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  1. Josh seems to hesitate to run this year. I think he needs to make the decision to run quicker. He can't keep taking these huge sacks.
  2. Jackson seems to get such postive push from announcers/analysts. They seem to love praising him as much as they love hating on Allen. Lamar Jackson will be a flash in the pan like the rest of them.
  3. Waiting for Josh to hit a big bomb and go over 300 yards reminds me of waiting on marshawn to break a long touchdown run. He did it against the Bengals if i remember correctly. it'll happen. Hopefully soon.
  4. Is America or people in general defined by the worst parts of their history or by their best? There seems to be a movement, cancel culture, that's taking over. It's people looking deep into peoples past and trying to ruin them no matter how much good they have done in their life. This is the same style of thinking. It's unproductive and only hurts people of color by the promotion of victimhood culture. Don't forget the past but it doesn't define people living in 2019. He's not good enough to make up for the headache he brings. It's plain and simple. Look at AB. He is talented enough for people to deal with his baggage. CK isn't good enough. I don't see it as a problem. There's something like 850k cops in this country. 20 million traffic stops a year. If people would just listen to orders, there would be a lot less unfortunate incidents. I've been pulled over by asshole cops before. Not once did I think about being an asshole back or not listening to their orders. Lack of respect for authority is a bigger problem then renegade, racists cops on the loose. Funny that more white men are killed by police every year then black men yet we can't name any of them bc they're never on the news.
  5. People vilify him for what he said and his actions. "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color" There's two Americas right now. There's the Kaepernick America consisting of people who truly hate this country. They feel it's racist to the core and has systematically oppressed people of color since it's inception. They hate the police, they hate white people, and will pretty much try to find any reason to bash or undermine the USA. There's the other America where people are proud of this country. They look at the principals and ideals this country was founded on and feel like it's a pretty damn good place to live even considering we haven't always have lived up to those ideals. They see someone who's bi-racial, abandoned by his father, raised by a white family and has been able to make 10's of millions of dollars in the NFL, wearing Fidel Castro t-shirts and talking about oppression and they laugh. Kaepernick is the brainwashed one. He maybe should look closer to home to see the real problems plaguing the black community. Police brutality is about number 20 on that list.
  6. Little surprised they moved this quickly. The team is hurting on offense. Thought they might give eli 4-6 games before yanking him.
  7. LOL. Dolphins had the top pick in 2008 and decided to build the lines first. Worked out really good for them passing on Matt Ryan. Josh Rosen is garbage. Would not try and build a team around that guy.
  8. A buddy of mine is good friends with AB's attorney. He represents all sorts of characters. He represented Kodak Black until he went to collect his fee and Kodak told him he'd kill him if he asked for his money again. Heitner is only 34.
  9. Update. Mitch just bumped his head on his kid's bunk bed. He'll be out for 6 more weeks.
  10. The defense is going to be really good. Not basing it off this game.
  11. This is looking like one of the more colossal busts in recent memory.
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