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  1. Fitzpatrick ....i wouldnt offer a 1st for a 2nd definitely but if Ramsey comes available as reported id offer Coughlin a 1st .Guess we will see if the Bean will do any due diligence .I say be bold and set secondary ... on lockdown.
  2. Bills had love for this guy early they went and saw him play numerous games .... I called pick at draft .... this was Beane target ....I call bullseye !
  3. Them:Bodine was a definite cut as well guess Pats scouring earth.... Pats didnt want to take chance he got scooped up .Me: I take the pick & run ....
  4. I appreciate take . We all fans & I will sit back... hitting f5 til roster set and even then they will tweak it as they deem needed ,but it damn fun to speculate right ...haha...Go Bills!
  5. I get the Lee thing but Bates to me has ability to be a 6th ol /te in the Lee mold for goalline and inline blocking/short yardage and Dimarco would have duties in that regard too freeing up a roster spot (if Kroft is not to far from action ) admittedly it bit of stretch but is an option .I get that is the rub.As Dimarco goes yes i give him a "new class"of special teamers to mold ...Lacey was lost in coverage all night he made false steps,and i believe Yarbrough can drop he was positioned to me to be able to diagnose from maybe even the mlb position but yes mainly a 5 th de with ST ability but again a minor stretch i admit . I just rather keep weapons that you probably can not find in season over guys that borderline and one dimensional in Lee ,Lacey ,Stanford ,and a 31 year old safety in Coleman ....but jmo.
  6. Qb...Allen ,Barkley..(2) FB/st...DiMarco(short leash on Patrick )(1) TE.. Knox ,Sweeney ,Kroft.(no room for Croom .. .. @watch tennis awhile )(3) RB...McCoy ,Gore ,Singletary ,Yeldon( for now ) McKenzie....twist..(becomes the situational jitterbug..i know i am stretching it here ).....( Murphy on outside lookin in atm )(5) WR..Beasley ,Brown , Zay(for now )Duke,Ray Ray ,Foster, Roberts(7)..( somebody moved by Saturday ?) OL.Dawkins, Spain ,Morse,Long ,Ford , Nsekhe ,Feliciano, Bates,Boettger )(9) DL.. Oliver ,Hughes ,Phillips ,Young Meatball ,Star ,Murphy ,Lawson ,Johnson(8) LB..Edmunds,Milano ,Zo,Thompson ,Yarbrough,Joseph (6) Cb/S..White ,Poyer ,Hyde,Wallace,Kev .Johnson ,Tar .Johnson,Jaq,Johnson ,Neal, Pitts(9) P... no "body" yet +1.. sneaks in~ get a KC punter either 1 works . K .Haus ..$ LS Ferguson after all that i semi surprise cut ...Lee(te),Coleman (s), Lacey (lb),Stanford(lb)...i can live with that these type guys available in season with the skill sets they possess. Practice Squad will have guys like Dodson,Lewis if injury comes at LB/Secondary ...knock on wood .
  7. games #punts avg.lg. inside20 % Net 2019 KC 3 0 7 46.7 54 0 0 0.0% 3 42.9% 0 - 41.3
  8. Dustin Colquitt has been with Chiefs since 2005 and is a all pro punter even if ageing .. this "guy" Fox they will not be able to carry,hide or get through waivers he has been booming ball this pre-season and has pinned teams deep with directional ability ... Yes i been following a punter a bit .haha
  9. now i would take a 5th or a 6th and offer it to Chiefs for Jack fox ... ..Punter .... but that just me .
  10. id agree we get 5th and 6th rounders from Brownies give up Teller and a 7th
  11. i think he has balls and they hard as golf balls .For once it wont be team golfing but playoff fever come january.....but im an optimist .Croom gets the broom butt at least he also gets a tennis player in a tiny skirt ...lol
  12. still i offer up Zay for a TE along the lines of ...Brate (tampa)..Hunter Henry (chargers )or Conklin (vikes )...but that is just me ..
  13. TY i just think we can use a TE with some vet years in( and if need be eat the Kroft contact )...Id target a Brate (tampa )or Henry (chargers ).If hold Zay a bit .. then pink slip both Marlowe and Coleman and heck with chosing 1 or the other .
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