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  1. At this point, I think the damage is done. The man went from being beloved by millions to the village monster.
  2. His career is really kind of pedestrian though, really. I mean come on, he had a few good years but for the most part, really mediocre. I hate talking bad about somebody I really do, but I just don't see the hype.
  3. He is a good player, not dominant but a solid dude. I think Ragland will end up replacing him at some point, but I do think Preston will have a pretty good NFL career & hopefully with Buffalo.
  4. I did not know that, but $3.57/lbs? Wow. I bought organic bananas today for $1.27/lbs. I just want to also point out one last thing. If you buy from Amazon, you are going to be left with a bazillion boxes to throw out. Just something to consider.
  5. I do all the heavy duty purchases at Sam's Club. The oddball stuff like Goya products and dried lentils I get at Tops. I try to buy locally, some stuff I do get off Amazon like Zararain's rice & beans but I could not see myself buying groceries strictly online. I buy a lot of frozen fruits and vegetables and even fresh produce like bananas and even fresh meat that cannot be purchased online. I don't see local stores going out of business anytime soon, they will obviously have to change their business model if they want to remain successful.
  6. I'm working two jobs right now to better myself, have hopes of working a third one on weekends.
  7. Maybe I can find some common ground with BuffaloBill after all. 😅
  8. If pushed I can become very aggressive and volatile, but that is the last resort for me. I don't think the lady is stupid or a bad person, but irritating for a few reasons. I'm sure Australia is a great place to live and the people there are honorable, but you don't see me roasting their prime minister on rugby forums. Simply put, her mannerisms are questionable and her posts here along with her blog article are in bad taste.
  9. He should bite his ear off and get a face tattoo, go out a champion.
  10. I like the Korg tuners that you plug into, they are perfectly accurate on the dot. I've tuned up by ear and then double checked with the Korg afterwards, right on the money.
  11. You'll need an electronic tuner, they're like $10. Once again the open string should be identical to the 12th fret. Once you do it once, it's so easy you will never pay to have it done ever again.
  12. There is no science behind it, raise and lower it to your preference. The further the pickup is from the string, the longer the sustain, but if you go too far it will sound hollow. Out of all the things I mentioned this is 100% the easiest thing to do. I literally plug into an amp and adjust till I'm happy.
  13. Don't forget to raise/lower your pickup height as well if you do decide to venture out and do your own setup. Intonation is another thing you should keep in mind. Takes 20 minutes to do. Intonation pretty much means nothing but how well your guitar is in tune from the 12th fret on. You basically finger the 12th fret on each string and you tighten or loosen the saddle on each string until your open fret and 12th fret notes are identical.
  14. You don't have to go by measurements, in fact, many of us don't. I try to lower or raise the action by adjusting the bridge mainly. After that I tighten or loosen the truss rod to sync it together. The lower the action is, the easier it is to play, especially speed wise but there is more fret buzz. With that said, higher actions make it easier to bend strings. Bending strings is something I'm really good at, I'd rather bend a string a whole step rather then moving up a fret and getting it with my finger. When you bend, the note is just more expressive and better sustain overall. My action is lower than it is high, but closely in between the two.
  15. It's easy. I'm not the smartest guy in the world (not the dumbest either), the key is to make small adjustments at a time. I'm really big on YouTube tutorials, I've learned how to setup my own guitars because I'm subscribed to multiple channels that deal with that sort of thing. The best part of setting up your own guitar is that you get the best setup for YOU. I'm still learning, I'd like to know how to do fret jobs and wiring, but that will happen eventually. I've seen fret work done before so I have an idea, even that doesn't look too hard. I'm patiently saving up money, once I see a used Mexican Tele, I'm going to jump on it and install Texas Specials. It will be an educational experience. I think the only repair I would never attempt myself is repairing a crack. Now that, I would leave to a professional.
  16. Steve Miller's music makes me feel like I'm on an acid trip lol.
  17. No idea. Too bad it's not me, I'd love a few custom lesters. 🤘
  18. Let me say this about Gibson though, their quality control was lacking in the past, but it has gotten better since they got rid of those horrid electronic tuners. My 2017 Standard LP had a few issues I had to work out, it was sounding like crap until I figured out what was wrong. The action was incredibly high, to the point that it was almost unplayable. The pickup height was raised to the point there was little to no sustain and the bridge piece was backwards causing fret buzz on the low E string. I'm not sure if Gibson neglected these issues because they kind of figured that whoever bought the guitar would adjust the specs to their liking or pay someone to set it up for them. Either way, all these issues we're easily resolved. The finish, the electronics, the frets, everything is impeccable, so I'm satisfied. I mean, I don't really care about the minor issues mentioned before because I was going to do my own setup regardless.
  19. He has one of the largest collections in the world (3,000+ guitars). I think you are right though, he loves Teles. There are tons of pictures of him with Les Paul's though, especially in the 60s.
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