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  1. Yep, we did traded for Biscuit in 1987 and he was a key player on our SB teams but the best over all draft class has to be 1985.
  2. That 1985 class produced 2 HOF players (Smith & Reed) +Frank Reich so I'll say '85 class.
  3. Re: Shady....I think Chip Kelly ( Philly HC) had a brain fart and traded Shady for Kiko Alonso straight up, even though Kiko was still injured at the time
  4. Woop-de fkn- do! McDavid is better than Eichel, tell me something I didn't know! Both are now watching the playoffs on tv just like you & me
  5. #1 glad he signed with the Bills & #2 glad he sticks up for the Bills :thumbup:
  6. I wouldn't be so quick to trade out of #9 if you have the chance of getting a impact player in that spot.
  7. If they're set on drafting a defensive player in the 1st, I'd be ok with it as most of the talent is on defense anyways. I'd still like to see them draft a dynamic TE like Hockenson though. When was the last time the Bills has a TE like that? Oh let see ………. never!
  8. This is just my opinion but I would NOT move out of #9 if you have a chance to draft a impact player. Talk to other GM's and work out a tentative deal much like Denver did with us last year and if your guy isn't there @9 then make the deal NOT before. Also never move up in the draft unless it's for a QB
  9. If the WR's are gone I'm hoping (blind faith) that one of the TE's will fall to us @40, if there's a late run on QB's, it's possible. Still a long way to go til the draft and things could change. If Tampa cuts McCoy and he's available...….lots of teams will be interested in him, including Buffalo. He's as good as any DT in this draft except for Williams, would only have to work out contract demands
  10. I have to agree our throwback uniforms with the standing buffalo are the best in the NFL. Bills hat I wear the most is a 40 yr. old blue cap with a red standing buffalo
  11. There was talk here in Tampa & in the TB Times over a month ago that McCoy would be cut due to their cap situation but so far nothing. He's a good player & class act, could help the Bills if the price is right
  12. They've got to get some young blood into the RB position, hope they can find one in the 4-5th rd. I just don't see Beane or McD drafting one in rds. 1-3 unless they can package some picks and move up in the 3rd. Those 2 kids from Alabama look like the best of this RB class
  13. I like his play but 2nd rd. is a bit high for him, maybe a 3rd rd. pick sounds right. I'd like to see a little more speed for a 6'2" WR
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