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  1. That's a reasonable point, fair enough, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.
  2. What's that suppose to mean? We have a democracy here, if the world doesn't like who we elect then fuck off, the people have spoken.
  3. I'm a moderate Democrat, it annoyed me also.
  4. Just got done playing my Les Paul, I gave her a good screwing, like really good. She's by far my favorite guitar. Some say the Stratocaster is the more iconic guitar because of Hendrix, Clapton and Holly, but the truth is, my Les Paul cost nearly 3x as much as my Stratocaster, so you have to factor in the cost when determining which guitar is superior. Ironically, both George Harrison & Keith Richards used the Les Paul occasionally. Clapton actually played a Les Paul too, he gave it to George Harrison, they named her Lucy. So much easier to play, the sustain lasts for days. I'm not going to sell my Stratocaster any time soon, but I am more of a Les Paul type. Once again, I just want to point out that both guitarists from arguably the two most iconic rock n roll bands ever played a Les Paul, not the Stratocaster.
  5. It's no surprise, just take a look at the Ryan brothers. They're both fat and sloppy, they have no discipline, they drink beer and eat fast food daily. McDermott on the other hand takes care of his body, he is the type of coach who will be in the gym working out with the players. You can't set the tone and be an example for the people underneath you and have them take you seriously if you are a lazy, fat, undisciplined person like Rex Ryan. Look at his weight and the way he's exploded, he cannot get on a player about their conditioning with a straight face.
  6. Life isn't about how much money you make or about being better than everyone else, it's about how you treat the people around you and the relationships you form with them. I'm glad you have had success in your life, I'm also fortunate enough myself to live my life freely on my own terms. My main thing is, how do people treat me? Just because a person has some ink on their body means nothing to me as long as they treat me ok, I have no problems whatsoever.
  7. Jim Kelly would be the best QB in the NFL right now playing under these new rules that protect QBs and promote offense. Kelly would be putting up 4,000-5,000 yard seasons.
  8. Odell Beckham is as dominant as a receiver I've seen this early in his career since Randy Moss. Multiple 100 catch seasons, he is really impressive.
  9. I liked Bernie for a few reasons, free college, social security and minimum wage increases were all good ideas. People can say what they want about social security and crazy Bernie is a socialist, yada yada yada. Well the truth is, we have seniors that are getting by on 14-15k a year. Higher taxes on the wealthy is another good idea, one in which even Donald Trump endorsed at one point or another. I saw Bernie speak at Binghamton and the amount of young people there was unreal. The energy in that place was fantastic, he gave a great speech, it's one of those things in my life I'll never forget. I'm 30 years old and a registered Democrat, Bernie was my gateway to the left. Bernie was responsible for bringing in so many new young Democrats to the party. The place was littered with with 18-25 year olds. I was older than most of them and I was 28 at the time. What Hillary and CNN did was selfish. I absolutely cannot stand Hillary Clinton, she has changed her position and flip flopped so many times during her career. Bernie Sanders for the most part is the same person now as he was in the 70s. He fought for issues like gay rights when nobody else would. He was one of the few people to vote against the Iraq war directly after 9/11. His track record speaks for itself. It was funny watching Hillary slowly steal Bernie's ideas over the course of the campaign. She knew she didn't have a chance in hell to beat him, so she cheated him. It's a shame because Bernie would have mopped the floor with Donald Trump.
  10. Funny thing is, I am a Bernie supporter, I went to rallies, he would have made our country great again. After the way CNN and the DNC rigged the election, I voted for Trump out of spite. There are many Democrats like me that voted against Hillary out of spite. She is crooked and truth be told, I went to CNN for my news for 15 years and they betrayed my trust. Now I realize that the news and media in this country is rigged, I trust no one.
  11. Lennon reminds me of Kurt Cobain. Not the best lead guitarist but really nifty rhythm players. Some of the chord progressions he came up were very complex & melodic at the same time. The chord progression to Girl off of the Rubber Soul album is my favorite Beatles song, that was Lennon at his finest. He was more concerned with the integrity of the song, the wordsmithing and creativity aspect, not masturbating over the penatonic scale for 10 minutes. Definitely not the best musician, but underrated in some regards.
  12. Funny thing is, Jimi said Eric was the best and Eric said Jimi was the best. They were both immense fans of each other. They weren't just saying that, they truly believed that. Agree on EVH. For the record, just to clear the air, I think John Lennon had the best rock n roll voice ever. I'm a big fan of his solo work. I don't know what to think, it's hard to pick one, I pick none, they're all great. The reason I said Clapton is because he went from blues to rock to reggae to funk to country, he's changed so much. Jimi & John obviously didn't get the chance to evolve because they died so early unfortunately.
  13. There is a solid chance that I know more about music theory and guitar than you do. I've played guitar every day for about an hour a day for the last 10 years. Just saying.
  14. I've always been that way, but the difference between The Beatles and Clapton is that Clapton's music is ageless. Compare Layla, White Room, Tears In Heaven & even My Father's Eyes to Beatles songs and I think Clapton's music is more modern. Do you really think I Want To Hold Your Hand would be a hit today? I don't. Many of their early songs are so cheesy.
  15. Eric Clapton is the best guitarist to ever walk the Earth. He may not shred, he may not do any fancy tap harmonics or anything like that, but from a feel standpoint, his music is very tasteful.
  16. Let me just put this to bed. Fuck the Stones, fuck the Beatles. Eric Clapton is GOD. Easily my biggest inspiration as a musician, his music is beautiful.
  17. There's literally nothing you can say that will get under my skin, because I know you're just a multi account. First it was ChinaBills, now it's BuffaloBill. har har har Nobody's fooled.
  18. Wonder what the big deal is? Pretty much 99% of the league is on some kind of PED.
  19. He was 31 years old. It's sad because he could still be in the league, it's sad because we need a WR right now. Unfortunate it came down to this, probably a homicide case at this point not to state the obvious.
  20. BuffaloBill is a multi, he isn't a real person, just a dummy account by Lit.
  21. Good God, just retire already. I appreciate everything he has done for us and in the league, but at this point in his career, he stinks.
  22. Maclin would be a good signing, especially if we plan on dealing/letting Sammy walk. We could probably get 2-3, maybe even 4 years out of Maclin. I don't get it honestly. Are we in rebuild mode or win now mode? We haven't really dumped too many big contracts this offseason, so it makes you wonder. If we aren't rebuilding, why leave our WR group in ruin when we can upgrade?
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