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  1. Billsman was a drunk asshole banhammer heavy jerk who sucked at running this.
  2. Iliterate you have the wrong dude. I'm on the legal business and a lawsuit is coming your way
  3. If I was tyrod I be laughing to the bank getting paid 15 mil to be one dimensional college qb
  4. Dennison never called plays in the nfl until now as he was kubiak puppet. There was,a reason he wasn't hired by anybody but us as there was nobody left with experience. There is,a reason why he never was considered for a hc. The icing on the cake was when he said Tyrod kept us in the game. This proves this guy is clueless.Tyrod loves this guy and both will be out the door at the end of the year.
  5. Deadre Coleman dt who was cut was,added to the roster probably because Worthy still out and Darius questionable with ankle. Saftey Blanton played here last year.
  6. Forgot Riley Ferguson Who Looks Better Then Half Of The list and his stock will go up . Watch the ucla video outplayed Rosen with 6 tds
  7. Memphis qb who outplayed rosen with 6 td is moving up the charts. This guy like Peterman played at Tenn but transfer first to a jc then Memphis when he broke paxton Lynch td record Great size at. 6ft 4 . Watch the ucla video great arm great touch and stands in the pocket.. I wouldn't mind having him compete with Peterman like in college and we could be set for a long time.
  8. You might be right but why did we release him without playing and no depth. Something up two moves need to.be made as roster is at 51 unless they are promoting ps players.
  9. Bills release in a,week Jelani jenkins without playing him along with tre Elston who played on special teams. Two spots open should be more information soon. Strange shit on jenkins who mcdermott praised last week.
  10. Mccoy is 30 and his career is short lived. You can see he already banged up with groin and a wrist hand injury.It is obvious a rb will be drafted in the early rounds next year with a wr
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