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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.



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  1. Ha! Ha! Starting to feel the noose tightening around your neck? Run and squeel to officer Krupke little tart nothing saves you now! Fuck even Straight J probably scares you! I sure wouldn't want to be you right now. You probably should ban me now but leave Straight J alone. His feminine sensibilities might not be able to handle it but I am a different creature totally and you know it! It's happening and your internet message board hero days are coming to an end! I hope you had a good run.
  2. Banning me does nothing for you! Go ahead cumquat you have been located in your basement with your moms dress on and her Kabuki makeup. We are going to play whether you like it or not and I know you don't like it! Better yet why don't you call officer Krupke and tell him to make Meathead ban us then flush your pants after shitting and pissing all over them! See you soon!
  3. We seem to be linked at the hip on this board! Not that I like it but I can live with it as long as you stop licking Lits nads! I am not looking to challenge any message board Greek God! This Dayls or Daryls I think you meant can leave me alone. I am blinded by the glare of the sun he gives off and I know better than to ever question his wisdom!
  4. I lived in both places you claim I am afraid of dipshit! 81st and Columbus which is not Harlem just south and Surf and Divercy which is not South Chicago but who in their right mind would choose to live in either place if they did not have to! You only know the names so stop trying! You only make yourself look stupid and pathetic! I am getting real tired of putting you children in your place so just consider yourself lucky I don't think you are worthy of the effort! How is that for talk little pufter snowflake!
  5. You volunteering to do the Butt whooping? (I corrected your misspelling hope it doesn't hurt your feminine sensibility). Belly up to the bar if you are ready but I must take care of Lit before I kick your ass to the curb! So just wait your turn child!
  6. Thank you my man! Jesus for a moment there I thought that naxi masochist was going to have his way. It is not my fault he ended up a neutered unick! Start sucking cock is all I can suggest to him. Go for it BillstartinCharlotte7 you may like the taste!
  7. I have never talked with you before but before you ban me you fucking naxi what did I say that was not true? Take a moment and think about it. Yah didn't think you could come up with anything! Just stick a sock in your mouth and don't pull it out until you have something to contribute. Basically just go away until I summon you!
  8. Jesus! Don't try to turn this into Calculus! We have a monkey as our QB simple as it gets go get your tall white Irish QB and finally put an end to this madness! The Jews downstate don't care anymore we have already proven we are back woods Hillbilly's so embrace it and win a SB while drinking shine! Then shove the Lombardi up their ass!
  9. I really don't want to say anything to you until you are looking into my eyes so this post is under protest! You asked for what you are going to get and you really sealed the deal when you ran off to officer Krupke pissing and shitting your pants screaming that I was scaring you! The cops loved it and you are a local legend down here now. The Hari Krishna’s pray to your image every day and rub your belly like you are some Buddha. So that is pretty impressive in itself enjoy the notoriety while you can!
  10. Only want to hear the Kum Ba Ya rainbow coalition mantra? Snowflake you are the main problem in this country right now and the sooner we exterminate you and your nigger Jew loving pals the better. Trump was just the beginning and a real disappointment so far. He has not enacted the Marcus Garvey "Back to Africa Crusade" that we all want and need! Hell the apes in Africa don't want them they will just resell them for more trinkets and furry hats! So just sink the boats halfway across the Atlantic and let the sharks have them! If the sharks get too full of nigger meat then let them swim and we all know they cannot do that! So problem solved and country saved!
  11. StraightJ Damn I try so hard to like you as a poster but you make it almost impossible! What is your point or position here? You get up on this soap box and blabber all kinds of shit coming from all kinds of angles that nobody can figure out what was your original point! Just say it then back it up with evidence and proof then shut up!
  12. Why do you feel the need to get involved in this? You obviously have no knowledge or experience like Lit in how this works. This is down home vengeance! Neither of you know anything about this. I will do what I must do. So calm down take a pill and a hot glass of milk. It is going to be ok for everybody except Lit!
  13. You don't think every nigger defensive lineman doesn't scream at Woods before the snap “I am going to break your cracker ass!". They just don't do it to Richie because they know they are getting bitch slapped after the snap of the ball! So again BLM and Richie gets screwed again! Fuck I hate this PC Jew world we live in now! This Nigerian POS gets his ass beat all game and gets to end the career of the guy who beat him by playing the race card. They should not even be allowed to have shoes!
  14. I am real and if you were then you would already know you don't post demands and terms for a meetup as you call it! Fuck even the cumquat pufter Lit knows this! Officer Krupke is just a character I use to let Lit know he is a pussy faggot for calling the police to protect him. He gets the reference and that was all that was intended. He shouts out shit like "Let’s do this" or "I'm ready bring it pussy" but he doesn't want any part of me! He still believes he is cloaked and hidden in his basement behind all his proxy servers but he is wrong and has been located. What is going to happen to him is not something you advertise on the internet you seem to be somewhat intelligent so you should know this!
  15. You really think you are the right person to be saying this? After this board having to read a weeks’ worth of your insane ramblings and Lit ass kissing! Christ you rambled on about the real value of our currency and everything in between all the way up to who really killed Kennedy then pleaded for Lit to respond to you! We had to read all of that shit and now you pounce on some guy for talking about a football issue on a football message board just because his thoughts don't fit your agenda! Christ where is your head at? That is the question you should be asking us!
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