time on your hands if you are able to do that. I have a better solution I don't watch any of it and stay completely neutral to everything takes no time or skill. and leaves me extremely happy. (every time I have to listen to news I just get pissed off) I can be happy in my own world, shut off to outside influence. LOL a great way to live IT's bliss
  11. just a thought but after looking at the 2017 NFL strength of schedule Chiefs have the 2nd toughest schedule and the browns bears and 49ers have 19-22 toughest so in all likly hood they all have and easier schedule which could mean that they could all have better records than us giving us the best shot to move up next year.
  12. just looked it up and KC has the 2nd hardest schedule this year plus they face 10 teams with 9 plus wins we have a great chance to have a good pick
  13. very true. I don't think we are as bad as a 4-5 win team but we def have the chance to be a top ten pick next year and we all need to root for KC to lose every game. anyone know their strength of schedule. I hope and pray it is tougher than ours.
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